A Review and Guide to Shift Shop by Beachbody (read this before you hit play)

October 17, 2018

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Heads up! This is everything you need to know about Shift Shop (before you try it).

“What makes the Shift Shop different is that it’s a ramp-up rapid-build program for 3 weeks.  Each week the workouts get harder—no matter how much you weigh, your size or your shape—it touches every fitness level.  And we have a lot of fun.”

Chris Downing, talking about the Shift Shop program

Shift Shop is a 3-week workout (and meal plan*) by Beachbody.

*This post is a detailed review of the workouts in Shift Shop (not a review of the meal plan).

Chris Downing is the star of this exercise program that combines cardio and strength-training routines into a total body calorie-killing masterpiece.

Chris Downing from Beachbody's Shift Shop

Chris Downing is an elite functional fitness trainer with a little-boy face and tons of charm and enthusiasm.  (He strikes the perfect balance of spastic energy and genuine encouragement.)

I’d describe the cardio routines in Shift Shop as agility style exercises.

And the strength workouts are a blend of isolation and compound moves done using high reps.

✔The team of athletes in Shift Shop includes all levels of exercisers and there’s a modifier doing the routines at a beginner level in each workout.

Keep reading for a complete breakdown of every Shift Shop routine, what’s included in the Deluxe set, how many calories I burn when I do these workouts, what equipment you do (and don’t) need, my favorite (and least favorite) things about Shift Shop as well as where you can buy the Shift Shop program.

This post may contain Amazon (or other) affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. You can get more information about that here.

a screen shot of one of the workouts inside the Shift Shop series with a woman exercising and a man encouraging her

What’s inside Shift Shop by Beachbody?

There are 8 workouts (3 cardio, 3 strength, a core routine and a 20-minute stretch program called Shift Mobility) in the base Shift Shop set.

You can also purchase a Deluxe set of 3 additional workouts not included in the base kit.  The additional workouts in the Deluxe set include one more cardio, one more strength and one more core routine (Super Speed 50, Super Strength 50 and Super Shift Core).

Chris Downing has a Shop Rule in each workout that helps you focus on a specific goal for that routine on that day.  He calls out the Shop Rule at the start of every routine.

What are the Shift Shop Workouts?

Workouts in the Base Set

Speed 25

Strength 25

Speed 35

Strength 35

Speed 45

Strength 45

Shift Core

Shift Mobility

Deluxe Workouts

Super Speed 50

Super Strength 50

Super Core

What equipment do they use in the Shift Shop program?

The workouts don’t use all of this equipment in every routine. 

Keep reading to see what’s used in each specific workout and whether I think you need to invest in the equipment or not.

But here’s a list of everything used by Chris Downing to do all of the workouts in Shift Shop:

4 agility markers

Dumbbells (various sizes depending on your level of fitness)

A mat

A PT sandbag*

*The PT sandbag is only used during the 3 Deluxe workouts.  You can easily substitute the sandbag for one or two dumbbells (depending on the exercise).  I don’t have one but you can buy a PT sandbag if you want one.  The sandbag weighs up to 20 lbs. (depending on how much sand you put in it).

What are the Shift Shop workouts like?

Here’s a breakdown of all of the workouts in Shift Shop:


Shift Shop Speed 25

Shop Rule for Speed 25:

“Try before you modify.

Chris Downing, Speed 25, Shift Shop

Speed 25 is a 30 minute cardio routine.

There are 15 exercises done for 1 minute each.  There’s a 45-60 second rest after each cardio interval.

The Shift Shop team uses 2 markers for this workout but you don’t need them (more about this further down in this article).

There’s no warm-up in Speed 25, you start the routine immediately after the short pep talk.

Speed 25 is your introduction to the Shift Shop program and you’ll love it.  This workout is short, intense and fun. 

There’s a 3 minute cool down/stretch at the end of the workout.  It’s a decent stretch.  You’ll notice that Chris is in a full-blown flop sweat (I borrowed ‘flop sweat’ from Tony Horton) even though he doesn’t do the workout.  (No, that doesn’t matter at all…but I notice stuff like that.)


Shift Shop all the details of Strength 25 by Beachbody

Shop Rule for Strength 25:

“You need form to perform.”

Chris Downing, Strength 25, Shift Shop

Strength 25 is a workout focused on getting muscle definition.

There are 15 exercises done in 1-minute intervalsMost of the exercises are isolation exercises (as opposed to compound exercises using more than one muscle group at a time).

You’ll be doing as many reps as you can during the 60 seconds.

If you want to build muscle then go with heavy weights and a slower pace.

If you want to get muscle definition and stay with the Shift Shop team then grab light weights and set a goal for getting in as many reps as you can during the interval.

Only go as fast as you can with proper form (remember the Shop Rule for today).

I use 10 and 12 lb. dumbbells to do Strength 25.

If you never (or hardly ever) lift weights and you’re female then start with 5 and 8 lb. dumbbells.

Guys can start with 12 and 15 lb. dumbbells (maybe heavier) depending on how often you lift weights.

Here are the exercises you’ll be doing (use this list to help you decide which dumbbells you’ll need):


Overhead Shoulder Presses

Alternating Back Lunges

Plank Walks

Bicep Curls

Side Lunges


Shift Lunges

Renegade Rows


Upright Rows

Piston Planks

Tricep Kickbacks

Bear Kicks

Sumo Squats


the facts about Speed 35 from Shift Shop

Shop Rule for Speed 35:

“Don’t let the move finish you.  You finish the move.”

Chris Downing, Speed 35, Shift Shop

There are 2 rounds of moves in this 39-minute cardio routine.

Chris Downing uses 3 markers to do the exercises.  You’ll move the markers to a different formation after the first round of exercises.

There are 6 moves in each round that you do in 2 sets.  You repeat each move for 60 seconds in the first setThe second set is the same 6 exercises but the interval is shortened to 30 seconds.

*Speed 35 has some exercises where you travel in a circle.  I get dizzy REALLY easy so if you do too, then know that you might want to modify the pattern of your moves so you don’t want to throw up halfway through the set.


a breakdown of Strength 35 from Shift Shop

Shop Rule for Strength 35:

“Go towards the burn.”

Chris Downing, Speed 35, Shift Shop

Strength 35 is a 39 minute sculpting workout done in 2 rounds.

There are 10 (mostly compound) exercises done for 1-minute intervals in the first round.

Then you repeat the same 10 exercises for 45 second intervals in the second round.

Chris Downing changes the tempo and pattern of the exercises a little in the second round but it’s the same moves.

The recommendation is that you have at least 2 different sizes of dumbbells to complete Strength 35.  I actually use 3 different sizes (8, 10 and 15 lb. dumbbells).

Here are the exercises and the weights I use to do them:

Curl squat overhead press-10 lb. DB’s

Pulsing lunges-10 lb. DB’s

Push-up rows-10 lb. DB’s

Side lunges with an upright row-10 lb. DB’s

Figure 4 Bridge-one 15 lb. DB

Staggered rows-one 15 lb. DB

Pull plank fly-one 10 lb. DB

Sumo circles-one 15 lb. DB

Hungry bear-no weights

Flying lunges-8 lb. DB’s

*Men will most likely want to use heavier weight than I do for every one of these exercises and women who never lift weights should start with lighter dumbbells.


what is Shift Shop Speed 45 by Beachbody

Shop Rule for Speed 45:

“Celebrate the challenge.”

Chris Downing, Speed 45, Shift Shop

Speed 45 is another cardio workout in Shift Shop.

Chris Downing introduces this routine as ‘the hardest program’ in Shift Shop.

You’ll have to decide if you agree with him or not.

The moves in Speed 45 are no more difficult than the other routines in Shift Shop.  But the length of the workout makes it more of a challenge.

There are 3 rounds of exercises in Speed 45.  Each round has 4 exercises that you repeat in intervals.  The first interval in each round is 60 seconds, the second interval is 45 seconds and the third is 30 seconds.

The team uses 4 markers in Speed 45.  After each round you’ll move your markers to a new pattern.

There’s no warm-up in this 49-minute routine but there’s a cool down/stretch segment that’s about 4 minutes long.


everything about Strength 45 in Shift Shop

Shop Rule for Strength 45:

“Go bigger to get better.”

Chris Downing, Strength 45, Shift Shop

Strength 45 is a 49 minute sculpting workout.

There are 9 exercises done in 3 rounds.

In the first round each exercise is repeated for a 60 second interval.  In the second round the intervals are 45 seconds and the third round uses 30 second sections.

It’s recommended (by the Shift Shop gurus) that you have at least 2 different light to medium dumbbells for this routine. 

I use 4 different dumbbell sizes when I do Strength 45 (8, 10, 12 and 15 lb. dumbbells).

Here are the exercises* and the dumbbells I use to do them:

*I realize the names of some of these exercises won’t mean much to you so I’ve included a few hints about what the exercise is like.

Pulsing Lunge Hops-8 lb. dumbbells

Push Row Piston (a renegade row combination)-12 lb. dumbbells

Floating Upright Row (side lunges with an upright row)-10 lb. dumbbells

Bear Dog (a bent-leg plank with a kick out)-no weights

Straight Leg Bridge (a hamstring exercise done on your back)-one 12 lb. dumbbell

Staggered Row Kickback-one 10 lb. dumbbell

Pull Push Reach (in plank position)-one 8 lb. dumbbell

Sumo Circle Chop (sumo squats with a dumbbell rotation over your head and a lunge)-one 15 lb. dumbbell

Shift Maker (this is several exercises blended together, there’s a push-up, rows, bicep curl, squat and overhead press)-12 lb. dumbbells

*TIPBe ready for the 1-minute Burnout section at the end of Strength 45.  You’ll think you’re done after the last set of Shift Makers but you’re not.  Chris Downing calls out several more exercises like bicep curls, pulsing lunges and squat overhead presses that you’ll power through before the cool down and stretch.


all the details of Shift Shop-Shift Core

Shop Rule for Shift Core:

“Breathe through it.”

Chris Downing, Shift Core, Shift Shop

There are 9 exercises that you repeat for 45 second intervals in Shift Core.  The routine is about 12 minutes long.  All you need is a mat to do Shift Core.

The format is the same in this routine as the others—Chris demonstrates the exercises before you do them so you don’t have to miss any reps trying to figure out what’s going on.

This might not be the best core workout you’ve done in your life but there are some gems in here and you’ll definitely feel it.  Also, the exercises are unique so you won’t be bored.


what is Shift Mobility in Shift Shop by Beachbody

Shop Rule for Shift Mobility:

“Love yourself.”

Chris Downing, Shift Mobility, Shift Shop

You find out why Chris is always wearing a hat in every workout in the opening scene of Shift Mobility.  It’s like seeing someone who’s had a beard for 10 years for the first time after they shave it off (kind of weird at first but then you get used to it).

If you’re like me you probably won’t do Shift Mobility that often but when you do it you’ll be so glad you did.

The 20-minute routine is a slow progression of moves that stretches out your entire body.

You can use a towel (or an exercise band) to do all of the stretches, but the routine can be done with no accessories, too.  (But if you’re on a hard surface I’d recommend you grab a comfy mat.)

I recommend you buy Shift Shop today

Deluxe Workouts*

*These are the 3 workouts NOT INCLUDED in the base set of Shift Shop.  You can buy them separately or by purchasing the Shift Shop Deluxe Set.  Remember these workouts use the PT sandbag


what are the deluxe workouts in Shift Shop-Super Speed 50

Shop Rule for Super Speed 50:

“Anything is possible.”

Chris Downing, Super Speed, Shift Shop

Super Speed 50 is a cardio routine. 

The Shift Shop team uses 4 markers and a PT sandbag to do Super Speed 50.

I don’t have a PT sandbag.  Instead, I use one 5 lb. dumbbell when I do this workout.  There’s a girl in the Shift Shop team demonstrating how to use a dumbbell to do this routine.

There are 3 rounds of 3 different exercises that you repeat 3 times in this 50 minute workout.

I know that sounds confusing so here’s a little clarification…

In round one you’ll repeat 3 different exercises for 60 seconds, then 45 seconds and finally for 30 seconds.  Then you have a short break and move on to 3 new moves.  You’ll follow the same 60 second, 45 second and 30 second pattern for the new exercises.

That same cycle is repeated again for a 3rd group of 3 new exercises in round 3.

The second grouping of exercises is the hardest.

You’ll use the PT sandbag (or light dumbbell) for at least one of the 3 exercises in each round.

When you think the workout is over it’s not.  There’s a 2-minute Burnout section after the last set of exercises in the 3rd round.  Chris Downing calls out what you have to do.  It’s hard.

There’s no warm-up in Super Speed 50 but there IS a 3 ½ minute cool down/stretch segment at the end.


what is Super Strength 50 in Shift Shop Deluxe

Shop Rule for Super Strength 50:

“Push with purpose.”

Chris Downing, Super Strength 50, Shift Shop

Super Strength is a 50 minute sculpting workout.  The exercises are a blend of compound and isolation moves with a lot of rotational and up and down motion while holding weights.

There are 3 rounds of 10 exercises.

There’s a short warm-up, the main routine, a burnout section of squats that’s about 2 minutes and a cool/down stretch segment about 3 minutes long.

You do all 10 exercises for 60 second intervals in the round 1, 45 seconds in round 2 and 30 seconds in the last round.

Chris Downing (and most of his team) uses a PT sandbag to do all of the moves.  The sandbag’s weight is adjustable so I’m not sure how heavy their sandbags are (they can hold up to 20 lbs. of sand).

I use 3 different sizes of dumbbells to do Super Strength 50—8, 10 and 12 lb. DB’s. 

If you’re using dumbbells you’ll be tempted to go a lot heavier (than I do) but I’d caution against that until you’re familiar with the moves.

Chris encourages a fast pace and it’s not safe to move and twist quickly while holding heavy weights.

I recommend that you wait until you’ve done this workout a few times before you go up in weight.


what you need to know about Super Shift Core in Shift Shop Deluxe

Shop Rule for Super Shift Core:

“Just one more.”

Chris Downing, Super Shift Core, Shift Shop

Super Shift Core is another core routine of 9 exercises (like Shift Core) but this time the exercise interval is 60 seconds (instead of 45 seconds) and Chris uses a PT sandbag to do the exercises.

This 16-minute routine is also slightly longer than the core workout in the base set.

I recommend that you use a 5 or 8 lb. dumbbell if you don’t have the sandbag accessory.

I have a membership to Beachbody on Demand so I stream all the workouts and don’t have any of the accessories.  I use an 8 lb. dumbbell when I do Super Shift Core.

TIPRead more about Beachbody on Demand.

I recommend you get the Shift Shop Deluxe Kit

How many workouts are in Shift Shop?

There are 8 workouts in the base set of Shift Shop—6 main routines plus an ab and a stretching program.

There are 3 more routines in the deluxe set (not included in the base kit)—1 more cardio, 1 more strength and 1 more ab workout that are all longer than the 6 workouts in the basic set.

Will Shift Shop be too hard for you?

Exercisers of every level can do Shift Shop.

There’s a modifier in each routine who does the entire workout using the beginner version of every move.  You can follow him/her if you’re just getting started.

There’s NO complicated choreography or steps to master in Shift Shop. 

The cardio routines use repetitive agility moves that you can do fast or slow. 

Some of the exercises require coordination but if you can do jumping jacks without tripping then you can figure them all out.

The strength workouts use weights.  If you’ve never lifted weights then do these routines without weights the first few times and then add light dumbbells as you master correct form and become familiar with the combinations.

Do you really need those agility markers to do Shift Shop?

the agility markers used in Shift Shop
The 4 agility markers in Shift Shop

No, you don’t have to have the 4 markers to do the Shift Shop workouts.

If you have a membership to Beachbody on Demand and you’ve been wondering if you have to buy those markers to do the routines I’m here to tell you that you don’t need them.

I do think it’s helpful to use something as a visual marker (4 paper plates, 4 washcloths, 4 markers that you create out of tape, etc.) but there’s nothing magical about the markers that come with the set of DVD’s.

I WOULD invest in some dumbbells* if you want to do Shift Shop.  Those are required, in my opinion.  (The deluxe workouts use a PT sandbag.  You don’t need one of those either.  You can substitute easily with dumbbells.)

*You’ll need at least 2-4 different sizes of light to medium dumbbells.

*Use my breakdown of each of the workouts above to help you decide what size dumbbells you’ll need.

Is Shift Shop for women, too?


Shift Shop is for anyone who’s looking for a fun total body workout series.

How much space do you need to do Shift Shop?

You need a space about the size of a 5 x 8 rug to do the strength routines but you’ll need at least twice that much room to properly do the cardio exercises.

How many calories will you burn doing Shift Shop?

This is about what I burn doing each of these routines.*

*I took my average calorie burn after doing each workout at least twice while wearing my heart rate monitor to get these numbers.

Speed 25-247 calories

Strength 25-223 calories

Speed 35-359 calories

Strength 35-238 calories

Speed 45-466 calories

Strength 45-382 calories

Shift Core-49 calories

Shift Mobility-50 calories

Super Speed 50-429 calories

Super Strength 50-304 calories

Super Shift Core-58 calories

What you’ll love about Shift Shop

Chris Downing!

A self-described Shrek, Chris Downing is awesome.

He’s not too demanding but makes you want to squeeze out that last ounce of energy in the final second of every interval.

I love how Chris demonstrates every single exercise before the timer starts. 

And the Beachbody experts have done a great job including on-screen form pointers and instructions to really get you ready to do every move.

on-screen form pointers in Shift Shop
Shift Shop does a great job of showing you exactly how to do every exercise in Shift Shop

I love that anyone (of any fitness level) can do these routines.  My kids (11 and 14 years old) have even done a few of the workouts with me.

Because the exercises are so easy to modify you can really push yourself to the next fitness level without switching to a new program.  OR if you’re already an advanced exerciser Shift Shop allows you to maintain that status with these workouts. 

What might bug you about Shift Shop

Not much bothers me about Shift Shop.

But if I had to pick something I’d say that I wish Chris Downing did all of the workouts with you.

That’s my favorite thing about the Insanity workouts—Shaun T does the work with you.

The other thing I don’t like is doing push-ups on dumbbells.

You’ll see this is a few of the strength workouts and I don’t like it.  Why?  Doing push-ups on dumbbells bruises my palms.

This isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, though.  I just modify these exercises and do the push-ups on the floor.

Which Shift Shop workout will be your favorite?

Speed 45 is my favorite workout in Shift Shop. 

I like the design of the routine with 4 exercises in each round that you repeat 3 times and then move on.  And the exercises in Speed 45 are the most fun (in my opinion).

Where can you buy Shift Shop?

*I recommend you buy the deluxe kit.  The extra workouts are worth the money.

I recommend you buy Shift Shop today
I recommend you get the Shift Shop Deluxe Kit

I’ll end this review with a quote that I love from Chris Downing.

He says this at the very end of the Super Strength 50 routine:

“Don’t like your picture?  Go inside and re-paint it.”

Chris Downing, Shift Shop

Well said, Chris, well said.


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