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If you woke up today and thought, I’m a complete badass.  Bring it on, Cathe Friedrich.  Then I recommend you try Lower Body Blast. Here’s what it looks like: On the other hand, if you woke up feeling more like, Eh, exercise schmexercise.  My ass never shrinks anyways.  Maybe I’ll try one of those power nap […]

How to Conquer Lower Body Blast Like a Boss (A Review)

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The best glute exercises for women are in this workout! Learn everything you need to know BEFORE you try it right here. Butts & Guts is a tough workout.  But, hey, getting a nice ass is hard work. Try Butts & Guts because it’s hard.  You can do it. Here’s what it looks like: And […]

A Review of Butts and Guts by Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

If  you’re just getting started with adding dumbbells to your fitness routine, or if you’ve been doing Cathe Friedrich’s Strong and Sweaty routines (and need a little break from heavy lifting) then Chiseled Upper Body is a great place to be. Do you have to have dumbbells to do Chiseled Upper Body from Cathe Friedrich’s […]

A Review of ICE Chiseled Upper Body by Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

It kinda sucks how it’s always either almost time to wear a bathing suit or already time to wear a bathing suit. (Except for maybe a couple of months in the Fall when you’re allowed to blissfully forget bathing suits exist.) The Super Cuts workout with Cathe Friedrich will leave your body sculpted and beautiful—and […]

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