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A Review of Super Cuts Extreme by Cathe Friedrich

January 21, 2016

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Super Cuts Extreme + Core 1* is my favorite routine on the Super Cuts video. This is a review of that premix workout. You’ll get all the information you need to know about the main workout by reading this review or you can read a full review of the main Super Cuts workout.

*You’ll find this workout among the extra premix routines on the Super Cuts video by Cathe Friedrich.  (Premix workouts are additional routines included on almost all Cathe Friedrich videos.  Some are shorter and some are longer than the main workout.)

Here’s what Super Cuts looks like:

Muscles are icky.  

Muscles will make you look manly, bulky, thick and a bunch of other adjectives that remind a woman of the word fat.

Ladies, these are lies.  Muscles are magical and beautiful.  

They’ll make you feel like a superstar and look lean and sexy.  

Repeat after me:  I want to be strong and sexy.  There.  Don’t you feel better?

Super Cuts with Cathe Friedrich will create lean muscle mass that will leave you healthy and strong.  Do this routine.

Keep reading to find out the exercises you’re going to see in Super Cuts (and what I think about this workout)…

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Instructor-Cathe Friedrich


Length-71 minutes* (*Super Cuts+Core 1)

HRM-501 calories 

Equipment-5 and 8 lb dumb bells, loop, discs, dixie cups, mat, tubing*

*I use a band like this, instead of the tubing.  I explain why below.


My rating:A-

If you need to stock up on equipment here’s where you can find all of my equipment recommendations.

And if you need dumbbells read, A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells, for help.

Cathe Friedrich in a squat position with two dumbbells and a green exercise loop around her thighs

The Important Stuff about Super Cuts

Super Cuts Extreme + Core 1 is a program of fast-paced compound moves using weights. Almost every exercise in Super Cuts uses more than one muscle group and/or a light weight.

If you’ve never done sit-outs or kick-outs then you may have to pause the video when you get to these so you can figure it out.  They’re a great core move but they require some coordination and balance.  Don’t wimp out on me.  You can do them.

Super Cuts is fun because Cathe does so many unique moves.  The main workout has almost no repetition but this premix (Super Cuts Extreme + Core 1) does have you repeat some of the exercises.

A few things to note here: Cathe’s off the beat of the music for several of the moves. (Why, Cathe, why?) And then there’s the tubing. The moves with the tubing (these are the resistance tubes with handles at the ends) seem forced to me. It feels like someone decided they wanted her to use the tubing in this video so she tried to come up with some creative exercises to flow with the rest of the video and I don’t think they fit naturally in the program.  (I prefer the use of a band for the exercises where she uses the tubing with the handles.)

I have at least 10 tubes of varying resistance. I’ve pulled out several different ones when doing this routine and never seem to hit the mark with the right resistance on the moves she uses them for. (You can tell by the constipated expressions of her crew that their tubes are too tight so maybe they had a problem finding the right resistance, too.) Luckily, she only uses the tube for 3 moves so it’s not a big deal.

Also, if you’re doing this premix Cathe does a killer ab drill with sit-ups and push-ups at the end. You’ll be so proud of yourself for finishing that (because it will totally kick your ass) and so excited about the stretch, only to find out that there’s ANOTHER ab segment. That’s right. More abs. Don’t be a wimp, just try and get through them. Afterall, we all want washboard abs, right? (My advice–try to remember that two-piece you want to wear this summer instead of the bucket of spaghetti you can’t wait to dip your face in).

Read to the end for links to a few places you can compare prices for this video.


The warm-up is about 4 minutes long and has low-impact exercises, squats, and some push-ups.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Super Cuts Extreme +Core 1)


8 lb. DB’s

There are 16 reps

Notice how you rotate your hands at the top.


 8 lb. dumbbells

Notice how deep Cathe is squatting.  Try to copy her.

There are 4 passes with extra squats at each end.


8 lb. DB’s

There are 16 reps.


Firewalker band & 8 lb. DB’s

You’ll pull the band all the way up to mid-thigh

There are 8 passes


Tubing (or band, if you want to copy me)

Set up the tubing/band the way Cathe shows you

Pay attention to how her hands are gripping the handles (if you’re using tubing).  When I use tubing for this exercise the handles slide and scrape my hands.  It’s awkward, and another reason I use a band instead.

Whichever equipment you decide to use, make sure you adjust your feet to find the right resistance.  You should feel this in your shoulders and core.


You won’t need any equipment

Notice that you kick with one leg and lunge back with the opposite leg.

There are 16 sets.


5 lb. DB’s

There are 3 sets of 8.  Try not to swing.


No equipment

Keep your chest up.  Don’t be lazy.


8 lb. DB’s

She goes fast so concentrate on not bouncing.

There are 16

As soon as she finishes this you‘ll need to go get your discs.  You’ll wish she’d slow down so you could get a drink at this point but it’s not going to happen.  If you need a drink just go get it.

Get ready for push-ups (*sad face*)


2 discs

There are 6 sets


Dixie cups

You can totally pretend to have cups for this, don’t spend a half hour searching the kitchen for dixie cups


Tubing (or band)

You’ll set it up like Cathe shows you.  If your tube is too tight then you’ll struggle with every rep (like Cathe’s team does).  It’s a LOT smoother exercise using a band.

There are 12 reps


one 5 lb. DB

There are 16 reps

Now Cathe throws in a few fun core exercises.


No equipment

Cathe shows you how to do this.  Don’t let your butt hit the floor.  You’ll start to feel it around the 10th rep but that’s only half-way.  There are 20 reps.

ROW AND ARROW (other side)

one 5 lb. DB


No equipment

This is similar to the sit-out except it’s harder.  It doesn’t look like she’s going fast until you start doing it.  There are 20 of these, too.  These are easier on a solid surface like hardwood or tile.

You’ve been working out for about 21 minutes!  That’s it?? WTH?


No equipment

16 reps

This exercise is a vertical jump with your legs split in a lunge

Repeat immediately on the other leg


one 8 lb. DB

You’ll be swinging side to side.  So, keep your core tight or you’ll hurt your back.

Don’t let the weight slam into your thighs.  It happens.  I’ve done it.


5 lb. DB’s

Pay attention to the form cues before you start the exercise.  Notice the position of her feet and hands.  This is for the core.

There are 10 per side.


2 discs

She starts out doing pulses of 3 and then goes into singles with changing arm positions.


one disc and one 8 lb. DB

You’ll do back lunges with a disc under one foot while doing a bicep curl

There are 8 per side.  There’s some balance required to do this move but it’s not hard.  Expect to have better balance on one side than the other.


8 lb. DB’s

Cathe gives Jai a hard time for doing the one-leg version of this exercise but I always try this version, too.  Remember you should feel this in the hamstring of your front leg (and a little in your lower back).

There are 12 reps.

Repeat immediately on the other side


Tubing (or band, or 8 lb. DB’s)

Use your 8’s if the tube is too tight.  I think it’s pretty obvious that the tubing is too tight for everyone on the set (except Cathe).

Now this premix takes you back to the beginning.  You’ll start at the squat with an overhead press using your 8’s.  You’ll repeat every exercise the exact same as you already have up to the spring shooters then you’ll come back here and move on.


This core combination is so hard!  You’ll do 5 sit-ups and then flip over and immediately do 5 push-upsThere are 8 sets. 

It starts out easy but by the 5th set you’ll be wondering WTH. 

Don’t give up.  Some days I’m more sluggish and finish a few seconds after Cathe and the team.  That’s totally fine.  Just don’t give up.

The thing about this premix is that there’s another core section after the push-up/sit-up killer combo.  You’ll think you’ve pushed the wrong button somehow because, How the hell can there be more abs?!, But there are.

I feel like 2 ab sections is just plain mean but it’s mostly because my brain checks out after the first ab section because that’s when I’m conditioned to be prepared for the cool down/stretch.  When I remember there’s more (abs) then I’m ok with it (at least there aren’t more push-ups).  Now you will be, too.  You’re welcome:-)

Cool Down/Stretch

You need this part!  You’ve just worked out for over an hour.  Enjoy stretching out your muscles before you get on with your day.

Now What??

Super Cuts is an incredible workout and this premix (Super Cuts Extreme + Core 1) will challenge even the best athlete. Purchase this video if you’re looking to get strong and burn a ton of calories.

Here are a few places to compare prices:

Amazon has it!

Or find it on Cathe Friedrich’s site! (Don’t forget you can access ALL of Cathe Friedrich’s routines/programs with a membership to Cathe on Demand.)  

Read How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live, for more information.

And check out the price over at Collage Video, too (one of my favorite places to buy workout videos).


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