Athletic Leggings—Your Guide to Vibrant, Quirky, Cool, Sexy and Practical Workout Pants

October 18, 2018

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Check out 5 places you can find fun and functional workout tights for every taste, body type and budget today.

There are at least 2 ways that people repeatedly crush my soul into tiny bits when they wear leggings.

Exhibit A:

grown women should not wear these athletic leggings

C’mon. Please tell me that you’re not someone’s mother if you’re wearing this in public.

Exhibit B:

grown women should never wear workout pants like this

No! No! No…

If you go out in public like this then either no one loves you enough to tell you to what’s happening around back, OR they’re too scared to.

Girls, do NOT wear leggings this way. Ever.

Fitness apparel has come SO FAR.

Athleta and other companies like MPG actually market their exercise pants as work clothing and athleisure wear.

Take the time to invest in a pair of leggings that will make you look and feel incredible. You have no good excuse not to.

I’m going to tell you where to start shopping for the best pair of cool, vibrant, quirky, practical and sexy workout pants…

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Cool Workout Pants (that no one else has on)


These are the Coolest Workout Leggings at the Gym-GearBunch

I love the athletic leggings this company sells.

They have every print you never even knew you wanted.

This store is like Target for me—I have to be very careful or I’ll find myself back at the car with a receipt for $400 and no idea what just happened.

this is how you find workout pants on the GearBunch site

You can’t get lost on their site but this is how you navigate to all the cool options from their home page.

Vibrant workout pants (that won’t break the bank)


Reebok sells vibrant affordable workout pants

Reebok sells workout pants that are affordable and fit great.

When you go to the Reebok site use the dropdown menu to navigate directly to their leggings.

This is how you find the workout leggings on Reebok's website

They have a ton of options and you can drill down your search by color, fit, activity and size which makes it really nice.

Sexy Athletic Leggings


Bombshell Sportswear sells sexy workout pants

Bombshell Sportswear, of course!

I have to admit that my body doesn’t know how to respond to this company’s website.

It’s kind of Nike meets Victoria’s Secret.

Am I excited for the right reasons? I’m still trying to figure it out.

But the ‘Sock Leggings’ they sell are awesome.

I’m not sure if the women on their website are suggesting that you wear them to a club or to the gym but I wear mine to workout and they’re super comfy.

Here’s how you find the Sock Leggings when you get to their site.

this is where you find the sock leggings at Bombshell Sportswear

Practical Workout Leggings


Fabletics leggings are simple perfection

The Fabletics company has a slew of athleisure apparel. It’s easy to get lost on their website.

Don’t get sucked into the VIP membership (unless you read this first, Fabletics—An Honest Review).

You can purchase individual items without being a VIP member (although you’ll get a bigger discount by signing up to the VIP club).

Here’s how you find the Fabletics leggings from their home page.

this is how you find leggings at Fabletics

The Fabletics leggings are thicker and more practical as everyday wear in my opinion.

They sell sizes XS to XL. I love that they offer such a huge range of size options.

And the Fabletics site allows you to sort by size, color and activity so you can easily nail down what you’re looking for.

Quirky Athletic Leggings


Simply Workout has fun and quirky athletic leggings

I only recently discovered Simply Workout.

Looking for a pair of leggings with dog bones all over them? How about workout pants with a yellow plaid print?

Simply workout has them.

They have a big inventory with every eclectic print you can imagine so give yourself some time to sort through them all.

Thank you for reading!

Now go find some workout pants that will make you feel like the badass you are!!

Athletic Leggings-Your Guide to Vibrant, Quirky, Cool, Sexy and Practical Workout Pants-One Strong Southern Girl-I'll tell you where to go find the coolest workout pants that aren't just for the gym.

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