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A Review of Hi Lo Cardio & Core Live with Cathe Friedrich

March 16, 2017

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Hi Lo Cardio & Core Live is primarily a cardio workout but the core section is the part that’ll get your attention (and the reason you should do this program).

You’ll try this routine for the Cardio but you’ll come back for the Core.

Here’s a taste of this workout:

You’ll need a membership to Cathe Live (or Cathe On Demand + Cathe Live) to find this routine.

Cathe Live has a TON of incredible workouts (all lead by Cathe Friedrich in her home gym).  If you want to know more about a membership to Cathe Live then read this article.

There are 3 sections in this routine—low intensity cardio, high intensity cardio, and abs.  Don’t get too relaxed during the first segment because the last two sections are tough.

Let me explain…

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Original Air Date of Hi Lo Cardio & Core-8/14/14*

*You should try EVERY SINGLE routine in the library of Cathe Live workouts.  Don’t get caught up in doing only most recent ones.  You’ll miss out on a ton of great stuff if you do that.

Instructor-Cathe Friedrich


Equipment-a mat*

*If you’re on carpet you won’t need any equipment.  The mat is for the core work.

Length-50 minutes

HRM-368 calories


My rating- A

The Important Stuff about Hi-Lo Cardio & Core

The first third of the Hi Lo Cardio routine is steady-state cardio.  Cathe does mostly what I refer to as ‘cheer’ moves. The choreography is basic and you can stay low-impact if you want.

The second part of the program is a ‘blast’ (Hiit training) section.  It’s advanced but doesn’t last very long. (*Hiit=high intensity interval training)

The last segment is a core routine.  Personally, I think the ab routine is the hardest of the 3 parts of this Live workout.  If you like doing leg lifts on one butt cheek you’ll be super happy.  (I do not.)  Holy hip-flexors!  The ab routine does have variety so there’s that…but it’s hard, people.

I was shocked to only burn 388 calories.  I felt like it would be closer to 425, but we’re all familiar with a heart rate monitor (an imperfect device) so who knows what went wrong there (if anything).

You’ll need a lot of space to do the cardio in the Hi/Lo Cardio segment (if you want to do the routine exactly like Cathe).  She does these slides across the room that will take you clear into your bedroom.  You can easily modify these exercises to fit the space you have (just alternate slides right and left in one spot instead of sliding 2-4 times in one direction).

There’s a long cool down and stretch before Cathe starts the core section.  I don’t think that’s totally necessary but it’s nice.  There’s another cool down/stretch after you do abs.  (I’m starting to see why I didn’t burn 400 calories…)

Don’t forget about these ‘older’ routines in your Cathe Live membership.  You’re really missing out on some good stuff (like this workout) if you’re not scrolling down and checking out every program in the Live library.

Keep reading for tips about every section of this routine…


The warm-up is about 8 minutes long.

It’s low-impact and the moves are easy.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Hi-Lo Cardio & Core)


The first cardio section starts around the 8 minute mark and lasts about 13 minutes.

I don’t know why but I envision myself as an NFL cheerleader when I’m doing these exercises.  It’s fun.  The moves are ‘dancey’ but also classic aerobics.  This might be your favorite part of the routine.

The last exercises in this part are the side to side lunges with the little hop in between


Hiit Exercises (Blast Section)

The Hiit routine is about 11 minutes

Every exercise in this section is repeated again (for a total of 2 sets)

You get to rest for a few seconds in between sets

There are a total of 6 Hiit moves

Squat Digs

Two sets of 32 reps

The exercise is done ON the beat.  Stay with the team.  It’s a fast tempo.

Apple Pickers (side to side jumps)

Another two sets of 32 reps

3 Forward Hops/Tuck Jump/4 Jumping Jacks (with a ½ turn)

You do this pattern 6 times and then Cathe does side leaps and grapevines during a short break.

The pattern isn’t hard to remember but doing it at this tempo is the challenging part

Repeat for 6 more

Walk in an 8-count circle during the ‘rest’

Side to Side Sumo Squats

Every pair of squats is 1 rep.  There are 16 pairs (reps)

If you’ve never done this move then don’t let it confuse you.  Your feet don’t change (just shuffle side to side).  Your arm pattern is all you have to worry about. 

The second set has 20 reps because Cathe loses count while she’s giving form pointers. (Cathe always blames her team for losing count during these Live routines, I guess it’s their job to keep count since she’s gotta do the cueing.)

Grounded Switches*

*These are the hardest blast exercise, in my opinion.

Keep your core tight and chest tall—don’t round your back.  If you get too tired to keep both hands down ‘like a gorilla’ at this speed then prop one hand on your thigh when you swap sides.

There are two sets of 32 reps

Your legs will be completely on fire and then you’ll see Cathe get up and walk around and skip out on the last 8 reps. You have permission to scream ‘CHEATER!’, Cathe can’t hear you.

4 Standing Pumps with 4 Air Jacks

Do this combo 4 times (so 16 air jacks)

Remember there are 2 sets

Thankfully, this is the last exercise in this section


Now you’ll do that short cool down/stretch segment I told you about.  This part goes on for about 4 minutes before you start the core exercises.  That doesn’t seem like a long time but it feels like it when you’re doing the workout.

Core Work

Get out your mat (if you need it) for the ab work.

The first few exercises are in the plank position. Then you’ll do a bunch more reps on your back and side.  If you don’t know what your hip flexors are then you will in just a second.

The side leg lifts (without the arms) is nearly impossible for me.  (If your legs are hitting the floor after every rep like a brick then you’re doing it wrong.  Notice how Cathe’s legs are practically floating up and down…ugh.  I hate her sometimes.)

Cool Down/Stretch

Don’t skip this part just because you already did some stretching before the ab work.  You can’t stretch too much.

What Now?

This is an awesome overall cardio/ab workout that’s fun and has a lot of variety.  I love that you don’t need any equipment (besides a mat).

Cathe does a great job of staying on beat with her music during this workout which I appreciate.  (I don’t like it when instructors go ‘off beat’ by design).

Remember you’ll need a membership to Cathe Live to access this fun workout.

I belong to Cathe on Demand + Cathe Live because that includes all of her exercise video routines AND all of her Live workouts (that’s 300+ workouts).  I always recommend you sign up for a month and see what you think.

And remember you can read, How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live to get answers to all your questions about that membership.

If you really love this routine, then I suggest you try Step, Jump and Pump from Cathe’s Bodyblast series.  The Hi/Lo section in that workout has the same flavor as this Live program.


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