Workout Motivation–Here’s How You Find It (And Hang on to It)

August 30, 2023

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Learn seven actionable steps you can take to find (and hang on to) your workout motivation.

This was a topic featured on the Crunches and Cosmos podcast. You can listen to the episode here:

Create Your Exercise Space

Make it Empowering (clean, organized and decorated)…it cannot be a drag to walk into your workout space.  If you exercise at home and every time you workout you want to stop and vacuum the room you’re in then you understand why this is important.

And if your gym isn’t a spotless venue that gives you a warm and fuzzy then you might be at the wrong gym.  Make sure you’re workout space makes you happy.

Help Someone Else

There’s just something about encouraging someone else to be strong and healthy that’ll make you want to be the same way

Announce Your Intentions

Yep, I said it.  Put it on Facebook, Instagram or in a text message.  Accountability!  This isn’t an announcement about a new diet.  This is strictly about your healthy lifestyle goals.

Find Your Tribe

Not that the girls who get you drunk every weekend aren’t amazing, but you need to find another group of girls that are in shape and make exercise a top priority in their lives.  You might think that won’t affect you but it does.  Think about who your kids hand around with…

Invest in It

It’s ok to spend money on this.  Do not feel guilty about buying some home exercise equipment, joining a gym or getting a bunch of workout clothes.  It helps keep you motivated.  New shoes!! STAT!

Change things Up Regularly!!

Your fitness routine can’t be like my grandma’s weekend schedule (my grandmother followed the same routine every Sunday for most of her adult life)… Bless her!

Your fitness routine has to be interesting and unique…the same time every day is ok but you must mix up your tools, styles, venues and exercises sometimes.

Ask Other People how they do it!

Find someone else who’s crushing it with their workout routine and ask them how they stay motivated!  People love to share their success stories and tactics.

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