Our Review of Obé Fitness

March 29, 2021

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I stumbled on to Obé (pronounced oh-bay) while scrolling Instagram a few weeks ago. And instantly realized I was late to the (workout) party!

I’m not sure what took me so long to discover this streaming workout service but it did (and I’m sorry about it).

I’ve loved test driving this premium service and my review will help you decide today if the Obé community is exactly what your home workout plan has been missing. Keep reading to find out what makes Obé so fun, what level exerciser will love it, what kinds of workouts you’ll get with a membership, the equipment you may (or may not) need, what it costs to join and what I love (and don’t love) about Obé.

I recently talked about Obe Fitness on the podcast! You can listen to the episode below!

What is Obé Fitness?

Obe Fitness workout

If you’ve seen Obé on social media then the big neon boxes where they feature all of their workouts will probably come to mind. It’s their signature gym and (lets face it), it’s cool.

But while they might get your attention with their unforgettable gym it’s the Obé Fitness workout library that you should really pay attention to.

Obé Fitness is a streaming workout service with a massive library of routines for you to choose from (that grows every day).

There are over 5,000 classes in their on-demand collection and if you prefer live workouts then you have over 20 chances to join a class every day.

So, let me tell you about one of our favorite things inside Obé Fitness.

The Obé instructors

In our opinion, the Obé team of pro trainers is one of the best things about this streaming workout service.

The instructors make you feel like you’re bff’s just hangin’ out while you both power through a workout. They’re funny, friendly and real.

We love that the instructors do every last rep with you (and give you form pointers along the way).

The layout of Obé Fitness

While we haven’t done all 5,000+ routines inside the Obé library, we’ve noticed a few themes in the ones we’ve been doing.

It’s just you and one instructor doing the workout.

He/she does all the reps with you. And talks you through the entire routine giving you helpful form pointers along the way.

There will be music playing during the program (and occasionally the instructor will sing along).

There are 15 different class types in the on-demand library including barre, cardio boxing, bounce (that’s mini trampoline), dance, dance Hiit, sculpt, Pilates, yoga sculpt and more.

The filters they have in place make it super easy to find the workout you’re in the mood for.

Obe Fitness filters

With drop down menus that help you get laser-focused on exactly what you want.

Obe Fitness library filter drop down menu

And if you’re still not sure where to start (or want a day-by-day guide) then check out the ‘programs’ tab.

the day by day programs you can follow in Obe Fitness

And if you prefer live workouts then you’ve got a TON of options every single day.

live workout schedule in Obe Fitness

And you can use the very detailed workout descriptions to know exactly what to expect before you hit play.

an example of the workout descriptions in Obe Fitness

Equipment used in Obé Fitness

You’ll find routines in the Obé collection that use whatever equipment you do (or don’t) have.

list of workout equipment used in Obe classes

PRO TIPI recommend you buy light dumbbells and a mat. That’ll allow you to try out enough of the workouts inside this service to decide if it’s ideal for you or not.

Is there a diet or nutrition plan in Obé?

No, there’s no diet or nutrition plan* or advice about what to eat.

*While the Obé website and membership doesn’t openly endorse any specific meal plan there is a program option that’s a partnership with Weight Watchers.

I recommend you sign up for Obé Fitness because you’re looking for fun workouts you can do at home and pair it with your favorite nutrition plan.

How much space will you need for the Obé workouts?

You won’t need to double the size of your home gym to do most of the workouts in Obé.

The exceptions are for the dance routines (where you’ll need more space to move around the room) and the bounce workouts (where you’ll need enough vertical space to use your mini trapoline without hitting your head on the ceiling).

The Obé team of instructors

There are over 30 male and female pro instructors teaching classes in Obé.

Try as many as you can during your trial period.

And if you have the time, click over to the ‘instructors’ tab and learn more about them.

tons of pro instructors inside Obe

I love that there’s a direct link over to their Inst account!

screenshot showing where to find a link to Obe instructors Instagram accounts

My favorite routines in Obé

We love the barre and bounce workouts!

But it’s a close tie with the sculpt routines using the loops.

Are the Obé workouts hard? For men and women? For beginners?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

The advanced workouts are no joke!

And if you’re a beginner then you have a huge collection of classes to pick from.

Men and women can do the routines inside of Obé.

How much is Obé and how do you sign up?

The best place to sign up for the 7-day free trial period is on the Obé Fitness website.

We recommend you use a computer to sign up (instead of the app) so you can read all the information on a nice big screen.

the cost of Obe Fitness

A membership to Obé is $27 a month (or less if you pay quarterly or annually).*

*We always recommend you sign up for ONE month at a time until you know you’ll be using it. You can upgrade at any time once you’ve fallen in love with the service.

where to sign up for Obe Fitness

My favorite thing about Obé Fitness

  • Bounce workouts!
  • Pre and postnatal fitness level categories
  • Workout parties!*
workout parties in Obe Fitnes

*We haven’t tried this feature yet but we’re obsessed with the idea of it. You can find it under the live workout tab (just click the party popper next to one of the live classes).

What would make Obé even better?

We’d love to see some workouts that use an aerobic step! (We know where you can find a good one!)

Is Obé worth the cost?

Yes, we think so!

But nothing is worth it if you’re not using it (and don’t love it).

So, try out the free trial period and see for yourself.

Have more questions about Obé?

Click here to check out the FAQ page on their website.

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