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A Review of Metabolic Conditioning Live with Cathe Friedrich

June 1, 2016

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For some reason I always expect the live workouts to be easier than the professionally choreographed and polished routines on Cathe Friedrich’s DVD’s but I’ve been set straight with every single live Cathe workout.

Metabolic Conditioning Live is just as challenging (if not more) than any workout DVD you have at home.

Here’s a taste of Metabolic Conditioning Live:

Metabolic Conditioning Live is one of the workouts included with a membership to Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand (+Live).

If you want to know more about Cathe on Demand and Cathe Live then read this post.  (I don’t get anything if you sign up but I love this service so I encourage you to look into it.)

And you can see a bunch of the routines you’ll have access to by visiting Cathe Friedrich’s Pinterest page.

Now get ready for 8 rounds of advanced compound exercises in Metabolic Conditioning Live.

Let me tell you what equipment you’ll need and what to expect in this Live Cathe Friedrich routine…

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a screen shot from the Metabolic Conditioning Live workout

Instructor-Cathe Friedrich

Category-Cardio + Strength

Equipment-Dumbbells (10, 12, and 15 lbs.), and a mat (if you plan to do push-ups on your knees)

*That link will take you to my favorite dumbbells.  I recommend this style (of dumbbell).  If you’re still adding to your weight collection check out this article, A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.

Length-41 minutes

HRM-279 calories


My rating- A

Important Stuff about Metabolic Conditioning Live

Metabolic Conditioning Live is 8 rounds of cardio and strength exercises.

The weight moves are ‘multi-joint exercises’ (compound moves) that really kick up your heart rate and increase your calorie burn.  Most of the rounds have 2 groupings of exercises that you’ll do and then repeat them both.

You may want to have some lighter dumbbell options close by.  Some of the exercises are really tough at the weight Cathe uses.

The exercises in each round are done fast.  Form is so important.  Don’t sacrifice your form to keep up with Cathe.  Go down in weight if you need to, or do less reps.

There’s no ab section in this workout.  (I use these write-ups to remind myself of things like this in case I want to have an additional workout ready to queue up when this one ends).

TIP-Cathe’s weights on the live workouts are black-15 lbs., purple-12 lbs., and orange-10 lbs.  Sometimes she forgets to tell you what weight to use so this is helpful:

A Cheat Sheet for Cathe Live Workouts


There’s a short warm-up (about 7 minutes long) with quite a few squats but this part is all low-impact (your feet won’t leave the ground—yet).

Main Workout (The Exercises in Metabolic Conditioning Live)


You won’t need any weights for the first move.

It’s a squat/kick/squat/back lunge.  Notice that you kick with the opposite leg that you take back for the lunge.  There are 8 sets.

Next get your 10 lb. dumbbells for an overhead press with a squat.  Take note of the change in arm pattern during the interval.  Your shoulders will be on fire and you’ll be questioning those 10 lb. weights before you’re done.

Repeat squat kick/back lunge on other side.

Repeat overhead press with squats using your 10’s.

Water Break (this is only a few seconds)


You’ll be doing an alternating back lunge with double-arm hammer curls using your 10 lb. dumbbells.  During the interval you’ll switch to one-arm hammers but keep the alternating back lunges.  And the last set goes back to double-arm hammers.

Next you’ll do alternating back lunges with an overhead press (with the 10’s).  Cathe goes fast and there are a ton of reps.

Keep an eye on her ‘real-life’ team.  They’re dying too, but none of them stop.

Water Break


Grab a 15 lb. weight for plíe pulses.  Cathe adds ‘baby’ jumps during the interval so your adductors will be screaming.

You’ll need the other 15 lb. dumbbell to do wide-stance dead lifts next

The form on this exercise is really important.  If you’re doing it right you’ll feel it in your hamstrings.  Bend at the waist and keep your back flat.

Repeat an interval of plíe pulses with those baby jumps.

Repeat the dead lifts but put your legs closer together on this set.  Cathe turns to the side so you can see her form.

Water Break

Before you start Round 4 there’s a short section that Cathe labels an ‘Intermission’.  You’ll be doing jumping jacks and tuck jumpsOh goodie, you say.  Yes, I understand completely.  I thought an intermission was where you go to the bathroom and get a beer??


Tip for this round: You’ll use your 12 lb. dumbbells but have a 20 or 25 lb. dumbbell handy, too

The exercise is a row/fly combination in a bent over position with your 12 lb. dumbbells

The tempo is fast so don’t get lazy and start swinging the weights.

You won’t need any weights for the plyo jacks—there are 16 reps

Repeat the row/fly combination with your 12’s.

Bonus move—Cathe grabs both 12’s in one hand and does a set of 16 one-arm rows.  I can’t hold both of my 12’s in one hand so this is where I grab that 20 or 25 lb. dumbbell that I told you to have handy.

Now you do another set of 16 Plyo Jacks.

Water Break


Side-to-side plíe squats with an Arnold press.  You’ll need both of your 10 lb. dumbbells

Ten pounds feels really heavy before this interval is over.  You’ll be out-of-breath.


Go get your 10 lb. dumbbells. The exercise is an alternating one-arm front raise with a single leg dead lift.  Keep your core tight.

Squat digs—32 reps.  You don’t need any weights for this cardio move.

Now you’ll do the alternating one-arm front raise with a single leg dead lift (and your 10 lb. dumbbells) again, but put your other leg in front this time.

Repeat 32 squat digs.


This time you’ll do a little jump into a plíe squat with a double-arm overhead tricep press with 10 lb. dumbbells.

Now you can put down your weights to do 8 burpees.  I know you’re excited.

Repeat the plie squat jump with the double-arm overhead tricep press.

Eight more burpees are next


Go grab your mat (if you’ll be doing push-ups on your knees); you won’t need any equipment if you plan to do push-ups on your toes

The exercise is a squat thrust with 2 push-ups.  There are 6 sets.

Next are 32 power scissors. Yes, that’s a big number.  Yes, you can do this.

Repeat the squat thrust with 2 push-ups for 2 sets.  Then you’ll do several sets of straight push-ups (without the squat thrust).

The last exercise is 24 power scissors.  You can do it!

Cool Down/Stretch

There’s a nice stretch that you need to do.  Don’t turn off the program until the cool down/stretch segment ends.

Now What?

What a great routine!  I love the way metabolic training makes me feel.  Strength training with cardio is my favorite style of workout. 

Cathe does a great job in Metabolic Conditioning Live of hitting every major muscle group as well as getting in a great cardio blast in a short amount of time.  I also appreciate that the moves are simple—anyone can do this workout.

If you’re just getting started with live Cathe Friedrich workouts, this is a great place to start to get a taste of what she has to offer.

Looking for another awesome Cathe Friedrich Live workout?  Try one of these:

Metabolic Circuit Blast Live

High Intensity Cardio Step Live


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