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The Absolute Best Home Workouts using an Exercise Step

June 19, 2022

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Do you love your workout step? I understand! Which is why it’s so frustrating that there aren’t more places to find incredible fitness step workouts! I’m here to solve that problem for you. This is my complete list of the absolute best places to find aerobic step workouts (paid and free) on the intrawebs right now.

And if you’re in the market for the BEST WORKOUT STEP ON THE MARKET (if you’re like most women, it’s time to update your equipment) make sure you check out our updated modern workout step after you’re done here. It’s a beautiful creation that we’re very proud of—> CLICK HERE to check it out.

Without further adieu…

Here’s my list of the top 7 (free and paid) places (in random order) you can find challenging, fun and original workouts using your full size aerobic step

MOSSA (Group Blast and Group Power)

You can find a slew of Group Blast and Group Power workouts inside the MOSSA on Demand library. This is one of my all-time favorite on-demand memberships because of the step workouts.

The step routines are original and fun with interesting choreography that nails it on the complicated barometer (they do a great job of making every routine fun but not frustrating).

Les Mills Body Step

If you haven’t tried Body Step yet then you’re in for a real treat.

Every routine is like a workout party that you’ll never want to end.

The Body Step workouts are good enough to justify a membership to Les Mills+ (you’ll also get access to hundreds of other fitness categories in case you want to branch out).

Yvette Bachman

Yvette Bachman is a certified aerobic step guru!

She’s been cranking out step workouts for years and has a huge library to choose from on YouTube.

Step Fit with Bronwyn

I recently discovered the Step Fit with Bronwyn YouTube channel and love her!

You’ll find a class for every fitness level and time slot you’re looking for in her massive library.

My Fitness Junky

My favorite thing about the My Fitness Junky YouTube channel is that I discovered it from someone in my audience who loves Christina Dorner (the next one on my list) and thought I should know about My Fitness Junky, too! THANK YOU!

I love that she has a lot of full-length (around an hour) classic cardio step classes (my favorite) to choose from as well as a variety of sculpting routines.

CDorner Fitness

Christina Dorner is the real deal! If you’re an aerobics step nerd (like me) then you’ll love her YouTube channel.

I love that every workout challenges you and I love tuning in to watch her live. (There’s usually an announcement posted on her channel and you can get sent a notification when the class starts!)

Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich is an absolute beast! If you’re looking for a challenge this dive in to her workout library. She’s created 100’s of routines that use a workout step in a million different ways.

I’m obsessed with her live routines (Cathe Live) but you can only get them with a subscription (which is worth every penny).*

*Keep reading for a link to my complete review of some of the programs I’ve mentioned in this article

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  1. I tried My Fitness Junkie and her step classes are really hard to hear. She’s actually teaching classes so the sound is quite muffled.

    • Hi Robin, thank you for sharing this. I agree, the sound isn’t great but the routines are really good and worth adding to your calendar (especially if you like step workouts). I notice that as the routine progresses I’m not as bothered by the sound. Thank you for reading!

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