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An Honest Review of the home workout program, Morning Meltdown 100 (MM100)

November 11, 2019

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What’s MM100?

Morning Meltdown 100 is a home workout program by Beachbody and stars one of the coolest girls you’ll never know (but will wish you did), Jericho McMatthews.

Jericho from Core De Force
Jericho is a badass

Here’s what the program looks like…

 Before we go any further let me tell you that you can’t buy the Morning Meltdown 100 program by itself.

For now, Beachbody has stopped offering their new programs as stand-alone videos/workouts that you can buy.

To get your hands on any new program by Beachbody you’ll have to sign up for a membership to Beachbody on Demand (BOD).

But it’s worth it. There’s a FREE trial period for you to test drive the workouts inside their exercise on demand service.

This content was also featured on an episode of the Crunches and Cosmos Podcast. You can listen in right here:

Ok, let’s move on to the details of Morning Meltdown 100…

The Facts (and some opinions) about Morning Meltdown 100

There are 3 things I love about MM100..

The title…

Morning Meltdown 100

Whoever came up with the title for this series is so smart. When you hear the phrase ‘melt’ you envision the fat sliding right off your body. Sign me up!

The tagline…

The most extensive workout program Beachbody has ever created.’

If you’re familiar with BB at all then you know they’ve produced a truck load of workout videos. To hear them declare MM100 is the most extensive program ever created got my attention.

The goal…

Jericho says that the goal of the program is to create an ‘athletic body‘.

YES! That’s my favorite body adjective these days–athletic. It’s subjective enough that every woman should feel that it’s doable. Because an athletic body is strong and healthy and has nothing to do with the number on a scale.

And now the facts you need to know about MM 100

As I said earlier, you have to have a membership to Beachbody on Demand to do the workouts in MM 100.

There are 100 workouts for 100 days.

There are 5 categories of workouts (and 10 different workout titles). The categories are: cardio, strength, core, total body and recovery.

The 10 titles are: Cardio Meltdown, Upbeat Strength, Core Inferno, Total Body Badass, Freestyle Flow, LIT Cardio, Downbeat Strength, Fight Club, MeltCon and Re-Vibe.

There are 5 phases of 20 workouts. You increase intensity as you climb the phases.

This calendar will make things more clear…(this is the calendar I recommend you print out and use as your guide).

MM 100 workout calendar
Morning Meltdown 100 Workout Calendar (100 Days with Doubles and Rest Days)

The exercises used in MM100 are creative, fun and not forced. (I’ve noticed that sometimes new workout programs try too hard to create new moves and end up with weird combinations of exercises that feel forced together.)

The exercises will test your balance and coordination and will help you build strength and cardio endurance.

All of the workouts are 20-30 minutes long.

The only equipment you’ll need to do all of the workouts as they’re designed is a mat and a range of light to medium dumbbells.

The Morning Meltdown 100 series is ideal for the intermediate exerciser, in my opinion.

However, every routine has 2 modifiers for a beginner to follow and if you’re advanced then you can easily make the workouts more difficult.

I recommend you print out the workout calendar I reference above (it’s the 100 Day Calendar with Doubles and Rest Days) to follow while you’re doing the series.

There’s a workout tracker that Jericho talks about called the ‘Be-100 book’. It’s included in the ‘Program Materials’ tab of the MM100 Workouts tab in your Beachbody on Demand membership (that’s also where you’ll find the workout calendar).

The Be-100 book is a 154-page pdf guide you can use to track your progress while you’re doing the workouts. My favorite part is the Commitment Contract they have at the front of the guide.

the B100 fitness tracker from MM100
Morning Meltdown 100 Fitness Tracker
the commitment contract from MM 100
Morning Meltdown 100 Commitment Contract

The one thing that I had to get used to when it came to the workouts in this program was the live DJ. That’s right, there’s a live DJ on set with the exercisers playing the music as the group does the workout. After a while you’ll forget he’s there but good music can make a program even better and the live DJ didn’t enhance this program for me.

MM 100 does include a nutrition guide in the program materials. I can’t give you any opinion about how good it is because I don’t use the nutrition guides in any of the BOD programs. But some people do, so just know that it’s there if you want to use it.

MM 100 nutrition guide
Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Guide

There is a push to buy Shakeology as well as something called ‘Performance Energize’ that you can take before you workout. I never buy those but just know you’ll be hearing about them.

Now What? The big question…

Is MM 100 worth signing up for a Beachbody on Demand membership?


This workout program gets a solid ‘A’ from me. You get total body conditioning and it’s fun. PLUS, you’ll have access to all the other amazing programs made by Beachbody.

Have you tried MM 100? I’d love to hear what you thought about it!

Links mentioned in the podcast episode

Sign up for a FREE trial of Beachbody on Demand

Learn about another Jericho McMatthews workout program (Core De Force)

Sign up for my free training–>>My Super Simple 3 Step Workout Formula for Creating the Body You Want from Home

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  1. Pamela Erickson says:

    I have back issues, but want to get back in to shape. Will this work for people with low back issues?

    • Hi Pamela, that’s a great question. It would depend on the type of back issues you have and how severe. You could most likely modify the workouts in MM100 to be safe for you but it’s impossible for me to know that for sure. I’d recommend consulting your medical provider for guidance before you try them if you’re concerned. Have a great day!–Mickie

  2. Erin Roneree says:

    The dj made a huge difference for me! Loved what he brought!

    • Thank you for your feedback! I love that so many people are sharing that they really loved the DJ! This is exactly why it’s so important to test out every program before deciding if it’ll work for you or not. It looks like I’m in the minority for the DJ! lol!

  3. Kathi says:

    At 61, I’m doing this program and it is challenging, especially coming off of injuries. But it is doable, I modify where I need to and it will be interesting to see how much modification I will be doing at the end. I am enjoying all the workouts so far!

    Gotta say, I love Jesse the DJ as well as Jericho. Different strokes, as they say

    • Hi Kathi! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I love the MM100 workouts but the DJ was definitely strange for me. HOWEVER, like you say, I’m sure there are just as many people who love it. I still haven’t done all 100 workouts. I imagine the DJ will grow on me by the 50th workout. Lol. Have a great day! Mickie

  4. Carla Geovanis says:

    Hey there, I have knee and hip issues. Is the modifier low impact? Id like to improve my fitness and health, but at 50 I’d like to do it in a safe, sustainable way. Im not interested in hurting myself.

    • Hi Carla, that’s a great question! Morning Meltdown has 2 female modifiers in every workout. One is always doing a ‘beginner’ version of every exercise and the other girl is doing another modified variation but one of them is always low-impact. I hope that helps! If you try the program, check back in and let me know what you think about it! Thanks for reading and being a part of the One Strong Southern Girl community!💕 Mickie

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