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EssentricsTV (what it is and who it’s for)–an honest review

March 17, 2022

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Essentrics is a type of dynamic stretch workout for all fitness levels started over 20 years ago by Miranda Esmonde-White, a former professional ballet dancer.

The goal of every science-based Essentrics workout is:

“…to create a balanced body such that the strength in your muscles doesn’t inhibit your movement, and your mobility is enhanced by your strength. Essentrics dynamically combines strengthening and stretching to develop a strong, toned body with the complete ability of moving each joint and muscle freely and with full range of motion.”

Essentrics routines have been featured on PBS television for over 20 years and the Essentrics techniques have been the subject of bestselling books by the creator.

You can access over 400 different workouts featuring the Essentrics method inside of the streaming service, EssentricsTV. Keep reading for a full review and breakdown of this on-demand service (EssentricsTV).

Here’s a short video about EssentricsTV from the voice of its users:

Who is Miranda Esmonde-White?

Miranda Esmonde-White is the star and creator of the Essentrics workouts.

a photo of Miranda Esmonde-White
Miranda Esmonde-White

Miranda  Esmonde-White is a New York Times bestselling author of the Aging Backwards series, a world-renowned healthy aging educator and pioneer in the field of stretching. A former professional ballerina, Miranda created the globally-recognized and science-based fitness technique, Essentrics® in 1997—becoming a flexibility trainer to numerous high performance athletes and celebrities. She is the Executive Producer, creator and host of the 20-year running fitness television show Classical Stretch, and the award-winning docuseries, Aging Backwards and Forever Painless—airing nationwide on PBS and American Public Television.


Why would someone sign up for a membership to EssentricsTV? How do the workouts help?

That’s a great question! Here’s a list of the benefits you can expect to experience from using the Essentrics method:

An overview of an EssentricsTV membership…

Here’s what you need to know about the workouts…

Each routine is about encouraging ‘gentle, regular’ movement in your entire body

Many of the routines in the EssentricsTV library are taught by Miranda, but there are also several classes that are led by other instructors that have been trained in the Essentrics method

There are regular live classes to choose from if you prefer the energy of that setting.

There are over 400 on-demand classes in the workout library as well

The length of classes range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes

There are a lot of resources for a beginner to get started with EssentricsTV (workshops, tutorials, a beginner’s guide and an FAQ section).

The workout library has routines sorted in several different ways including length, profiles, challenges and body-part specific classes. Here’s a list of some of the categories in the EssentricsTV library:

Healthy Aging
Pain relief, injury and conditions
Flexibility & Mobility
Fit & Healthy
Sculpt & Tone

And these videos will show you a summary of a few of these types of workouts (called ‘profiles’ on the website):

Healthy Aging:

Sculpting/toning routines:

Athlete-specific workouts:

Pain relief workouts:

And there are a lot of challenges you can choose from as well:

workout challenges in EssentricsTV

The only equipment used in any of the classes in the EssentricsTV library are a mat, exercise foam brick, hemorrhoid cushion, resistance band, and a chair but all of this is optional.

list of equipment used in Essentrics classes

Home exercisers won’t need a ton of extra space to do these routines. If you can stretch your body in every direction without tripping, kicking or knocking something over then you should be good to go.

The Essentrics workouts are for men and women of any fitness level. They’re perfect routines to supplement a rigorous workout schedule but are ideal for a beginner who’s just getting started as well.

How much does EssentricsTV cost, how do you sign up and what do you get?

There’s a 14-day free trial period at the time I’m writing this.*

*As always, please make sure you check for any current promotions or price updates before you sign up.

You can sign up on the Essentrics website and pay monthly or annually. There’s a savings if you pay for an entire year at once.

You can also buy a membership as a gift!

And here’s a breakdown of the membership benefits:

subscription features in EssentricsTV

Best thing about the Essentrics workouts?

  • Great supplement for any existing exercise program or as a stand-alone workout for beginners or older exercisers.
  • Slow, gentle movements.
  • Great cueing.
  • Lots of educational and tutorial videos to help you learn the proper techniques.
  • Massive library with lots of variety based on customized goals and/or specific needs.

What would make it even better?

The Essentrics website is a lot to take in.

I’ve clicked on almost every link on their site to learn as much as I can about EssentricsTV and their programs, instructors, products and offers and I still feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of content.

I think it would be less intimidating if the workout library and website was simplified somehow to feel less visually overwhelming.

I recommended EssentricsTV to my mom and she told me that she ‘couldn’t figure out what she was supposed to do to sign up’ or what she’d be gettting if she did. She didn’t sign up.

Is EssentricsTV worth the purchase?

Yes, 100%.

But if you’ve never used any streaming (on-demand) workout library before you have to be willing to commit to an hour or more of learning how to use the service. Once you figure it out, you’ll be fine.

There IS a customer support team. Contact them if you have questions.

If you’ve used on-demand memberships in the past then you’ll get the hang of this one quickly.

Click here to sign up for EssentricsTV (I’m not an affiliate).

My recommendation?

If you’re looking for a good stretch workout then sign up for EssentricsTV.

For most people, I recommend signing up for the monthly membership. Try the routines during your free trial period. Invest some time into using all of the membership benefits–watch the tutorials, join a live class, take a workshop, etc.

You can cancel or upgrade to an annual membership after you’ve really had a chance to try out the membership.

Download the EssentricsTV app as soon as you sign up!

It’s much easier to explore the workout library using the app.

Watch videos like this one to help you get the hang of how to use the library:

helpful videos inside EssentricsTV

And read the articles that walk you through how to use the membership benefits:

how to join a challenge in Essentrics

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The Class

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