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A Review of Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals (This is Serious Cardio)

April 8, 2016

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Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals is SO. HARD.

If you woke up today and immediately started planning your nap and couch-time then you’re not gonna want to do this workout today.

BUT if you sprang out of bed all like, “Bring It On, World!” And all your muscles and mind particles are aligned perfectly then you’re going to love this workout.  You’ll fit in with Shuan T’s group of sculpted badasses like a quarterback to his team.

Remember Sweat Intervals is one of the routines in the Insanity Max:30 program.  Here’s what Insanity Max:30 looks like:

Let me explain what you’ll be doing in this review of Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals…

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Instructor-Shaun T



Length-32 minutes

HRM-335 calories


My rating– A

The Important Stuff about Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals

Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals is 5 rounds of 3 exercises.  You do each grouping three times in a row before you move to the next group.

There are 30 second water breaks in between each grouping.  The format of this video is the same as the Insanity Max:30 Cardio Challenge workout.  The exercises are different, but same pattern and amount of time.  (I also burned almost the exact same amount of calories.)

The modifier athlete in this workout is a guy (it’s a girl in Cardio Challenge).  Try to do the regular exercises.  You can watch that guy just in case you need him, but push yourself to do the regular version of each move.

Have at least one water close by.

Almost every section has an exercise in the plank position.  Oh, and there are push-ups in this workout.

Shaun T’s team in this video are incredible badasses.  Seriously, phenomenal athletes.  I’ve never seen so many girls with washboard abs in one video.  It will either inspire you or irritate you.  You decide.

Shaun T works hard to keep you fired up to push through this workout.  I ignore him about half the time because I’m so focused on not dying.  He spends at least 50% of the workout walking around yelling, poking, and putting his face in the camera to encourage you to keep going.

Make sure you read to the end for links to a few places you can compare prices for this video:-)


This is the same warm-up from the Insanity Max:30 Cardio Challenge.  There are five moves you repeat 2 times.  The warm-up moves:

Chest Open Jack

Jack Uppercut

1-2-3 Knee

Cross Jack

High Knee Jab

After you do those 5 moves two times through then you get a short break to stretch.  It’s a very short break but make the most of it.  Stretch whatever needs it.  Shaun T doesn’t tell you what to stretch out.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Sweat Intervals from Insanity Max:30)

Round One

High Jump Cross (right side only)

Squat Lunge (left side)

Several people on the video Max Out during the (second set of) lunges.  Your thighs will be on fire.  This is all good.  You’re reshaping your body and burning tons of calories.

Push-Up Punch

Just go as fast as you can.

Now you repeat all 3 moves 2 more times.  You switch lead legs on the second time and then alternate leads on the 3rd pass through.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Round Two

Moving Squat Jab

This exercise feels a little weird.  Keep your core tight.  You don’t have to jump far.

Wide Pike-Ups

Here’s your round two plank move.

Hurdle Drill

Shaun T screams out the prompt for you on this exercise.  He’s not actually doing the exercise, though.

Now repeat those three exercises two more times.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Round Three

I think this is the hardest round of the five.

Hop Hop Runner

Power Jump Squat Push

Switch Kick Punch

I feel like my foot barely leaves the floor an inch on these.  I have no idea how his team is kicking so high.

Repeat all 3 exercises 2 more times.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Round Four

Free Runner (right)

Your legs are so freakin’ tired at this point but try to keep them straight when you do the scissor in the air (I know, you hate me so bad right now).

Ski Ab Power Knee (right)

Squat Oblique Knee

This is my favorite move in the whole workout.

Now you know what to do.  Repeat all of those exercises 2 more times.  You do the other lead on Free Runner and Ski Ab Power Knee on set two.  On the 3rd set you alternate legs for Free Runner and you do regular Ski Abs alternating.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Round Five

You’re almost done.  Do not stop.

Burpee Lunge (right)

Hit The Floor

You know this move from classic Insanity.*

*If you don’t have Insanity then go get it today.  It’s the same flavor as Insanity Max:30 but the routines are longer.  If you love Insanity Max:30 you’ll love it, too.

Cross Jack Jab

Try to alternate which leg you cross in front so you don’t finish lop-sided.

Now you do your last two sets.  On set two of Burpee Lunges you do the other leg in front.  On Hit The Floor just go as fast as you can.  I don’t yell ‘Max Out’ with the team but go for it if it helps you.

On the third set Shaun T switches up the order of the moves so you do Hit the Floor first.  Then you do your third set of Burpee Lunges (alternate sides this time).  Then you do that last exercise (Cross Jack Jab) with the group.

Keep the video running for a 2 minute cool down.

Cool Down/Stretch

The cool down/stretch is short and sweet.  I recommend more stretching on your own after the video is over.  Don’t forget to stretch out your calves.  All that jumping could bring on a 2 a.m. Charlie Horse, if you’re not careful.


I love Insanity Max:30!

If you loved Sweat Intervals, try Insanity Max:30 Friday Fight Round 1 next.

I use 30 minute workouts frequently to supplement short runs and strength training when I’m preparing for a Tough Mudder, and when you only have a few minutes to squeeze in a workout this type of program will max out your calorie burn in the time allotted.

Also, you can’t deny how nice it is to not have to pull-out any equipment for a workout every now and then.

You can find Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals in the family of INSANITY MAX:30 videos by Beachbody over at AMAZON and it’s part of the content in a membership to Beachbody on Demand (I 100% recommend you try the FREE TRIAL of this program).

Read more about the Beachbody on Demand service.

Thanks for reading!

Have an amazing workout!


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