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A Review of Fire 45 from Turbo Fire (A Timeless Kickboxing-Inspired Home Workout)

May 2, 2019

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Try Turbo Fire Just to Get Your Hands on This Workout!

“You’re. Not. Tired!” –Chalene Johnson, Turbo Fire

When Chalene Johnson says that you’ll instantly find that last drop of energy to finish the workout at a moment in the routine when you think you’re ready to give up and go eat a brownie.

An incredible team.  Good music.  Fun exercises.

These are the 3 ingredients that make Fire 45 my absolute favorite Turbo Fire routine in the series.

I know. I know.  Turbo Fire isn’t one of the shiny new programs by Beachbody.

But it’s timeless and will always be one of my favorites for anyone who loves kickboxing-inspired cardio routines.  It’s just fun.  And a girl has to throw some fun into her workout program.  It’s a must.

Here’s what the series looks like:

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Now let me tell you the important stuff about Turbo Fire 45…

Chalene Johnson doing the Fire 45 workout with black text overlay

Instructor-Chalene Johnson


Length-45 minutes

HRM-424 calories



My rating: A

The Important Stuff about Fire 45

Fire 45 is my favorite Turbo Fire routine. If you’re familiar with Turbo Jam and/or Turbo Fire at all then you’ll recognize all the moves in this workout.

There’s no ‘blast’ (fire) section in Fire 45, which is fine with me (and one reason this is my favorite routine).

The segments are fun and go together pretty seamlessly.  I put the choreography in the Simple+ category because it might take you a second to nail every pattern.  But the steps aren’t complicated and there’s a lot of repetition.  You’ll figure out each interval before you lose your heart rate.  

424 calories in 45 minutes is awesome.  I’m always happy with my calorie burn/time invested ratio.

I love that countdown clock!

Bravo on the music! I don’t care what anyone says. Good music makes the workout better.

There’s more than one way to get access* to this Turbo Fire workout (and all the others in the program).  I’ll give you options at the end of this post.

*UPDATE– This has changed.  Keep reading to find out the ONE place you can definitely find Turbo Fire.

A Couple of Tips for Crushing the Fire 45 Routine

Make sure your abs are tight throughout the workout. That will make this a real ab workout (in addition to cardio).

Make your moves big. You’ll keep your heart rate up that way and burn more calories.

Don’t skip the cool down/stretch. It’s thorough. And you should always stretch after a workout.

Check out the testimonials from Chalene’s crew at the end of the video. I have mixed emotions about them. Some of them inspire me but I reach a threshold where I’m like, Seriously? I hate you right now.

Ready to purchase Turbo Fire?

You may be able to find a copy of this individual workout somewhere but you can buy the entire Turbo Fire series by Beachbody on Amazon.*

*Definitely check the Amazon link above (and see if there’s any availability) but I recently noticed that Beachbody has stopped stocking the Turbo Fire series to buy as a stand alone program.  (Which is a shame, in my opinion.)

The best (and guaranteed) way to get your hands on Turbo Fire is with a membership to Beachbody on Demand.

Turbo Fire is one of the programs included in the member library of a subscription to Beachbody on DemandBONUS>>You’ll also find Turbo Jam in a membership to Beachbody on Demand! (Check out why I think you should try Beachbody on Demand free for 30 days.  It’s worth it.)

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Thanks for reading!


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