What You Should Know About Shaun Week Before You Try It (a review)

October 16, 2018

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These 7 workouts are the best elements of all of Shaun T’s programs all spliced together into a week of challenging reminders of why we should all do Insanity more often. Each program is short and sweet (as well as tough and fun).

What is Shaun Week?

Shaun Week is a series of 7 workouts that are a perfect blend of cardio and sculpting routines led by Shaun T himself.

What is Shaun Week-a graphic-One Strong Southern Girl
How long are the Shaun Week workouts?
The Shaun Week Workouts

Take a look at what you’re going to see in Shaun Week…

Shaun T packs every routine with tons of close-up inspiration and encouragement. He’s gotten a little older but he’s as fit and handsome as ever with salt-n-pepper hair and wearing what look like swim trunks (?) in most of the workouts.

*Keep reading to find out more about each routine (including how many calories you might burn).

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a close-up image of Shaun T

Where can you find Shaun Week?

These 7 workouts are only available to Beachbody on Demand (BOD) members. Is it worth signing up for BOD JUST to get access to these routines? Yep.

You can Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Beachbody on Demand HERE.

The Team

Beachbody did an incredible job of casting for the Shaun Week routines. There are 6 team members (plus Shaun T) in every workout.

We all know at least one person that resembles every person on the set.

There’s one team member demonstrating a low-impact ‘modified’ version of every exercise in every routine.

These two athletes are my favorites:

Jessica from Shaun Week

Jessica is a total badass.

Jose from Shaun Week

And this guy (Jose) just makes me think of a dude who wears a lab coat all day while no one has any idea what he’s got hidden underneath that white smock.

What are the Shaun Week workouts?

Day 1-Insane Basics

“If you focus, your body will get the results.”—Shaun T, Insane Basics

Insane Basics is 33 minutes long.

You don’t need any equipment for Insane Basics. The pace is slowish and the exercises build on each other in each set.

The routine starts with a warm-up that has 6 exercises you do two times through before you start Round 1.

There are 3 Rounds with 4 exercises in each round. You repeat the exercises in each round but increase the intensity with each set.

Round 1 has standing exercises. (This is my favorite round, and the hardest of the 3.)

Round 2 exercises are done on the floor. (This is the easiest round.)

Round 3 exercises are a mix of standing and floor exercises.

Insane Basics is primarily a cardio and core workout but you’re going to feel it in your quads, too.

The last 2 ½ minutes of the workout is the cool down.

Day 2-Pure Cardio 2

“The results start in your mind and they filter into your body.”—Shaun T, Pure Cardio 2

Pure Cardio 2 is 27 minutes long. The last 3 minutes is the cool down.

You don’t need any equipment to do Pure Cardio 2.

You start the program by doing the same warm-up as day 1 (6 exercises done for 30-60 seconds and then repeated one time).

This entire routine is done standing (nothing on the floor) and there’s no repetition (besides the warm-up).

Pure Cardio 2 is TOUGH—short, sweet, fun and INTENSE!

Day 3-Insane Weights

“Strength is not in the dumbbells, it’s in your body. How far can you go, how hard can you push, and how bad do you want it.” Shaun T—Insane Weights

Insane Weights is 33 minutes long.

Beachbody suggests that you have 2 sets of weights (dumbbells) for this routine. I do the entire workout with one set of 10 lb. DB’s. (Shaun T uses a set of 15 lb. DB’s for the entire workout.) In other words, I think you only need ONE set of DB’s for this one.

SMART TIPDon’t go too heavy with your weight. Most of the exercises are compound movements. You can easily hurt yourself when you’re doing dynamic exercises (moving around) with weight. Keep your core tight at all times and don’t hesitate to get a lighter weight (or slow down) if you can’t maintain proper form.

This routine will sculpt (chisel) your body. You’re not going to bulk up.

Insane Weights starts with the same warm-up moves from Day 1 (Insane Basics) and Day 2 (Pure Cardio 2) and then moves into 3 groupings of exercises that are repeated 3 times.

There are 5 exercises in each round. You do all 5 exercises for about 30 seconds and then repeat them all 2 more times in round 1 and 2.

Round 3 is a different format. You’ll still do 5 exercises but this time you’ll do pyramid reps (add one rep to each set) and you don’t repeat the exercises again.

The cool down is the last 1½ minutes.

Insane Weights is a combined cardio and strengthening program. This routine hits every major muscle group and will get you the definition you’ve been wanting.

Day 4-25 Abs

“Everything comes from the core of who you are.”—Shaun T, 25 Abs

25 Abs is 28 minutes long.

You’ll need a mat to do this workout (unless you’re on a carpet or soft surface).

The routine starts with the same series of warm-up exercises done in Days 1-3.

25 Abs has 15 distinct core moves done on the floor (the last exercise is done in 5 different variations). Each exercise is repeated for 1 minute.

Some of the exercises are done in plank, some are in a prone position (on your belly) and there are some moves that are closer to traditional crunches.

The cool down is the last 2½ minutes of the program.

Day 5-Ripsanity

“I’m about to burn your muscles and bring fire to your life.”—Shaun T, Ripsanity

Ripsanity is 41 minutes long.

You’ll need a mat (unless you’re on a soft surface) and a few sets of dumbbells. Unlike Day 3 (Insane Weights) where you could do all of the exercises with the same weight, this time you’ll need a few different sizes of dumbbells. I use 8, 10, 12 and 15 lb. DB’s. Beachbody recommends at least 2 different sizes of weights.

Like Days 1-4, this routine starts off with the same warm-up using 6 easy moves that will really kick up your heart rate and get your blood flowing into every muscle.

I like this routine better than Insane Weights even though there’s a lot of repetition. Use the same SMART TIPS I recommended above for this routine.

There are 4 rounds of exercises.

You do the exercises as a group with Shaun T’s team.

Each grouping starts with a set of exercises that are added to each time you repeat the set (there are 3 sets of each grouping). Your muscles will be completely exhausted at the end of each grouping.

There’s no perfect set of DB’s for each round. (Be prepared to feel like your weight is too light for some of the exercises in each round and too heavy for the other half of the round. Don’t worry about it. There are a ton of reps so you’ll be fine.)

This is a high-rep strengthening workout that will help define your muscles.

I use 12 and 10 lb. DB’s in Round 1. Shaun T uses 15 lb. DB’s for all of Round 1.

In Round 2, I use 8 and 10 lb. DB’s. Shaun T keeps 15 lb. DB’s (but he doesn’t do all the reps).

Round 3 is done on the floor.

*Get ready to do a crap-ton of push-ups.

You’ll need DB’s for Round 3, too. I use 12 and 15 lb. DB’s. Shaun T uses 15’s again.

*Don’t get too excited and grab heavy weights for the chest flys because then your arms will be worthless for all those push-ups.

I use 8 and 10 lb. DB’s for the Round 4 exercises (Shaun T keeps the 15’s.)

Risanity has a secret ingredient that I’ll warn you about. When there’s 6 minutes left on the clock (after all the weight work) Shaun T throws in a 3 minute cardio blast using exercises from Insanity like Mummy Kicks, High Knee Runs and Hit-the-Floor.

The cool down is the last 3 minutes of the routine.

Day 6-Speed 4.0

“We are going to hit it today and move through this.”—Shaun T, Speed 4.0

Speed 4.0 is 31 minutes long.

You won’t need any equipment to do this routine.

This is the only workout of the 7 that does NOT start out with the same 6 warm-up exercises. Instead, the routine starts as soon as you hit play.

There are 4 Rounds of exercises in this all-out cardio program. The tempo is fast, the music is good and the routine is fun.

Round 1 and 2 are made up of 8 exercises that you repeat for 15-30 seconds. You go through the 8 exercises 3 times in each round.

Round 3 and 4 are all of the Round 1 and 2 exercises back to back.

Shaun T tells you to ‘Listen to the soundtrack of your mind’ for inspiration in Round 4. You gotta love him. (Incidentally, the soundtrack playing in my head is often a tune about pizza and chocolate so this always makes me laugh.)

The cool down is the last 2 minutes.

Day 7-Dig Deep

“Dig Deep is something that should be in your soul so that you can create greatness.”—Shaun T, Dig Deep

Dig Deep is a cardio workout that’s 27 minutes long.

You won’t need any equipment.

The routine starts with the 6-move warm-up you’ll be familiar with by Day 7.

The rest of Dig Deep is made up of 14 exercises that you’ll do for a one-minute interval.

My favorite part of the whole week happens in this workout when Shaun T screams, “Let’s GO!” If you’ve done classic Insanity then you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia (and a burst of energy) when he does that. It’s awesome.

The cool down is the last 3 minutes.

How many calories will you burn doing the Shaun Week workouts?

This is what I burn (remember how many calories you burn is unique to you, I like to provide my numbers as a reference):

Insane Basics-210 calories

Pure Cardio 2-231 calories

Insane Weights-273 calories

25 Abs-161 calories

Ripsanity-322 calories

Speed 4.0-261 calories

Dig Deep-232 calories

Which routines will be your favorite?

Speed 4.0 and Dig Deep

Now What?

Sign up for the Free Trial of Beachbody on Demand so you can access Shaun Week!

And if you love Shaun Week then make sure you try Insanity Max:30 next:

And you can read this if you have questions about Beachbody on Demand:

5 Reasons to Try Beachbody on Demand

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