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A Review of Cathe’s Xtrain (Tabatacise)

July 21, 2019

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What is tabata training?

20 seconds of (cardio) work followed by 10 seconds of rest

Tabata routines are fun and burn a ton of calories.

This tabata workout is one of my favorites because all you need is an aerobic step (with 2 risers on each side) and the moves are simple (but very intense).

Everyone should try this routine.

There’s a lot of jumping (sorry) but hey, you can do anything for 20 seconds, right?

Here’s a peek at Tabatacise:

The entire program is less than an hour long.  Let me tell you what to expect…

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Instructor-Cathe Friedrich


EquipmentAerobic Step with 2 risers (per side)

Length-44 minutes

HRM-350 calories


My rating– A

✔ Pro Tip: This guide will be helpful if you’re in the market for an aerobic step: Your Expert Guide to Buying and Using an Aerobic Step

The Important Stuff about Tabatacise

This post is a review of the main workout on Tabatacise (Level 5).  You can choose any of the lower levels in the main workout.  The number represents the number of tabata cycles.  Level 5 has all of the cycles.

Remember tabata programs are 20 seconds of cardio work followed by a 10 second rest.

This video, Tabatacise, has 10 premix workouts, as well.  Some of the premix workouts have a core section (Bonus!)

The pattern for this program is: 4 exercises done for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds of recovery, then repeat.  After you repeat each exercise there’s a short cool down followed by a step interval that Cathe calls the Recovery Period.

Each tabata cycle has at least one high-impact/explosive move.

You only use the aerobic step during the recovery intervals.

During the tabata exercises there’s a countdown clock that will help you.

Remember to read to the end of this post for helpful advice about each section as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on this video 🙂


There’s a short warm-up.  You don’t need any equipment for this part.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Tabatacise)

Tabata Cycle One

Exercise 1-Plié Jacks (20 seconds)

Rest 10 seconds

Exercise 2-Forward/Back Jump with a ¼ turn to right (20 seconds)

Rest 10 seconds

Exercise 3-Three Jumping Jacks with a Tuck (20 seconds)

Rest 10 seconds

Exercise 4-Forward/Back Jump with ¼ turn to left (20 seconds)

Rest 10 seconds

REPEAT all four moves using the same Tabata pattern.

Rest (about 30 seconds)

Recovery Period-Power 15’s on your step (with 2 risers), 2 sets per leg

Cool Down (about 30 seconds)

Tabata Cycle Two

Now you know the pattern—20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Exercise 1-Squat digs with Lateral jumps

Exercise 2-Air Jacks (she tells you to work at your own pace but I always do it with the team, they do 17 reps)

Exercise 3-Spring Shooters on left (16 reps)

Exercise 4-Spring Shooter on Right (16 reps)

REPEAT all four moves using the same pattern (remember you get that 10 second rest in between every drill).

Recovery Period-Corner knee up (on the step)/step back touch, 8 reps per side, 2 sets.

Cool Down (for a few seconds)

Tabata Cycle Three

Exercise 1-Lateral slide under an imaginary rope with a tuck jump (8 reps)

Exercise 2-Alternating power scissors

Exercise 3-Vertical Air Jumps (24 reps)

Exercise 4-Lateral hops in 4’s

REPEAT all 4 exercises using the same pattern

Recovery Period-Ricochet over the step with jumping jacks, 6 per side, 2 sets

Cool Down

Tabata Cycle Four

Exercise 1-Ice Breakers (24 reps)

Exercise 2-Scissor/scissor Tuck Jump (6 reps)

Exercise 3-180 Power Turning Lunges (these are off beat)

Exercise 4-3 Forward Jumps with a ½ turn

REPEAT all 4 exercises using the tabata pattern

Recovery Period-Swims (lateral lunges) over the narrow part of your step

Cool Down

Tabata Cycle Five

I think this is the hardest grouping, the first and last exercises are tough

Exercise 1-Pop Squats (24 reps)

Exercise 2-Apple-picker Lateral Jumps (16 reps)

Exercise 3-High Knee Jog

Exercise 4-Plié Jacks with forward bends (24 reps)


Recovery Period-Lunges across the long part of your step.

Cool Down/Stretch

There’s a really nice cool down/stretch segment that’s about 5 minutes in length.  Make sure you do this.

Now What?

I love tabata training.  You burn a ton of calories and it’s fun.

I like Tabatacise because there’s very little equipment (just that step with 2 risers) and a few of the premixes have strength-training incorporated where you can get sculpting, too. 

Anyone can do this workout because there are so many levels and the choreography is simple.

You can find Xtrain Tabatacise on:

Cathe’s website

Collage Video


And remember you can get access to all of the Cathe Friedrich videos (and online live workouts) by getting a subscription to her Cathe On Demand service.  It’s worth the money!

You can read more about that membership in this post, How to Sign up for Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live.

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