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An Honest Review of 645 (what you need to know)

March 8, 2022

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The 645 program is thirteen weeks of 45-minute workouts with Beachbody Supertrainer Amoila Cesar. Is this program for you? Is there an Explicit rating on the language in this program (like The Work with Amoila Cesar)? There are a few really important things home exercisers need to know about this program before they get started–this post will be your best guide to the insider’s information you need to know before you start.

What is 645?

Committment is the key ingredient to success.–Amoila Cesar, 645

The 645 program shows you how to properly train for total body peak conditioning to optimize your movement and physical health.

Who is Amoila Cesar?

Amoila Cesar isn’t a new Beachbody supertrainer. He’s also the instructor of The Work and it’s partner workout, The Prep.

If you’re familiar with The Work you’ll know it has an explicit rating for language. Thankfully, 645 doesn’t have an explicit rating and you won’t need to worry about Amoila dropping an ‘f-bomb’ just as your 4-year-old comes wandering into the room to ask you for a drink.

Amoila is charming and knowledgeable and spends most of every workout helping in one way or another. So, you won’t see him do a lot of the routines but his form pointers, encouragement and general exercise tips are spot on.

And, unlike some of the other Beachbody Supertrainers, he’s not going to get on your nerves by trying too hard to be funny or likeable.

645 Program Layout

The 645 program is 13-weeks of 45-minute workouts created for the intermediate to advanced home exerciser*.

*I’ll tell you in a bit if I agree with that categorization of the program.

the 645 program overview

There are 6 days of workouts every week and 4 stages/phases you progress through over the 13 weeks.

Inside the printable program materials you’ll find a workout calendar as well as dumbell tracker worksheets.

645 workout calendar

There’s a de-load week at the end of each phase to help you prepare for the next stage where you’ll do new moves with added intensity and volume.

And week 13 is your performance week, where you’ll celebrate all the progress you’ve made by hitting your peak performance.

deload and performance week locations of the 645 program

There are 4 days a week dedicated to building strength and power.

645 workout calendar showing 4 days a week of strength and power

And the other 2 days are for you to focus on mobility/stability and cardio.

Here’s what the change in intensity and volume looks like as you move through each stage.

645 workout calendar that shows the change in intensity and volume of each stage

The program materials also include a Spotify playlist you can use for the routines.

a list of some of the program materials in 645
Some of the program materials in 645

I recommend you watch the ‘Getting Started’, ‘Meet Amoila’, and the ‘Form Pointers’ videos before you start the workouts. Beachbody does a great job with these.

the getting started videos of 645

Equipment you’ll need for 645

You’ll need a range of light to heavy (for you) dumbbells*, a mat and a set of exercise loops to do all of the workouts in 645 exactly as they’re designed.

*As a female, I use 5-20 lb. dumbbells when I do the routines in 645. You won’t need dumbbells and a loop in every workout.

The exercise loops you’ll need are NOT the rubber type used in 80-Day Obsession (and many other workouts on the market) but are cloth bands that you’ll pull up to your thighs.

cloth exercise loops

So, can you use the rubber loops you already have or do you need to buy a set of cloth ones for 645?

That’s a great question!

You’ll need a set of cloth loops to do these workouts. The rubber loops won’t work nearly as well. I tried them. (They roll up into a rubber rope around your thighs. It’s not good. Invest in the cloth loops. They aren’t expensive.)

The good news is that you don’t need the cloth loops by Beachbody (Amoila calls them ‘power loops’) but can use any of the cloth loops they sell on Amazon or wherever you buy your exercise equipment.

Is there a nutrition plan with 645?

Like most of the new Beachbody programs you’ll get the 82-page quick start nutrition guide (there are some good recipes starting on page 43) that you can download but there’s not a customized nutrition program for 645.

quick start nutrition guide cover by Beachbody
table of contents from the quick start nutrition guide in Beachbody

How much space you’ll need for the 645 workouts…

You won’t need extra space to do any of the routines in 645, except for the Cardio 45 workouts. You’ll need an extra 5 feet in every direction to do some of those.

The team of exercisers in 645

You’ll see 4 exercisers plus Amoila in each workout.

There are 8 different athletes (3 men and 5 women) that are used in different combinations in each of the workouts.

There’s a range of skin colors, sizes and athletic ability among the cast but they all appear to fall between 20-30 years old.

There is always one exerciser in each workout who demonstrates the exercises at a more beginner level (the modifier).

Who is it for? Men? Women? Beginner?

The 645 program is ideal for the intermediate to advanced home exerciser (as Beachbody claims) and is for men or women.

BUT, if you’re a beginner then you can (and should) definitely try out these workouts if they look fun to you. (As I mentioned above, there’s a modifier in every workout so a beginner can follow that exerciser during each routine, if needed.)

How difficult are the moves/exercises/steps in 645?

The exercises are a notch up from the most basic moves you learn at the gym but you won’t need any elite coordination or acrobatic skills to pull them off.

There are a lot of compound and/or 2-part moves. But the program has been designed very well and you build up to the compound exercises over time.

There ARE several exercises where you swing a dumbbell. Those always seem ‘easy’ until 2 days later when my back locks up. So, beware of those. Start light. Check your form through every rep.

And just in case it matters to you…the only routines that have any high-impact exercises are in the Cardio 45 workouts.

How do you buy the 645 program?

You’ll have to sign up for a Beachbody on Demand membership (which is around $100/year) to access this program.

Beachbody no longer sells their workout programs outside of the on-demand subscription.

Best (and worst) things about 645…

I’m going to start with what I DIDN’T LIKE about this program, which is only one thing:

The pace–it’s veeerrryyy slow. So, strap on your patience because you’re gonna need it to get through the warm-up alone which is 8-15 minutes long in every workout (except Mobility).

After the warm-up the pace speeds up a LITTLE BIT but it still feels painfully slow in most of the routines. (This is NOT a reason to avoid these workouts. It’s probably a sign that some of us *ahem, me* need to slow down sometimes.)

There’s a lot I love about the 645 program:

Athletic total body conditioning–there’s no better way to get it done (IMO).

Total Body Tempo–this is my favorite set of routines in the program. I love the ‘primal’ moves and the focus on shoulders.

Exercise loops–there’s something about using exercise loops that I really like. Plus, they’re easy to store and affordable for anyone to add to their home gym.

Mobility/Stability–do NOT skip these routines! They’re not your typical stretch. You’ll be the most surprised with these workouts.

Amoila Cesar–what can I say, I love him. He’s authentic, relaxed, and loves what he’s doing. I love all the coaching, motivational talk and form pointers.

Is it worth the money to sign up for Beachbody on Demand so you can do 645?

Yes! 100%!

Plus, there’s a free trial period (14-30 days, depending on what promotion is running on Beachbody right now). During your trial you can test drive the workouts and decide if you want to keep the membership or cancel.

But honestly, if you don’t like 645, you’ll want to stick around and try one of the other Beachbody programs.

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  1. April says:

    Great article and very informative! I’m thinking about starting this due to some chronic pain and inflammation. It’s really hard to take a break from workouts such as insanity and The Work but I think my body needs it. Also, you’re right about a lot of the trainers getting on your nerves! Amoila and Sean T are by far the best trainers and not irritating at all!

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