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9-Week Control Freak is a 9-week home workout and nutrition program by Beachbody. All of the workouts are lead by Beachbody ‘Supertrainer’ Autumn Calabrese (of 90-Day Obsession and 21-Day Fix and all of their spin-offs). The workout calendar includes 5 days of workouts a week (2 rest days) with 3 phases that increase in difficulty […]

9-Week Control Freak: A Review (the stuff you need to know before you try it)

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If you’re new to Cathe Friedrich (Welcome! *high five*) and you’re trying to decide if her exercise programs are for you then let me tell you this—YES, yes they are!  (And Fit Split is a great place to get started but you’ll want to read this entire post before you purchase it.) In 3 words […]

Fit Split with Cathe Friedrich (A review and guide of this total body workout for women)

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

What are Cathe Friedrich’s Fit Tower Workouts?  (Barre routines? Yoga? Or Pilates?) Stay tuned and I’ll give you all the information you need before you buy/try this program. “The Fit Tower workouts include elements of yoga, ballet, Pilates and traditional strength exercises that will keep you both challenged and engaged as you advance through the […]

A Comprehensive Review of the Fit Tower Barre Workout Series by Cathe Friedrich


So, what’s the Transform 20 program all about? Who’s it for? Do you have to have an aerobic step to do the workouts? Are all the routines just cardio? I’ve done every workout in the 6-week, 42-day program so stay with me and get the answers to all those questions (and more). This topic was […]

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