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A Review of Insanity Max:30 Max Out Sweat

June 23, 2016

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You should celebrate every time you complete this workout.

Like every workout in the Insanity Max:30 series, Max Out Sweat is hard (maybe the hardest program you’ve done in a long time). In fact, if you haven’t done any exercise in months you’ll be thinking, ‘WTF is happening?’ before the warm-up is over.

Don’t give up.  You’ll feel incredible every time you complete a Max:30 routine:

Let me explain exactly what to expect in Max Out Sweat…

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Shaun T looking at the camera from one of the Insanity Max:30 routines

Instructor-Shaun T



Length-32 minutes

HRM-313 calories


My rating- A

Some Important Stuff about Max Out Sweat

The format of Insanity Max:30 Max Out Sweat is just like Max Out CardioYou do 4 rounds of 3 exercises for 30 seconds each.  Then you repeat all 3 exercises 2 more times through.  You finish each round by doing a Power Move for 1 minute.

The warm-up follows the same pattern as the main workout.

You get a water break after each round (and after the warm-up) but it’s quick (of course).  Have 2 waters close by.

Of the four rounds, I think Round 3 is the hardest but you decide which one challenges you the most.

Read to the end for information about every section (in this workout) as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for this video 🙂


You’ll do 3 exercises 3 times each and then you have a Power Move for one minute.  The exercises:

Low Switch Kick Punch

Hop Hop Knee

1-2-3 Clap Under Knee

Power Move (1 minute)-Speed In & Out Abs

25 Minutes left!


Main Workout (The Exercises in Max Out Sweat)


Remember you’ll do 3 exercises for about 30 seconds each.  You repeat the exercises in a row three times and then do the Power Move.  The exercises:

Plyo Hook Lunge

Wide In & Out/Knee Tap (you’re in high plank for these)

Switch Kick Punch

Power Move (1 minute)-Hit the Floor/Tuck Jump

This power move is really hard.  You’ll have to slow down but try not to stop.

18 minutes left!



You know the pattern now.  Here are your exercises:

Ab Attack R (set one)/L (set two)/15 sec right and 15 sec left on the 3rd set

Burpee Punch R (set one)/L (set two)/15 sec right and 15 sec left on the 3rd set

Knee Switch Kick R (set one)/L (set two)/15 sec right and 15 sec left on the 3rd set

Power Move (1 minute)-4 jabs/4 high knee jog with jacks*

This is my favorite* Power Move in Max Out Sweat.


Get ready for the hardest round.  You got this!

Only 13 minutes left (before the cool down).


You stay on the floor in plank for two exercises in a row (the 3rd and 1st).  I think that’s what makes this round the hardest. 

The exercises:

Wide Fly with In & Out Abs (notice that the arm goes out when the legs shoot out, for some reason I always do it opposite the first few reps)

Free Runner R (set one)/L (set two)/15 sec right and 15 sec left on the 3rd set

Moving Push Ups

Power Move (1 minute)-360 Hop Squat

Try to keep your butt out and your chest up for the Power Move.


You.  Are. So. Close.

Only 6 ½  minutes until the cool down.  One round left.


Slalom (try to keep your knees and ankles glued together)

Plank Jack Tap (this is another exercise that requires coordination—tap the shoulder when you open your legs, not when you close them)

Scissor X (guess what, you have to jump! I know that makes you sad at this point but you’re almost done)

Last Power Move (1 minute)-Tuck Jump Dive Bomb Push-Up

Last Exercise-30 seconds of Floor Sprints

Cool Down/Stretch

Do. Not. Skip. This.  It’s only 2 ½ minutes and you need it.  Keep stretching on your own if anything is threatening to lock up.

Now What?

If you’ve read my blog before then you know I love Insanity Max:30.  Buy this.  There are no ‘filler’ videos in this series that you’ll never use (that happens with some Beachbody programs).  Every routine will kick your ass just like Max Out Sweat.

You can find Max Out Sweat in the Insanity Max:30 program by Beachbody on Amazon.

Another way to get this program is in a membership to Beachbody on Demand.  (I encourage you to try this service for the FREE TRIAL period!  It’s awesome.)

Learn more about the Beachbody on Demand membership.

Thanks for reading!

Have an amazing day!


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