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A Review of Friday Fight Round 1 (More Evidence that Insanity Max:30 is Incredible)

July 12, 2016

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Friday Fight Round 1 is what every workout program wants to be–not boring.

Friday Fight Round 1 is just one of the workouts from the Insanity Max:30 program:

By avoiding the very nemesis of every exercise routine since the dawn of the legwarmers (repetition) this routine is fun and the difference between eating a rice cake and a slice of cake.  (You’ll definitely come back for one of those.)

And while the title of this Insanity Max:30 routine might make you think you’ll be punching and kicking your way through the best day  of the week that’s not the case.

Friday Fight Round 1 is a lot of ass-kicking exercises but it’s not a kickbox workout.

Want to know what you will be doing?  Want to know when (and if) you’ll be seeing Shaun T rip off his shirt?   Want to know which exercise will challenge you the most?

Let me break it down for you…

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Instructor-Shaun T



Length-32 minutes

HRM-295 calories


My rating- A

Important Stuff about Friday Fight Round 1

Friday Fight Round 1 is from the first month of workouts (if you’re following the 60-day program) in Insanity Max:30.

There’s no repetition (besides the warm-up)!  Every exercise in Friday Fight Round 1 is done one time only.  Magic, I tell you!

You do each exercise in Friday Fight Round 1 for about 30 seconds in the warm-up.  In the main workout you’ll do each move for about 1 minute.

Take note!  You only get two water breaks—the first one comes at the 15 minute mark, and you get the second water break at 25 minutes.

If you get too tired then follow the Modifier.  She stays low-impact the whole time.  But try to get back in there and do the full version once you catch your breath.

Shaun T almost never stops talking and does an incredible job of keeping you motivated to complete this workout.  Listen to him.  We all want to make Shaun T proud, right?

If you love Friday Fight Round 1, check out Friday Fight Round 2 next.

Read to the end for tips on every section in this routine.


You’ll do each move for about 30 seconds and then go through the same 5 exercises one more time. (I know, I know, I said no repetition…hang in there with me.  I was talking about the main routine).  The warm-up is 5 minutes long.  Here are the exercises:

Chest Open Jack

 Jack Uppercut

1-2-3 Knee Touch

Jump Rope

High Knee Jabs

Repeat all 5 moves

Main Workout (The Exercises in Friday Fight Round 1)

Remember you’ll do every exercise for about 1 minute in this section.

Hop Hop Runner

I have no idea why, but this exercise is really fun.   Hopping makes me smile for some reason.

Plyo Power Knee-Right

Plyo Power Knee-Left

Switch Kick Punch

Try to kick high

Wide In & Out Abs/Knee Tap

Med Ball Twist

Moving Jump Cross Jab

Speed In & Out Abs

Scissor Stance Jacks

4 Jabs-4 High Knees

You have to go fast.  Try to keep up.

Tricep Dip Reach


Shuan T decides he has to remove his shirt at this point so he can ‘breathe better’. I keep all my clothes on.  (A fact:  If my abs looked like his I’d never wear a shirt.)

Hit the Floor

2 Hop Jabs-2 Tuck Jumps

This is the hardest exercise in the program (to me).  Tuck jumps are the devil.  This is also when I discover if I’ve put on the right bra.  If things aren’t strapped down tight it’s like water balloons on a trampoline–very distracting.

Burpee with Alternating Lunges

Ab Attack-Right

Ab Attack-Left

Wide Pike-Ups

Shaun T gives you some in-your-face words of encouragement at this point.  Love it!

10 & 2

So. Out. Of. Breath.  *maybe I need to remove my shirt*

Squat Kick-Right

Squat Kick-Left


This move was in-the-running as the hardest in the program (for me).  Ultimately, I decided tuck jumps suck more than X-jumps.

Plank Toe Taps

The Modifier ‘Maxes Out’ during this exercise

Knee Diamond Push-Ups

I’m always so happy we have permission to do these on our knees.


Split Lunge Punch

Plank Punch

Moving Squat Jab

Punching Abs

Don’t let your feet hit the floor!

If you’re like me this exercise is one of the easiest of the whole routine and a nice way to finish this thing (sitting on the floor).

Don’t stop the workout here.  The stretch is next.

Cool Down/Stretch

The cool down/stretch is a little under 2 minutes long.  You need this part.  Don’t skip it.


I LOVE Insanity Max 30:Friday Fight Round 1.  It’s rare to find a good workout that doesn’t have a lot of repetition.

BUY THE INSANITY MAX:30 SERIES–you won’t regret it.

Another Option>>You can find all of the Insanity Max:30 workouts (and hundreds of other programs) in the Member Library of a BEACHBODY ON DEMAND membership.  (THIS IS HOW I ACCESS EVERY BEACHBODY WORKOUT.)

Find answers to all your questions about Beachbody on Demand (and why I recommend it) HERE.

Thanks for reading!


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