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To the Max is an A+ workout. I don’t give that rating out very often but this workout deserves it. The main program on To the Max is very intense. If you haven’t worked out since 1980 then you’ll struggle with this workout the first few times you do it.  But this is one of those […]

To The Max by Cathe Friedrich (A Review)

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What is tabata training? 20 seconds of (cardio) work followed by 10 seconds of rest Tabata routines are fun and burn a ton of calories. This tabata workout is one of my favorites because all you need is an aerobic step (with 2 risers on each side) and the moves are simple (but very intense). […]

A Review of Cathe’s Xtrain (Tabatacise)

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

Muscle Max with Cathe Friedrich is total body classic weight training. Here’s a look at the workout: Do Muscle Max once (or twice) a week (add cardio the other days), avoid donuts, and every inch of your body will be a chiseled masterpiece in no time.  *Sometimes avoiding donuts is the hardest step…* Cathe Friedrich looks […]

A Review of Muscle Max with Cathe Friedrich (a total body dumbbell workout for women)

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

Drill Max is a VERY thorough cardio PLUS strength training workout. The choreography is easy but the drills are HARD.  Do not underestimate this one. ATTENTION: Make sure your mood today is: I’m a total badass.  Bring it on.  Before attempting this program. This post is a breakdown of one of the premix* routines on […]

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