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A Review of Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. #1 Step (the ultimate step aerobics workout)

February 26, 2019

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Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step is a classic step aerobics program. If you’re up for some challenging choreography then you’ve come to the right place.

Vol. 1 Step is several Cathe Friedrich step routines spliced together.

I burn almost 600 calories when I do this 65 minute routine!

Here’s a preview of this incredible workout:

*You do not need dumbbells (like you see in one of the intervals in the clip above).  That section (using the dumbbells) is not in the main workout.

Let me tell you exactly what to expect from Cathe Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step

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Instructor-Cathe Friedrich

Category-Cardio (Step aerobics)

EquipmentAerobic Step with 2 risers* (per side), mat (for the stretch only)

*The majority of this workout only uses 1 riser per side.  Don’t avoid this program because you don’t have 4 total risers (2 per side).

Length-65 minutes

HRM-560 calories


My rating– A

✔ Pro Tip: This guide will be helpful if you’re in the market for an aerobic step: Your Expert Guide to Buying and Using an Aerobic Step

The Important Stuff about Cathe Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step has sections from several Cathe Friedrich workouts edited together.

This video has a ton of great premix (additional) workouts.  Each premix has segments taken from several different videos all smashed into one workout (like the main workout I’m editing on this post).  This is good and bad.  I love that you get a taste of new workouts that you may not own, but if you’re thrown into the middle of a new video without any demo of the steps then it can (sometimes) lead to frustration.

I’ve reviewed one of the premixes on this video.  You can read about Circuit & Intervals, too.

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step is classic step aerobics.  There’s some choreography you’ll have to learn. But it’s a lot of fun once you get it down.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good aerobic step for this type of workout.  It matters.  The smaller steps are less expensive but they can be dangerous.  Trust me on this.  I own several different versions of aerobic steps.  Nothing compares to the quality and safety you get from a wide step with a non-slip surface and a wide base that won’t slide out from under you.

I put this workout in the ‘Ace’ choreography rating because there’s a lot of steps to learn.  Some sections are harder than others but I think overall it belongs in this category.  Please don’t be intimidated by that rating.  If you have the patience to learn the steps you’ll love the workout.

Channel your inner competitive spirit (the one that comes out when you’re at your 6-year-old’s basketball games 😉 ) and don’t let Cathe beat you.  Keep up with her during this routine.  You can do it.

Remember to read to the end for helpful tips on each section as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step.


The warm-up in this main video comes from Cathe’s Step Pump & Jump exercise video and is a step routine.  There’s no stretch in this section. 

You’ll only need your step with one riser for this.  The music will either make your smile or cringe.  I always smile and sing along because I’m kind of a dork.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Cathe Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step)

Section I

Keep your step on one riser and continue with another step segment from the same program as the warm-up.  Listen to Cathe.  She’s very good at cuing the steps.  Once you learn the jargon it’s easy peasy.

The next three step segments come from that same video.  Some are harder than others.  You got this.

*Add a riser to your step if you have it.  The next section is done on two risers (per side).

Section II

This step section was pulled from the Body Max 2 video.  (You can read more about Body Max 2-Boot Camp, and Body Max 2-Scrambled Eggs.)

Cathe does a great job teaching the steps in this part.  And there’s something wrong with you if you aren’t happy to hear Rick Springfield.

*You can go back to one riser (per side) for the rest of the workout.

Section III

This is probably the easiest choreography section and comes from Drill Max (a phenomenal video on its own).  While the steps aren’t that hard the workout is still (very) advanced.

Section IV

The next four step routines come from the same video, Imax 2.

The sections don’t have that many pieces to remember but Cathe doesn’t build the parts up for you.  (Try not to get frustrated.)  She just does them all together and you have to keep up.  The sections fit together perfect, though.  When you get them down you’ll start having fun. 

Each step segment is followed by a short blast (intensity) section.  You repeat all the step and blast routines in this part 6 times.

The first blast is ski jumps with a tuck jump.

The second blast (following the second step routine in this section) is side to side lunges with big sumo arms.  For the Love of Pete these are so much harder than they look.

The third blast is a straddle jack over the step with plié jacks.  You do it 6 times.  Plié jacks are just evil at this point.

The fourth blast is a power turning squat on the step.

Now you’ll hear Cathe announce, We Are Done, but that’s not true.  There’s more.

Section V

The last step interval is taken from the video Athletic Step.  I have an issue with this section.  If you’ve never done Athletic Step you’ll struggle a little here.  There’s no build-up of any of the moves and there are a lot of them. 

This section is the entire step routine from the Athletic Step program all put together in the Athletic Step finale.  If you’re familiar with that video you’ll remember the parts (maybe) but if you’ve never done it before then be prepared.  You won’t be able to keep up.  That’s ok. 

Just do your best to keep moving and burning calories.  Do power 15’s until the next section if you need to.  Don’t stop.  There’s one more short part to do and the steps are easy and you can do them, so hang in there.

The cool down is included in this section, too.


The stretch takes you back to Body Max 2.  It’s a good stretch.  Don’t skip it.

What now?

This is one of my favorite step videos.  I love Imax 2 and Body Max 2, especially.  With all the different programs combined you don’t have a chance to get bored.  And who doesn’t love getting a free sample of stuff?

By the time you complete this video and all the premixes on it you’ll know a little bit about 6 different Cathe Friedrich workouts (there’s a section from a 6th video in some of the premixes that’s not in the workout I reviewed on this post) that you probably haven’t tried before.

Here’s where you can get access to Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. #1 Step:

Cathe’s website


Collage Video

With a membership to Cathe on Demand

If you love Cathe Friedrich workouts (like I do) I recommend you try Cathe on Demand.  The membership gives you access to hundreds of her workouts.  

Read more about it in this article, Everything you Need to Know About Cathe Live and Cathe on Demand. 

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