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A Review of Fire 30 (Turbo Fire)

January 24, 2016

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Fire 30 is just one of the routines in the Turbo Fire series with Chalene Johnson.

Here’s a reminder of what the Turbo Fire program looks like:

Even though Fire 30 isn’t my favorite workout in the Turbo Fire series, it’s still effective, fun, and pairs beautifully with one of the Turbo Fire core workouts.

Here’s everything you’ll want to know before you hit play on Fire 30…

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Instructor-Chalene Johnson


Length-30 minutes

*HRM-291 calories

*I’ve only worn my heart rate monitor (HRM) during this routine one time and my equipment made some worrisome beeping noises during the workout which sometimes means my device has lost contact and thinks my HR is 0. This is bad and makes me want to throw things. I never saw the dreaded 0 but did hear some beeping. My point—this number may be lower than it should be. I’ll need to do this workout again wearing my HRM and verify this.



My rating: B

The Important Information about the Turbo Fire 30 Class

If you’ve done Chalene’s workouts before you’ll recognize her warm-up and all the moves. If you haven’t then you’ll learn them quickly and be ready to do all of her videos in no time.

The first interval in this workout drags out a little bit. I get tired of repeating it. Hang in there, though, it gets better.

The second and third intervals are really fun. They’re paced better and I don’t feel like we’re repeating things into eternity.

There are 3 ‘fire’ Drills.  These are intensity blasts.  Chalene says the drill lasts one minute but it’s actually slightly longer at 1:15 seconds.  There’s a running clock you see in the corner that counts down the blast for you.  I love that.

Every fire drill is the same set of exercises.  The tempo of the fire drills is super fast.  Be patient.  You’ll be lost the first few times you do it.  Everyone is.  The second fire segment is exactly the same as the first so you’ll get a little better. By the third time you do this video you’ll have it down.

Warning-There are burpees and air jacks in the fire drill intervals.  Now you’ll be mentally ready.  (*you’re welcome*)

Take Home Message for Fire 30

The music is the advantage to this video. The tempo is really fast and somehow encourages you to keep up. Before you realize it your HR has been ‘in the zone’ for a while.

Even if you don’t think you like to dance, you’ll have to admit Fire 30 Class is pretty fun. I think I manage to be on the wrong foot at least half the time but it never affects my HR or ability to keep up.

The bad news about Fire 30 Class is that I don’t burn that many calories. Despite any tech problems the workout is short and you can’t burn as many calories doing cardio for 30 minutes as you can doing it for 45. I like to burn at least 400 calories when I do a workout. That’s just me. But on days when I only have 30 minutes I always consider this one.  

Try Fire 45 EZ for a slightly longer Turbo Fire workout.

I’d recommend doing one of Chalene’s ab videos after this one to get more calorie burn and incorporate strength training.

You can find Turbo Fire by Beachbody on Amazon*, and in the library of workouts in your Beachbody on Demand membership.

*You can’t buy Turbo Fire on Amazon anymore. You’ll need to sign up for Beachbody on Demand to try the Turbo Fire workouts. It’s worth it!

BONUS >> If you love Chalene Johnson you’ll also find Turbo Jam, Chalene Extreme and Piyo in a membership to Beachbody on Demand.  Totally worth it!

If you’re not familiar with Beachbody on Demand then you can read this for more details.  It’s free for 30 days.  You get access to a ton of incredible Beachbody workouts from Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, Shaun T and other pro instructors.  I love it.

Thanks for reading!

Have an incredible workout!

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