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A Review of Max:30 Ab Attack (What you need to know before you try it)

May 28, 2016

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This ten minute core routine is fun and effective.

And the exercises are SO EASY (for about 10 seconds…)

But you have to do each of them for a minute.

Then after just ten minutes your abs will look (nothing like) Shaun T’s but you’ll feel like a badass.

And hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Shaun T didn’t just stumble upon that 6-pack.  It takes the right DNA (hope you picked your parents carefully), a smart diet, and a LOT of ab workouts to get chiseled abs.

Ab Attack is just ONE of the awesome routines in the Insanity Max:30 series.  Here’s a reminder of what the entire program has to offer:

Let me tell you exactly what you’ll be doing in this fun routine…

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Instructor-Shaun T

Category-Strength (Abs Only)


Length-10 minutes

HRM-69 calories


My rating– A

The Important Information about Max:30 Ab Attack

Insanity Max:30 Ab Attack has all new core exercises. I love that this routine is not just recycled exercises from other Shaun T workouts.

There are 10 exercises that you do for one minute each.

You alternate between moves in the supine position and in plank position (up until the last few moves where you stay on your backside). None of the exercises are that hard for 10 second—doing them for 60 seconds is the trick.

Read to the end for tips on how to conquer each exercise as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for this video 🙂


There’s no warm-up. Have your mat ready and get down on the floor.

Main Workout (The Moves in Insanity Max:30 Ab Attack)

Floor Tuck Jumps

These first few exercises will fire up your hip flexors.

Low Plank Side Punch

As expected, this is done in low plank. Return to your back for the next exercise.

Knee Push Extensions

This exercise is really hard. Go at your own pace so you do it the right way.

Reciprocating Knee

Now you’re back in low plank. This seems SO EASY for the first 20 seconds…

Switch Kick Abs

Now you’re back in a supine position. Keep your legs extended. Go as fast as you’re capable.

Yes, it’s hard. Shaun T is busy walking around touching people at this point. I wish he’d just do the workout.

Plank Toe Taps

You do this move in high plank. (I’m emphasizing that because the first time I did this program I did half the interval in low plank before I realized I was in the wrong position. It’s a LOT harder in low plank, by the way).

This is my favorite exercise in the workout.

Ab Sprint

I don’t get this one. My hip flexors are so spent by the time I get here that I feel completely hunched over which is bad.

Tricep Push-up Extension

I was kind of irritated to see a push-up the first time I did the video (because I hate push-ups) but this is a good exercise. And we all know push-ups work your core.

Floor Ab Attack

You’ll feel like you’re pansy-punching someone but just keep your arms going.

Stay upright for the last exercise.


Keep your feet as high as you can and beat on your awesome abs.  (If beating on your belly is like slapping a jelly-filled balloon don’t worry about it.  At least you worked out today.  Give yourself some credit.)

Keep your legs extended and off the floor (if you can, I know you hate me right now).

Cool Down/Stretch

There’s no organized stretch or cool down. Stretch out your abs on your own. You’re most likely doing this exercise video after another workout so go ahead and stretch out everything that needs it.

Now What??

I love Max:30 Ab Attack. I hate that you can’t purchase the video without buying the whole series.

The Insanity Max:30 series is one of my favorite programs.  (Buy it.  You’ll love it.)

And don’t forget you can access this one in a Beachbody on Demand membership.  (Sign up free for 30 days and try out all the Insanity Max:30 routines).

Thanks for reading!


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