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Insanity Insane Abs—30 Minutes to Picture-Perfect Abs

July 8, 2016

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So, you woke up today and decided:  I really want a 6-pack.  (Not the adult-beverage kind, but some of those fancy muscle-bumps in the belly region.)

And what was your solid plan to achieve this shiny goal?

*crickets chirping*

It’s ok.  I’ve got a plan for you.  It’s called Insanity Insane Abs (from the Insanity series by Beachbody).

Will Insane Abs give you a set of abs you could drive a sledgehammer into?  I’m gonna say, no.  But, hey, you’ll never know until you try.  So let’s get going…

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the cover art of a guy doing a tuck jump from the Insane Abs video

Instructor-Shaun T

Category-Strength (Abs)


Length-33 minutes

HRM-226 calories


Remember my choreography rating refers to the complexity of the choreography in the workout–not the intensity.  This is an advanced program but the actual moves are simple.  Read more about my choreography ratings here.

My rating- A

Important Stuff about Insanity Insane Abs

There are 3 ab sections in Insanity Insane Abs—standing, floor, and plank

Wear tights for Insane Abs.  It’s just a suggestion but if there are other people in the room when you’re doing the floor exercises it’ll be awkward if you’re in a pair of loose track shorts.

This routine is perfect to add to the end of another workout.  I usually do it after a 3-5 mile run when I’m training for an obstacle race like the Tough Mudder.

Shaun T makes Ariel (she’s in the blue tiny shorts) the star of this video.  She’s got amazing abs.  Ariel and Rachel (she’s in the black/pink outfit) have perfect form.  Pay attention to them.  They’re rockstars.  Ariel also has no body fat in her torso. Not cool, Ariel.

And make sure you read to the end for helpful tips on every exercise in this routine as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on the Insanity program:-)


There’s no warm-up.

Main Workout (The Moves in Insanity Insane Abs)

Standing Ab Exercises

There are 8:


Jog with high knees

Use your core, that’s what we’re here for

High Knee Jog w/Twist

Try to keep your elbows up

Tuck Jumps

You do the first set with the group, there are 12; try to do 10-12 in the second set, too

Power Jumps

You’ll recognize this move, like the tuck jumps you do the first set with the group, there are 14; try to do about 12 in the second set



This is the first move (of many in this video) that fire up your hip flexors

Now you repeat all of those moves but at a faster pace (and shorter interval)

Ab Exercises on the Floor

6 inches

That’s right, you have to hold your legs up about 6 inches off the floor.  Try to keep your palms on the ground by your hips. 

The next few exercises are all in this position with varying leg moves.  Try to really focus on your abs.  If your lower back starts hurting then take a very short break.  Again, hello, hip flexors!

Flutter kicks


Knees In & Out

Repeat those 4 exercises.  You know them now.  Push yourself.


Power Abs-Hand Down

Remember what I said about wearing tights?  In the crotch-out position it’s just more comfortable to be in tights.

Power Abs—No Hands

Try not to think about being in Lamaze class. 

Focus on those abs.  

Not every exercise is graceful, people.

Over the Mountain

Core Adduction-Hands Down

Core Adduction-No Hands

Bicycle Runs—Hands Down

So. Hard.

Bicycle Runs—No Hands

You’ll swear you have a 6-pack after these exercises.  But don’t go look in the mirror, it may still be hiding.

Repeat all 7 of those exercises.

Ab Exercises in Plank

*This is my favorite grouping of exercises.  (In case you were wondering.)

Low Plank Hops

Try to keep your feet together and your butt down

Alternating Balance Hold

Go slow and keep your core tight

Alternating Knee to Elbow

After you do these for a while Shaun T announces that you have to do them for another 15 seconds, it’s weird, I guess they stopped 15 seconds early on the initial set

Oblique Rotation

This exercise really hits your obliques.  Keep moving until the clock runs out.  Slow down if you have to but try not to stop completely.

Plank Walkers

These are shoulder burners but it’s your last exercise so don’t wimp out.  Child’s Pose is almost here!

Cool Down/Stretch

There’s a nice stretch in the last 2 minutes.  Do it. 

I always throw in a few hip flexor stretches (grab one ankle and push your hip to the front of the room), too.

Now What?

Insanity Insane Abs is a great ab workout to tack on to the end of another workout, or you can do it alone if you’re short on time.  The exercises are unique and challenging.

This workout is available to members of Beachbody on Demand.

And don’t forget to compare prices of Insanity on Amazon.

TIP>>Read more about Beachbody on Demand.

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