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Created by kiddofrom the Noun Project

A Review of Butts and Guts by Cathe Friedrich

  1. Debby Dedecko says:

    thanks for your review. Instead of the loop I believe you say to use band? What color band? Also what size ankle weights do I need? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Debby, I use a closed loop to do the exercises she does with the long band. Cathe used to sell them and she called them ‘Firewalker bands’. She doesn’t sell them anymore. I actually have a link out to the products you can use for the workout in the review. The links are all at the top of the post in the list of equipment. If you use a long band like Cathe’s I’d get one that’s 5 ft. and medium resistance. For the work with ankle weights you can use around 2 lb. weights or up to 5 lbs. but I’d go with the smaller ones if you have them. Thanks for the great questions! Butts and Guts is an incredible workout! Let me know if I didn’t answer your questions! Best, Mickie

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