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If you’ve watched the P90X3 infomercial then you know this series is for men and women. And just in case you missed it, here’s a short clip: Girls, you must lift something heavier than your running shoes to sculpt your body.  It’s just a fact. We all love cardio because we’re laser-focused on shedding calories. […]

A Review of P90X3 Eccentric Upper (an incredible upper body workout for women, too)

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“What goes up must come down.  And in sports it’s the coming down where you mostly get injured.  Decelerator turns explosive training on its head not only by going up but also focusing on the coming down—working on those stabilizers, joints, connective tissue, and balance by sticking that landing every single time.  (Decelerator) is all […]

A P90X3 Review of Decelerator

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I vividly remember saying this to my best friend during high school:  “Spring break is next week.  I have 7 days to get a 6-pack…” And believe it or not, I was talking about the stomach I wanted, not an alcoholic beverage. I really thought if I did enough crunches in a week (while continuing […]

P90X3 Ab Ripper, P90X2, and P90X (A Comparison of all 3 Ab Ripper Workouts)


There are 16 exercises inside the P90X3 Total Synergistics workout. There’s some stuff you need to know about this workout before you try it (it’s not for everyone). Keep reading and I’ll tell you what that is. Here’s what Tony Horton has to say about this workout: “Total Synergistics is a Melting Pot of resistance […]

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