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Is Body Groove right for You? (a review and breakdown)

March 15, 2022

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I was so excited to review the Body Groove program.

Why? Because Body Groove is about as far outside my comfort zone and normal fitness style as you can get.  Which is why I knew it would challenge me (and possibly you) in a good way.

At one point in Workout 1, Misty Tripoli says something I love,

“You’re never too old to roll around on the floor.”

Misty Tripoli, Body Groove

She’s right, of course.  That quote captures how you get the most out of these workouts. 

You have to let your mind go and connect with your younger, freer self—back to when you were uninhibited and stress-free.

If you can find that place (which isn’t easy for me) then you’ll have fun with Body Groove.

What is Body Groove?

“This is about the funnest dance class you’re probably ever gonna take…and it’s based off the groove method.  What makes grooving so unique…is that you’re going to do it your way.  Your going to explore every level, every possibility, every angle that’s possible in your body.  We truly believe how important it is to take care of your body, to love your body, to move it creatively…and accept the body that you’re in.  When you do start to move your body your way, magic will literally happen in your body.  The cells in your body will become happy.  And with a happy body it’s much easier to have a healthy body.”—Misty Tripoli, Body Groove

Here’s Misty Tripoli (the Body Groove creator) sharing her story behind Body Groove movement:

And here’s a taste of the Body Groove workout style:

Important Information about Body Groove

a photo of Misty Tripoli
Misty Tripoli

The beautiful Misty Tripoli is the coolest person you’ll never meet. Her hair makes me think of Jericho McMatthews in Core De Force because it’s kind of awesome.  She’s got a unique style that’s fun and never intimidating and ideal for the Body Groove style workout.

The music is fun and really goes with each combination. I can’t stress enough how important good music is when you’re doing a home workout.  I wasn’t disappointed with the music.

Misty Tripoli does a superb job cueing you for each move. Once you get used to the style of the workout (after doing it once or twice) you can stop watching her and her team and just listen to Misty and the music.  That’s how you’ll get the most out of the workout.

The team of athletes in Body Groove is diverse. You’ll see every age, size and color.  You’ll also see that everyone has their own way of moving their body.  There are definitely some pro dancers in the group but most of the exercisers are just like you and me.

There’s no warm-up in these videos so be ready to start dancing the second you hit play.

Shoes are optional. (I usually wear them but I have bad feet and I’m a rebel. Lol.)

You don’t need any equipment to do the routines in Body Groove

You don’t need a ton of space to do the routines but you should use every inch of space you have (to burn the most calories)

Each of the 3 main Workouts (Series 1, 2 and 3) are made up of a specific number of ‘routines’. Each routine is actually a dance combination that you’ll repeat for 3-5 minutes (a few are slightly longer).  So, for example, Workout 1 has 7 routines, or 7 segments of dance combinations that you do for 3-5 minutes.  Misty Tripoli uses perfect prompts and music to keep you moving for the entire interval.

Workout 2 is my favorite set of routines of the 3 Workouts. But my favorite individual routine is Pump It, which you’ll find in Workout Series 3.

The bonus workouts Stretch & Flex (as well as Mind & Body) sound like the titles of a post-workout stretch but these programs actually follow the same format as the other workouts and are made up of a set of routines (using 3-5 minute intervals) of dance combinations.

Before you try Body Groove the first time say this phrase out loud >> “I’m the sexiest person alive.” (That mindset will help you get the most out of the workout.)

*As of 2022, there are a LOT more Body Groove workouts in the on-demand library than those mentioned above including Gentle Groovy Yoga (which I love). Make sure you check out all the workout clips on the Body Groove website to get a feel for what you can expect.

How many calories will you burn doing Body Groove?

Here’s a look at the average amount of calories I burn doing some of the workouts. You’ll burn a different amount but I like to include this information for your reference.

I use a heart rate monitor paired to a chest strap to track my calories.

Workout Series 1 (39 minutes)-163 calories

Workout Series 2 (28 minutes)-186 calories

Workout Series 3 (27 minutes)-168 calories

Stretch & Flex (33 minutes)-136 calories

Mind & Body (24 minutes)-140 calories

Can you use Body Groove to train for an event?

I don’t think you can use Body Groove alone to get you prepared to participate in any obstacle race or run.

BUT, you CAN (and should) use Body Groove in between your runs and more intense workouts when you’re training for an event to give your mind and body a chance to relax and refresh for the rest of your training.  In fact, I recommend you use Body Groove for that.

Who will (probably) love Body Groove?

People who love to dance

new/beginning fitness enthusiast who wants something different than the traditional group fitness style exercise

A new/beginning exerciser who doesn’t want to buy any exercise equipment

–>Anyone looking for a new low-impact, rejuvenating workout to add to their high-impact, intense exercise schedule (Body Groove is the perfect ingredient to balance out an intense, advanced fitness program)

How much is Body Groove (and where can you buy it)?

I originally purchased a set of Body Groove DVD’s but I wouldn’t recommend that anymore.

The Body Groove on-demand membership is the best option.

Here’s the current pricing (make sure and check for any special promotions running and for any pricing updates before you purchase):

the cost of Body Groove on demand

My recommendation…

While anyone can do the Body Groove workouts, not everyone will like this style of exercise.

But if you’re looking for a new workout then I challenge you to think about Body Groove.  It’s fun and easy and a great way to reinvigorate your mind and body.

Click here to learn more about Body Groove

Click here to learn more about Body Groove on Demand

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