Exercise & Travel (Easy Ways to Make them Fit Together)

October 18, 2018

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In this article I’ll tell you how to fit exercise into your travel schedule no matter who you’re traveling with or why.  So, stay tuned!

This topic was featured on the podcast Crunches and Cosmos. You can listen here:

So, let’s talk about exercise and travel…

In this episode of Crunches & Cosmos I interviewed one of my favorite people, Kelly,—she’s a fitness enthusiast, small business owner, mom to three awesome kids and one of my sisters.

Kelly and I cover the 4 most important things you need to think about when you’re getting ready to travel so that exercise will fit easily into your plans.

And at the end we dive into a list of cool exercise ideas you can use to plan your next trip.

I wanted to have her on the podcast today because I wanted to give women some tips for easily fitting exercise into their travel schedule and Kelly is my expert reference on this topic because she travels regularly for business and family trips and is great about fitting exercise into her travel plans.

So, several days a month Kelly is out of town overnight for some reason.

She takes trips with and for family, friends, getaways with her husband and business so she’s the perfect person to help me sort through all the things women need to think about when they’re traveling so they don’t fall off the exercise wagon because of a trip.

When we were preparing for this interview I asked her what was the most important thing about exercising when you go on a trip and this was what she said:

The most important tip and takeaway for today is that if you want to exercise when you’re on a trip you have to plan for that BEFORE YOU EVER LEAVE THE HOUSE.

Here are the 4 things you need to think about so that you can easily include exercise in every single overnight trip:

PACK (appropriate) WORKOUT CLOTHES (seasonal and/or for the activity you plan to do). If you don’t have much space in your bag for workout clothes, remember some hotels, like Starwood, will rent out new workout clothes!

Think about WHO you’re with and WHY you’re traveling—if it’s a business trip then you’ll have a schedule to consider (Friends? Kids? Just husband? Business?)—consider including the people you’re traveling with in on your plans to exercise so they’ll be excited, hold you accountable, and pack appropriately, too.

Think about WHERE you’re going to be—the hotel and the city. Some hotels/resorts have the best exercise resources under their roof!  And some cities have amazing activities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Do your RESEARCH so you can find out how much things cost and MAKE RESERVATIONS before you leave the house

20 cool ideas for specific ways to exercise on your next trip:

a local spin class

scuba diving



boot camp class

rock climbing

a kickboxing class

a short obstacle run/event like a mud run or inflatables run

water aerobics

roller blading

ice skating

a ropes course

a dance class (we did a country music dance class with my mom one time!)

aerial yoga

hot yoga

take a circus class


rent those bikes!

zip lining

walk after lunch

ask the hotel concierge for ideas

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