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Traditional weight lifting can be a real snooze. Yeah, it’s effective but some days it’s about as exciting as broccoli. P90X3 CVX is the perfect routine to add a little fun (and cardio) to your resistance training. CVX is from the family of P90X3 workouts.  Here’s a reminder of what the program is all about: […]

A Review of P90X3 CVX (what it is & why you should do it)

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The Challenge is a push/pull routine in the P90X3 series of workouts. You’ll do 2 exercises in each interval.  One exercise is a variation of a push-up and the other is a type of pull-up. Ladies, start each push-up move on your toes (not your knees).  I bet you’ll be surprised at how strong you are. […]

A Review of P90X3 The Challenge (Welcome to the Push-Up Party)

Beachbody Reviews

P90X3 Triometrics is one of my favorite programs in the P90X3 program (along with Agility X).  The exercises are original and effective. There are 19 exercises done at 3 levels in P90X3 Triometrics. There’s a lot you need to know to conquer this workout. Here we go… Dreya Weber is the female team member in […]

Unleash your inner badass with P90X3 Triometrics (A review and must-know info)

Beachbody Reviews

P90X3 The Warrior has 4 rounds of exercises.  You’ll get a little taste of everything (upper body, core, cardio intervals) over the 30 minutes. Find out everything else you need to know about this workout before you try it. Listen to me.  Anybody can do this P90X3 routine.  No excuses. You DON’T need any equipment […]

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