Drill Max is a VERY thorough cardio PLUS strength training workout. The choreography is easy but the drills are HARD.  Do not underestimate this one. ATTENTION: Make sure your mood today is: I’m a total badass.  Bring it on.  Before attempting this program. This post is a breakdown of one of the premix* routines on […]

Drill Max is One of Cathe’s Best Cardio Workouts for Women

Athletic Training is for the advanced home exerciser.  If you’ve never done a Cathe Friedrich program before and you’re just getting starting with home workouts then don’t start with this program.  This workout could kill you. But, on the other hand, if you’ve been working out at home for a while and consider yourself a […]

A Review of Athletic Training (One of the Hardest Home Workouts for Women)

If you woke up today and thought, I’m a complete badass.  Bring it on, Cathe Friedrich.  Then I recommend you try Lower Body Blast. Here’s what it looks like: On the other hand, if you woke up feeling more like, Eh, exercise schmexercise.  My ass never shrinks anyways.  Maybe I’ll try one of those power nap […]

How to Conquer Lower Body Blast Like a Boss (A Review)

Cathe Friedrich’s boot camp routines are my favorite workouts.  Some days you just want to hit every body part and this is how you do it. Guess what?  You’ll see something in ICE Boot Camp Circuit that you might have never seen before.  Cathe Friedrich doing push-ups on her knees!   Which means you’ll be […]

A Review of ICE Boot Camp Circuit by Cathe Friedrich

I don’t give out an A+ rating very often (you can read about my ratings here).  But Boot Camp with Step LIVE has it all—cardio, total body strength training (including core work) and you don’t need a ton of equipment.  There’s also a good stretch at the end and anyone can do the moves. These are […]

A Review of Boot Camp with Step (a Cathe Live workout)

If you’re looking for a workout to do that falls somewhere between ‘Wow, that was awesome,’ and ‘Holy crap, get the defibrillator,’ then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out exactly what makes this a great cardio workout for women (including a breakdown of each section in Cardio Slam). Here’s what […]

Read this review before you buy (or try) Cardio Slam

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