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Ready to Burn a TON of Calories? Try the Intensity Workout by Cathe Friedrich Guess what?? You’re gonna burn enough calories doing this workout that you won’t feel an ounce of guilt about anything you put in your mouth for the rest of the day. This workout supercharges your metabolism for at least 24 hours. […]

A Review of Intensity by Cathe Friedrich (The Name Says it All)

Body Max 2 (Scrambled Eggs Premix) This is a Detailed Review of the Body Max 2 Premix called Scrambled Eggs (which you’ll find on the Body Max 2 video) Body Max 2 is HARD! If this is your first taste of Cathe Friedrich then you might need a medic before the workout is over. But […]

Review of Body Max 2 (What You Gotta Know Before You Try It)

Cardio AND Legs in One Workout! Get it Right Here Pop squats, plyo jacks, jump ropes…if you think these phrases sound like dance moves from the 80’s then you’ll be learning some new stuff with Cardio Leg Blast. Mixing up your fitness routine with new workouts is one of the best things you can do […]

A Review of Cardio Leg Blast with Cathe Friedrich

Maximum Intensity is just ONE OF THE ROUTINES in the Intensity program by Cathe Friedrich.  This post is a detailed breakdown of that routine (Maximum Intensity). Maximum Intensity is an advanced workout, people. I love the Insanity Max:30 series with Shaun T because it’s so difficult—the first 30 minutes of Maximum Intensity is as hard as […]

A Review of Maximum Intensity by Cathe Friedrich

4-Day Split is Another Incredible Cathe Friedrich Program 4-Day Split Cardio + Weights by Cathe Friedrich is a 2-disc program with 27 different workouts. I’m going to tell you everything about one of the workouts inside this program called Kickbox and Upper Body. (I burn over 500 calories doing it.) This detailed review (that you’re reading right […]

A Review of 4 Day Split Kickbox & Upper Body with Cathe Friedrich

A Review of Cardio Fusion (Mix & Max is a Classic (Advanced) Step Workout) *Mix and Max is a premix routine taken from the Cathe Friedrich Cardio Fusion program. ATTENTION: Mix & Max has complex choreography. Sometimes fun stuff is hard.  Sometimes fun stuff will make you want to throw things.  I can’t promise this […]

Cardio Fusion Mix & Max–You’ve Found Your New Favorite Step Aerobics Workout

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