My Review of The Dailey Method Online Membership for Home Exercisers

February 15, 2024

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I’ve posted 100’s of unbiased reviews of online workout memberships here at One Strong Southern Girl. We were really excited to give The Dailey Method a test drive and add it to our list. There’s a lot you need to know about The Dailey Method before you sign up so we’ll tell you exactly what we found out after immersing ourselves in this streaming workout library for the last several weeks.

I had the honor of talking to the founder of The Dailey Method, Jill Dailey on the podcast! Discover everything about this phenomenal total body low-impact toning program from Jill by listening to the full episode below!

And make sure and scroll to the bottom of the review for all the links mentioned in the episode.

Dailey Method online is how you can access streaming home workouts that follow the unique Dailey Method way of exercising. The founder describes The Method this way, “The Dailey Method combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, and muscle strengthening through yoga, pilates and orthopedic exercise.

The Dailey Method studios were started by Jill Dailey in 2000. The Dailey Method streaming library is your companion to the studios that have numbered as high as 60+ and are located in 4 countries. The good news is that you don’t need a membership to one of the physical studios to get your hands on these challenging routines. You can join Dailey Method online and do them all from home.

This post is everything you need to know about the Dailey Method online membership before you sign up (and our thoughts about the membership and workouts).

What makes The Dailey Method different than other barre workouts?

“The Dailey Method ignites awareness through hands-on training and education. Our intrinsic focus on alignment and strength results in better posture, better movement, and a better you.”

— Jill Dailey

Simply put, what makes these routines special are the focus on form and alignment (as well as their unique style of workouts).

I’ve been exercising at home for over 20 years and immediately recognize (and miss) good cueing in a workout. But the cueing in these routines is special.

With every workout, and every exercise within the routines, the instructor carefully guides you through how to perform each exercise correctly.

It’s a step up from any cueing I’d experienced before.

The Instructors in The Dailey Method

The online workouts are lead by any one of a variety of Dailey Method trained Master Teachers.

Jill Dailey founder of The Dailey Method
Jill Dailey, founder of The Dailey Method

I’ve loved all of the instructors but my favorite has been Jill Daily herself.

Her motivation style is like your favorite soft-spoken elementary school teacher is in the workout cheering for you.

Which is meant as a huge compliment and nice change of pace from many fitness trainers these days who show a more aggressive in-your-face style of motivation.

The Dailey Method Workout Library

There are over 150 workouts inside the online workout library.

You’ll find several different styles of routines to choose from including barre, fusion, interval, express spin workouts, stretching, post-natal, basics and meditation.

One of our favorite things about this library are the filters.

They’ve made it very easy to find the kind of workout you want to do.

We especially love the workout length filter.

a screen shot of The Dailey Method streaming library with an arrow pointing at the workout length filter

The option to join a live class is also included in your membership. There’s a tab in the main menu to help you get the information for the upcoming classes.

When you open the routine you want to play you’ll see a workout summary and description below some of the videos.

a screen shot that shows the workout description you'll see on screen when you open up a video

Equipment You’ll Need

More good news!

Equipment for these routines is optional. (Unless you’re doing a Cycle class, in which case you’ll need a stationery bike.)

You’ll only need a stool or piece of furniture about waist high to balance when you do some of the barre exercises but the rest of the equipment* you’ll see used is rare (and optional).

*The optional equipment used in The Dailey Method include an exercise loop, a pair of very light dumbbells (1-3 lbs.), a small pilates ball, and an exercise band.

Is there a nutrition plan with The Dailey Method?

No, there’s not a nutrition plan included with the Dailey Method online membership.

How much space will you need to do the workouts?

The routines inside the streaming workout library don’t take up a lot of space.

We tried out 15 different routines. None of them had moves that took up a lot of space.

If you can lunge in all directions safely, and lift your leg out behind or beside you if you’re holding on to a stool then you have enough room to do most of the workouts.

Team of exercisers in the routines

As I mentioned earlier, not every workout is taught by Jill Dailey. There are several different instructors to try out. (And I recommend you try out several of them.)

The workouts aren’t recorded with a big group of exercisers doing the routine.

You’ll see the instructor and up to 2 other exercisers in the studio doing the class with you.

I don’t normally like streaming workouts where the instructor doesn’t actually do the routine during class.

But in this case it’s different because the teacher uses a lot of the class time showing you how to do each exercise with perfect form.

She walks around the set and points out the form you should strive for on herself or one of the other exercisers.

My favorite routines in Dailey Method

My favorite workouts were inside the Dailey Fusion and Dailey Barre routine categories.

Is it hard? Who is it for? Men? Women?

These workouts are for every level of exerciser and every gender (although I think this style of exercise is most often enjoyed by women).

I love that the routines are gentle (low-impact) but challenging. I have to admit, these workouts challenged me far more than I expected them to.

There’s no choreography to learn in the workouts but the exercises will occasionally test your balance and coordination.

Most of the routines are already challenging enough, but if you want to make them easier that’s easy to do without losing any reps or getting confused. (The instructor usually mentions the ways you can modify the exercises.)

I do think this workout library is ideal for the beginner and older home exerciser who’s looking for functional fitness exercises.

How much does Dailey Method cost?

The online membership is only $39.99/month and includes a 14-day free trial (as of the time I’m writing this).

Best thing about the workouts and membership

There’s a lot of goodness in this online streaming workout membership. Here are a few things I love:

  • There are tons of challenging, low-impact workouts to choose from
  • The website is clean and very user-friendly
  • Everyone should be doing functional fitness workouts–and these are a great place to find them.
  • The exercises are similar to moves you’ve seen before but still original and never intimidating.

What would make it even better

Every streaming workout service has something they could do to make the experience even better. Here’s a list for Dailey Method:

  • The app is only for physical studio members. This isn’t a gamechanger but you’ll need to log in to your membership from a search browser like Google to stream your workouts. I’d love to see an app come out for the Dailey Method online library members.
  • In a few of the workouts the music was a tad too loud. I had a hard time hearing the instructor.
  • Currently you can’t download the routines. This isn’t a big deal for most people but if you don’t have good internet at your house then you’ll need to know this before you sign up.

My recommendation

If you can reliably stream video at your house, then try out The Dailey Method online subscription.

The Method is unique in a really good way. The exercises flow well together and odds are you’ll see moves you’ve never done before.

The 14-day free trial period is plenty of time to find out exactly where these routines fit into your workout calendar.

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