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Revolutionizing Fitness: One Strong Southern Girl’s Quest to Update the Classic Aerobic Exercise Step

June 8, 2023

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I'm Mickie. Co-founder and CEO of One Strong Southern Girl. Our team is here for you. We want you to remember us because we helped changed your life. 


One Strong Southern Girl is excited to share the sensational story behind our decision to modernize and improve the iconic aerobic step that’s been a popular staple in living rooms and fitness studios for over 30 years.

Here are the reasons behind our audacious decision to revamp the tried-and-true aerobic step.

Embracing the Winds of Change

In an ever-evolving fitness landscape, we understand the importance of keeping up with the times.

While the original aerobic step holds a special place in our hearts, we wondered how we could apply modern innovation to a piece of exercise equipment that has worked so well for 3 decades.

Could we make it even better?

We never set out to abandon what’s been our favorite home exercise tool for decades; but rather embraced the idea that it could be even better and that an update was long overdue.

Efficiency Redefined

Let’s face it, folks—the original aerobic step was effective, but it left room for improvement.

We saw an opportunity at One Strong Southern Girl to make some massive upgrades.

Our updated step boasts features and enhancements that take your workout experience to a new level.

We’re talking risers that actually lock in place (our patent-pending feature), innovative shock absorption and the strongest platform around.

The top of our stepper has a unique ‘split’ design of the rubber mat that’s a gamechanger when it comes to quickly targeting correct foot or hand placement during a workout, and rounded edges and cutouts for natural finger placement that make your sweat sessions more comfortable, effective, and enjoyable.

Personalization and Versatility at Its Finest

Every woman is unique, and her fitness equipment reflects that.

We recognize the fact that every woman uses her workout step in a unique way so we set out to give women the option to invest in a package that was ideal for the way they plan to use it.

We’re the only place that gives you multiple options to invest in your first (or 3rd) step!

At our online store you can buy a platform with no risers, a traditional set up that includes a platform with 4 locking risers, an expanded set that comes with 6 locking risers or our most popular configuration of a traditional set PLUS an aerobic step mat.

We also offer women the ability to purchase aerobic step accessories (extra risers or a mat) separately.

By offering unique purchase packages it allows every woman to customize her purchase based on her personal fitness goals and workout styles.

And with locking risers you can use our exercise step for all your total body workouts:

  • HiiT circuits
  • athletic performance training (agility, speed, balance and coordination combinations
  • Plyometrics
  • step dance workouts (like Xtreme Hip Hop Step)
  • traditional aerobic step routines
  • strength training (as a weight bench)
  • to improve your flexibility

Safety: Our Top Priority

At One Strong Southern Girl, safety is our top priority.

While the original aerobic step served its purpose, we recognized the need for enhanced safety features–mainly the need for risers that would stay in place at all times, no matter how you use your step–but nothing clunky or hard to adjust during a fast-paced routine.

We worked for over 12 months with a team of engineers, designers and home exercisers to create our patent-pending locking riser system that makes it quick and easy to change the height of your step (using what we call ‘the flip’ to quickly adjust the risers) that gives you the sense of security that your risers are truly lined up and aren’t going to move.

We added a beautiful modern honeycomb pattern to the nonslip surface.

And our platforms have EIGHT (not 4) rubber tips on the bottom so that your equipment won’t scratch your hardwood floors.*

*We still recommend putting an exercise mat under your aerobic step if you’re working out on hardwood, tile, or any other hard surface for additional safety.

Your Equipment Should be Beautiful, Too

We get you.

We know how much time you dedicate to creating a beautiful space to come home to; and your home gym is no exception.

Which is why it was so important to create a piece of exercise equipment that reflects you–your drive and dedication to hitting your fitness goals while providing you with a piece of equipment that’s a beautiful centerpiece of your home gym (and gets you motivated to use it).

We also know you’re organized and hesitate to add anything to your home that’s big and bulky and hard to store.

We see you.

While we couldn’t compromise on the size of our step design (a full-size 43 inch platform is vital for safety and function) our locking risers are easy to stack and store in a closet and the platform can slide under a bed or prop up against a wall in your closet until your next workout.

Celebrating the Classics, Embracing the Future (of Fitness)

The way women workout has evolved.

We’re not here to erase the rich history of the original aerobic step; we set out to celebrate it.

We pay homage to the classic while embracing the future.

Our modern step seamlessly blends timeless elements with innovative design. It’s like combining the charm of a vintage record player with the convenience of a music streaming service. By honoring the past and embracing the future, we’ve created a fitness experience that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating.

The decision to update and improve the original aerobic step was driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and innovation while supporting women in their quest to stay strong and healthy.

One Strong Southern Girl is proud to be a part of revolutionizing the fitness industry for women and home exercisers.

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