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The Best On-Demand Streaming Workout Services (for women who workout at home)

September 5, 2023

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If you’re a woman who exercises at home this is a must-read article. I’ve curated our top 10 on-demand streaming workout service recommendations for the year (aka-exercise on demand programs). This is a list of the 10 best exercise programs you can stream into your house that I think are well worth the investment.

My favorite thing about this list is that it includes a wide variety of workout styles and something for every budget. Every platform has something different to offer. So, there’s something here for every level of home exerciser.

Let’s get started!

*The list is not in order of preference. I’ve included the cost of each service but prices change and these companies often run promotions so make sure you confirm the price before you sign up.

Les Mills Plus (previously Les Mills on Demand)

If music is an important part of your workout routine then you’ll want to check out this streaming workout service.

Every workout inside the Les Mills on demand library is a pro production with awesome music and perfectly choreographed workouts.

There are routines for every exercise level and workout personality including strength training (Body Pump), sports conditioning (Body Attack), martial arts (Body Combat), HiiT workouts (Grit), aerobic step (Body Step), yoga (Body Flow), core workouts (CX Work), cycling/spin routines (Sprint, The Trip, RPM), dance (Sh’Bam, Les Mills Dance) and barre.

We’re obsessed with the Les Mills on Demand library of workouts over here at One Strong Southern Girl. If fun is an important part of your workout then you’ll want to try them out.

The current investment to sign up is $14.99 after a 10-day free trial period.

Learn more about Les Mills on Demand by clicking here.

Or click here to sign up.

Beachbody on Demand (BODi)

If you’ve been exercising at home for a while then you’ve heard of Beachbody on Demand (BOD). But if you haven’t checked them out recently then you’ll want to circle back around and see what they’ve been doing.

I love this exercise on demand service (and continue to recommend them) because they constantly update their platform to make the experience even better for the user.

And if you’ve wanted to try any of the latest workout programs published by Beachbody then you’ve discovered you can only access them by signing up for the BOD service anyway, so maybe it’s time.

There are workout programs for every workout taste and level of home exerciser inside their library including #mbf, Morning Meltdown 100, Liift 4, Barre Blend, 80 Day Obsession, Transform 20, and SO MANY MORE.

We love that BOD is a great streaming service for couples because there are workouts inside the library that are ideal for men and women.

The current investment to sign up for Beachbody on Demand is $99/year, $59/6 months, or $38.87/quarter after a 14-30 day free trial period (depending on what promotion they’re running when you sign up).

Learn more about Beachbody on Demand by clicking here.

Click here to go ahead and sign up for BODi

Cathe on Demand

Cathe Friedrich has been cranking out home workout routines for over 20 years. Cathe’s specialty is that most of her exercise programs are for the advanced home exerciser.

She still publishes new programs on physical DVD’s but now you can get your hands on every single workout she’s ever created (1000’s of routines) with her On Demand service.

We love that her routines are timeless and that Cathe is the instructor for every single workout.

Her workout library includes routines for strength training, aerobic step workouts and kickboxing (as well as some yoga, barre and stand-alone core routines).

The current investment to sign up for Cathe on Demand is $9.97/month or $19.97 a month (this one includes her LIVE workout library, too, and is the one we recommend) after a 7-day free trial period.

Click here to learn more about Cathe on Demand.

Or click here to sign up for Cathe on Demand.

Daily Burn

With a Daily Burn membership you might not recognize all the instructors (with the exception of Bob Harper) but that’s kind of the beauty of it.  Daily Burn has a ton of certified trainers that have different styles and talents.

We love the group workouts and the cardio kickboxing routines.

And we’re also impressed with the Daily Burn app. They’ve done a great job setting up the filters so you can drill down to find the exact workout you’re looking for on any given day.

The workout library includes cardio, strength training, yoga, barre, kickboxing, Pilates, HiiT and pre/postnatal workouts of varying lengths and difficulty levels.

I think this service is perfect for any level of home exerciser.

The investment for a Daily Burn membership (after a 30-day free trial period) is $14.95/month (basic membership) or $19.95/month for premium (includes past workouts and audio workouts).

Click here to learn more about Daily Burn.

Or click here to sign up for Daily Burn.

Alo Moves

Alo Moves is a streaming home workout service created by the Alo brand (a well-known brand of yoga apparel).

With your membership to Alo Moves you get access to unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation classes lead by their pro instructors.

While Alo Moves specializes in yoga and barre workouts, the thing we love about this service is that their workout library includes cardio and strength training routines, too.

This membership is ideal for anyone who needs to double down on their flexibility work and who loves yoga and barre. (Let’s face it, we all need more flexibility training in our workout calendar so we recommend this service every single day.)

The investment to get started with Alo Moves is $20/month or $199/year after a 14-day free trial period.

Click here to learn more about Alo Moves.

Or click here to go ahead and sign up for the service.


Aaptiv is a bit of an outlier on our list because it’s an audio fitness app. So, you don’t watch an instructor with this service–you listen.

We LOVE this service.

I strongly encourage you to try Aaptiv if you use a treadmill or run/walk outside. They also have Hiit, strength training, stretching and various other workout styles but this service is a MUST HAVE if you run or walk regularly.

It’s hard to explain why this app is a gamechanger but trust me on this. Having incredible music and a personal trainer in your ear encouraging you with form pointers and exactly what to do is awesome.

The service is for every level of exerciser and runner.

Please try this service out. There are several audio fitness apps on the market but Aaptiv is our favorite.

The investment for Aaptiv is $14.99/month or $99.99/year after a 30-day free trial period.

Click here to learn more about Aaptiv.

Or click here to sign up

Open Fit

Open Fit is a membership that specializes in live workouts but also has a library of 100’s of cardio, barre, Pilates and yoga routines.

The workout library has something for every level of exerciser but our favorite workouts in Open Fit (and the reason we recommend it) is for the barre routines with Andrea Rogers.

UPDATE: The Open Fit library has merged with BODi. You’ll get them both with a membership to BODi.

Tracy Anderson Online Studio

I loved test driving the Tracy Anderson Online Studio.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with her, Tracy Anderson is a fitness instructor who developed a unique workout method that’s launched her into a Hollywood fitness instructor and mega fitness brand.

Her ‘method’ of exercise was a mystery to us until we tried out her service. We were pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it.

The method is aimed at targeting and strengthening the small, accessory muscles to achieve a long and lean body (a ‘dancer’s body’).

The workouts focus on repetitive movements, lots of reps, and light weights – the whole point is to fatigue your muscles.

I’d describe the main workouts she posts inside the online studio as a blend of Pilates and barre style. (And there’s a separate category of dance routines inside the workout library as well.)

The investment for Tracy Anderson’s Online Studio is $90/month or $808.50/year after the 14-day free trial period. (A hearty investment, in our opinion, but worth it if you love it. We recommend you read our full review of the program before you sign up.)

Click here to read our full review of the membership before you sign up.

Or click here to go ahead and sign up for the service.

Body Groove on Demand

Body Groove is one of my favorite workouts to introduce to women because it’s so different.

The workout routines are creative dance style and are ideal for the beginner and/or anyone looking for a low-impact fun program to add to their calendar.

There’s just something about these workouts (and Misty Tripoli, the instructor) that relax you and make your day just a bit better.

The workouts have been around on DVD for several years but are now all included in the Body Groove on Demand library.

These workouts aren’t for everyone but the right person will absolutely love them.

We love the fact that even though they’re dance routines, the choreography is simple and there’s zero pressure to do it like the instructor. It’s all about finding your own way.

The investment for Body Groove on Demand is $9.99/month or $59/year after a 30-day free trial period.

Click here to read our full review of Body Groove.

Or click here to sign up for the service.

Studio Sweat on Demand

It was hard to pick just 10 streaming workout services that we love but Studio Sweat on Demand made the cut.

This streaming workout service is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a way to do spin classes at home but they also have TRX, kettlebell, yoga, Pilates, HiiT, stretching and dance workouts.

The investment for Studio Sweat on Demand is $19.88/month, $29/3 months, $69/6 months, or $99/year after a 7-day free trial period. This company runs promotions regularly so make sure you check their current pricing before you sign up.

Click here to learn more about Studio Sweat on Demand.

MOSSA on Demand

*This one is not mentioned on the podcast episode

We interviewed the VP of Training and Programming at MOSSA on our podcast (and then tried the exercise on demand service( and were blown away with everything about them.

They’ve been around for a long time and are pros at creating a challenging workout program with incredible music.

They have 11 different workout programs inside their on-demand library and are ideal for any level of exerciser.

If you love Les Mills on demand but wouldn’t mind trying something a little less intense then MOSSA is for you!

The investment for MOSSA on Demand is $9.99 a month and has a 14-day free trial period.

Click here to learn more about MOSSA on Demand (and to check out the generous offer extended to the One Strong Southern Girl community from MOSSA)

Obé Fitness

*This one is not included on the podcast episode.

If you’ve seen Obé on social media then the big neon boxes where they feature all of their workouts will probably come to mind. It’s their signature gym and (lets face it), it’s cool.

But while they might get your attention with their unforgettable gym it’s the Obé Fitness workout library that you should really pay attention to.

Obé Fitness is a streaming workout service with a massive library of routines for you to choose from (that grows every day).

There are over 5,000 classes in their on-demand collection and if you prefer live workouts then you have over 20 chances to join a class every day.

There are workouts in (almost) every category you’d want including barre, yoga, dance, HiiT, sculpting and even bounce workouts (on a mini trampoline).

The investment for Obé Fitness is $27 a month, $65 a quarter or $199 for a year after a 7-day free trial period.

Click here to learn more about Obé Fitness.

Body FX

We couldn’t resist adding one more to our list!*
*This one wasn’t included on the podcast episode.

Body FX is a complete home workout program that includes a library of streaming workouts and workout calendars, ‘e-coaching’ (delivered to you via emails), membership to a private Facebook community with other Body FX members and detailed nutritional guides with meal plans.

But the workouts aren’t for everyone.

Most of the workouts are based on the Figure 8 method, a workout style created by the instructor, Jaana Kunitz, on Latin dance competition moves.

So, you’ll be doing the Merengue, Samba, Salsa, Jive, Paso Doble and Rumba. These are fun routines for any level of exerciser but not everyone will love this streaming workout program.

The investment for Body FX is $11.99/month or $108/year after a 30-day free trial period.

You’ll definitely want to read our full review of Body FX before you sign up. Click here to do that.

The Dailey Method

One more option…it’s a really good one!

The Dailey Method workouts are unlike any workout you’ve done before. They’re a unique spin on barre that are intense and challenging and ideal for the beginner to advanced home exerciser.

If you’re brand new to exercise and looking for low impact routine for toning and shaping then The Dailey Method’s online library will be perfect for you.

And if you’re an advanced exerciser who needs a more gentle routine to do in between days of heavy weight work and HiiT workouts then The Dailey Method is ideal (this is how we’ve been using it).

The investment for The Dailey Method is $20 a month after a 14-day free trial period.

Check out our full review of the program (and interview with the creator of The Dailey Method, Jill Dailey)

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