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A Review of Plyo HiiT with Cathe Friedrich (one of the best HiiT workouts for women you’re going to find)

February 6, 2019

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If you’re looking for a challenging plyometric workout to burn a ton of calories then look no further.

This Cathe Friedrich workout, Plyo HiiT, from the Ripped with HiiT series is incredible. (HiiT=high-intensity interval training)

This post is a breakdown of the routine that combines both workouts on the disc (Premix #2 Extreme: Plyo Hiit One & Two Combined).

Here’s what Plyo HiiT One looks like:

And here’s what Plyo HiiT Two looks like:

You need to have your head in the game to do this workout.

Make sure you’re having one of those days like, “Bring it on, Cardio.  I”ll kick your ass right now!” before you try this premix, or you’ll need CPR before it’s over.

There’s more…let me tell you what you’re going to need to know.

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Instructor-Cathe Friedrich


Length-44 minutes

HRM-414 calories


Aerobic Step with 2 risers (on each side)

10 lb. dumbbells



My rating for this premix: A

Learn more here–>>Your Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using an Aerobic Step

The Important Stuff about this HiiT workout for women

Be ready to have your ass handed to you! This is hard!

There are a lot of lateral moves in this workout. I have bad feet that hurt all the time. Sometimes this workout will flare up my plantar fasciitis so I don’t do it more than once a week.

This review covers the premix of both workouts together. You don’t have to do it that way. You may want to learn them separately before you do them as one workout. HiiT Two is my favorite of the two.

HiiT One is all floor work. Have your mat ready. You’ll need it about halfway through HiiT One. Make sure you have enough space to move around a mat.

You’ll need your aerobic step and dumbbell for HiiT Two.  Have your equipment close by because there’s not enough time between routines to go find your equipment.

Make sure your water is close, too. You have time for a sip between blasts but no time to check your phone or go to the bathroom.

What You Need to Know About HiiT One

When you get to the butt kicks, there are three sets of 10.  

Cathe does these at the speed of light, I’m not kidding.

You’ll briefly wonder why the hell you bought this stupid video but then it’ll be over and you’ll realize how awesome you are.

There are two sets of 16 vertical knee jumps.

These aren’t quite as fast (as the butt kicks) but you’ll still experience a brief moment of WTF! Followed by euphoria.

Things get harder when she pulls out the mat.

On the high-reaching straddle squat jumps over the mat she doesn’t mention that there’s a 1/2 turn. You’ll figure it out quickly but it matters.

The last exercise in HiiT One is 4 straddle hops over the mat with a half-turn and 2 plyo jacks.

Pull out your step (and get rid of the mat) as soon as you finish this section.

What You Need to Know About HiiT Two

For a break down of every single exercise in HiiT Two you can check out, Plyo HiiT Two, Incredible Cardio in 27 Minutes.

Hiit Two uses a step with 2 risers (on each side) for all of the exercises. My advice is to start with one riser unless you do this kind of workout all the time.

If you DO use two risers then pretend there’s actually 3 risers and then you won’t have any sad accidents.

You have to COMMIT to these moves or you will seriously hurt yourself. I do them regularly and still catch my toe on the step every now and then.

If your legs already feel like you poured cement in them at this point, then you may want to lower your step. Just saying…

Be familiar with how to do ‘power 7’s’. I couldn’t find a video of this move but it’s not hard. She does them a lot in this section.  (She actually does a set of Power 7’s in the video clip of HiiT Two at the top of this post.)

Half-way through this section the part of your brain that likes to eat cake will tell you that you could be shopping for a new couch on Amazon right now.  Don’t listen! You can do this!!

Be careful when you do the one-leg lunges on the step with the weight.

You lunge into the step.  Then turn away and change the dumbbell to the other hand, and lunge on the floor.  The problem is that the combination is done at a pretty fast tempo.

cathe friedrich doing a lunge with a dumbbell on the step
the first part of the one leg lunge combo in HiiT 2
Cathe Friedrich and team wearing pink and lunging away from the step
the second part of the one leg lunge combo in HiiT 2

This combo will throw you off balance if you go too fast. She does this move on the floor in one of her other videos and sometimes it causes a pain that goes from my back down my leg.

If you want to keep up with Cathe (don’t we all?) then don’t lunge very deep and make sure your torso is vertical when you lunge. That usually helps.

Also, if you’re experiencing pain when you do a move then STOP and figure out what’s happening. The last thing you want to do is cause an injury that forces you to stop working out for a while to recover!

What Now?

Anyone can follow the steps in this premix and it’s challenging. She’s not on beat for many of the moves which I find annoying but you’ll get over it. She does a good stretch at the end. No excuses, don’t skip the stretch.

“When it starts to get easy, make it harder.” Cathe Friedrich

I love that quote! That’s how you get stronger, girls!!

If you’re looking for a good calorie burn in under an hour this is a phenomenal option.

Here’s where you can find this video:

Cathe Friedrichs’s website

Plyo Hiit One & Two on Amazon

Collage Video

✔And you can find Plyo HiiT One & Two and hundreds of other Cathe Friedrich workouts (all of them) with a membership to Cathe on Demand.

✔It’s how I access all of her programs.  If you love Cathe Friedrich then I suggest you check it out, too.  

For more details about Cathe Friedrich’s on demand program read, Everything You Need to Know About Cathe Live and Cathe on Demand + Live.

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