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A Review of Insanity The Asylum Strength (with Bands)

February 5, 2016

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This is your step by step guide and review of everything you need to know about Insanity the Asylum Strength (with Bands) before you try it. (Everything I wish I’d known before I hit play the first time.)

*Insanity The Asylum Strength and Strength with Bands are the same workout.  The Strength with Bands option shows you how to modify the workout using a band if you don’t have dumbbells.

The best part of Insanity The Asylum>>> Shaun T’s abs.

They seem impossible–like an anatomical drawing.  I can’t stop staring at them.

Back to the reason you’re here…

This is a reminder of what the Insanity The Asylum series looks like:

This post is a review of the Strength (with bands) routine in the Asylum series.

Keep reading to find out exactly what you’ll need and what exercises you’ll see in this Insanity Asylum workout…

This post may contain Amazon (or other) affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. You can get more information about that here.

Instructor-Shaun T


You’ll get a moderate cardio workout, too.


exercise bands of varying resistance (with handles) OR dumbbells (I use 8, 10, 12, and 15 lb. dumbbells)


Length-50 minutes

HRM-350 calories


Remember my choreography rating is an assessment of the complexity of the choreography in the workout–not the intensity.  Make no mistake this is an advanced workout, but the moves aren’t difficult.

My rating– A

TIP-Ladies, if you’re looking to add a few weights to your collection then check out my favorite colored dumbbells

The Important Stuff about Insanity The Asylum Strength (With Bands)

Shaun T never says what weights he’s using for the exercises in this routine. I’ll tell you (in this post) what weights I use so you’ll have a good starting place.

The only difference between the Insanity The Asylum, Strength with Bands and Insanity The Asylum, Strength is the addition of a split screen showing the same exercise using the band.

Hello countdown clock! Love those!

I’m putting this workout in the strength category but your heart rate will be high because of the pace. (It’s a good thing.)  You’ll burn more calories, but watch your form.

If you have dumbbells I’d recommend that you use those for this workout. Bands are hard to use with the right form.  I have at least 8 bands and always have to juggle which one to use for each exercise because it’s never the same band for all of them.  It’s super annoying. 

If you’re traveling and want to take this workout with you and pack a few bands in your luggage, Bravo!  You’re awesome!  That’s the only time I’d recommend using bands (if you have a choice).

Read to the end for tips on every interval in Asylum Strength as well as links to a few places you can find The Asylum to compare prices.


The warm-up is done at your own pace.  The sections after it are done as a group.

The warm-up follows the same template as the original Insanity program.  As soon as the video begins you jump into the workout.  You do five different exercises for one minute and then repeat them at a faster pace.

Halo Dead Lifts are first. 

There’s a split screen showing you how to use bands to do this but it’s much easier to do it with a weight (I don’t like band exercises where you hold both handles together.  I usually fight with the band the whole time to find a comfortable spot in my hands.)  I use a 15 lb weight.

Next is what Shaun T calls a Skull Crusher

Again, if you’re watching the band version of this workout he’ll show you how to do the move.  I use a 15 lb. weight.

Knee Drive Curl is next. 

I stick with my 15.

Then Lateral Squat Row (still 15 lb weight) and then the last move is Shoulder Tap Push-Ups.  I usually do about 20.

Like I already said, now you repeat all of those moves.  This Is Where It Counts!

Stretch/Water Break

Now you get a nice stretch for your warm muscles.

Believe it or not there’s only about 30 minutes left in the workout at this point.  You got this!

Main Workout (The Exercises in Insanity The Asylum Strength)


*The rest of the Asylum Strength routine is done as a group.

I prefer this style to setting my own pace.  I tend to push myself harder to keep up with everyone else.

A. Squat Curl into a Push Up

I use 15’s on the first set and 12’s when we repeat it the next two times.

B. Alternating Shoulder Press.

I use 10’s on both sets.

C. Rotational Jump with Weight

Grab an 8 or 10 lb dumbbell.  I use a 10 when I do it. 

Remember you’re jumping with a weight.  Keep your core tight. 

Believe it or not I hit myself right in the face with the weight one time when I was doing this one.  Sad but true.  Be careful.

Now he repeats A, B, & C. 

On this second time through he does a variation on each of the moves. 

When he adds a curl to the rotational jump don’t get excited and grab a heavier weight.  Your legs will hate you for that.  And you’re still jumping with a weight.  Stay safe.

On the third (and last time) through these three exercises you’ll be hurting.  You’ll be feeling all those push-ups by now.  The rotational jump he does this time is fun.  Your legs are on fire at this point.


Hip Fly

I always use 8’s.  There are 12.

Wide Fly

Grab your 10’s or 12’s. 

Shaun T also demonstrates an alternate move for this using a pull-up bar (or the band).

Repeat the Hip Fly (another set of 12)

Pyramid Row Push-Ups

Again, he demonstrates an alternate move with the pull-up bar or band.

I use 10’s for this one.

Repeat one more set of the Hip Fly (I stick with my 8’s for every set)

Elbow Plank Row

You’ll be so happy this isn’t an exercise with a push-up until you actually do it.


Shaun T says he’s going to move on to the chest at this point.  And you’ll be thinking, What the hell were all those push-ups for? 

Have your mat ready unless you’re on carpet.

Chest Fly with abs

Get on your back and do a chest fly with an ab move.

I always use 15’s.

Squatted fly

This is basically a jumping jack with wide arms.

Chest Fly with abs

Now get back on your back with your 15’s and do a chest fly again with a variation on the ab move.

Stand back up and do Back Fly Lunges.

This is a nice low-impact move so you can catch your breath before the last set of chest flies.

Chest Press with abs (last set of chest/abs)

Get back on the floor and do a chest fly (I keep my 15’s for all of these) with your legs extended. Try to keep your lower back on the floor.  These are hard.  My neck gets sore.

Frog Jump with a Single-Leg Plank

This is the last move and are much harder than you think.


You did it! You’re a rock star!

Now What?

I really love The Asylum Strength workout.  You get a pretty thorough upper-body strength workout AND a nice cardio workout at the same time.  That’s what makes Asylum Strength an efficient routine.  Some days I just want to lift weights without the cardio but usually I prefer to get both.

The moves are fun and creative while not being forced or unsafe.  A bonus: Anyone can easily modify this workout to their own personal fitness level.

You can find the whole Insanity The Asylum series by Beachbody on Amazon*, and in the library of workouts of a Beachbody on Demand subscription.

*UPDATEYou can’t buy The Asylum on Amazon anymore. You’ll need a membership to Beachbody on Demand to try these fun workouts. (It’s worth signing up to try out Shaun T’s programs!)

Learn more about Beachbody on Demand (BOD) here.  I use BOD to access  all of the Beachbody programs.  (There’s a free trial period!)

Thanks for reading!


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