The Best Exercise Equipment Gift Ideas for Women

October 22, 2018

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I love to help make exercise easier for the women in my life.

So, for most gifting occasions I give the women I love a tool they can use in their fitness program.

These 11 exercise tools are great for any woman who loves to workout (or the girl who’s just getting started).  And are especially helpful to women who occasionally (or regularly) exercise at home.

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Top Exercise Equipment Gifts for Any Woman

a black number one


If the girl you love ever uses the words ‘toning, sculpting or strengthening’ when she’s talking about her workouts then she could use some dumbbells.

Always buy them in pairs!  This style are my favorite because the hex head keeps them from rolling, the rubber never peels or cracks and I love that they come in colors!

Click on the picture to go check them out.

blue 10 lb. dumbbells
a black number 2


Most workouts need a mat at some point.

A nice mat is a luxury during abdominal work and for yoga and pilates.  Don’t skimp on a thin, cheap mat that’ll need to be replaced within a year.

It’s worth it to invest in a nice mat.  You’ll be glad you did.

a pro yoga mat is an ideal gift for women
a black number 3


The aerobic step is for every kind of exercise you can think of because it adds variety and intensity to any workout.

Don’t get a ‘circuit size’ step.  It’s not safe for jumping (they move because they’re so small and light) and won’t support the torso from head to glutes when you lay on it (they’re too short).

Invest in a full size step like the one I designed.  It’s worth the extra money to have a solid piece of equipment that’s good for every kind of exercise. Plus mine come in blue or pink and you can get 4 or 6 risers.

hot pink aerobic step with 4 gray risers
a black number 4 with a red box around it


Exercise loops have become very popular.  Autumn Calabrese showed the world how much fun they could be in 80-Day Obsession and now everyone is using them.

They aren’t all created equal.  I always go for quality over price in my exercise equipment (for safety reasons) and it always pays off because better-made tools usually function better, too.

an exercise loop is a gift idea for a woman who exercises
a black number 5 in a red box


A stability ball can be used to target the lower body and core in ways that no other equipment can.

I love my stability ball.  The 55 cm or 65 cm size is the best place to start.

stability ball-perfect gift for women
a black number six in a red box


I put off buying a barbell for way too long.  I didn’t realize how much I’d love it and just how different it is than exercising with dumbbells.

I recommend that every woman who ever exercises at home buy one.  But watch out for barbells that are way too heavy for most women.  This barbell is the perfect size for most women and the one I own.

a barbell is a great gift idea for women who exercise
a black number 7 in a red box


Sliding discs are another piece of equipment used in 80-Day Obsession and tons of workouts by Cathe Friedrich.

They’re amazing tools for targeting the core muscles.  I’ve tried several different styles and none of them are perfect.

I recommend these now (if you’re on carpet) because of their size and the way they curve on the ends.  Other designs are too small for your foot and when they’re completely flat it’s hard to stay on them.  *For exercise on a hard, flat surface you can use a washcloth instead.

purple gliding discs for carpet
a black number 8


A pull-up bar is not just for men! But I recommend that you buy an assist band, too.

This is the pull-up bar I have but make sure you check the weight limit and size of your doorframe so that it works for you.

a good fitness gift for women is a pull-up bar
most women will need a pull-up assist band to do pull ups
a black number 9 in a red box


I’ve used ankle weights in my exercise routine for years and have tried every style they make.

It’s hard to find some that don’t have a metal loop that ends of catching all the sand and hanging it up into a ball around your ankle.

I finally stumbled onto these and they’re awesome.  The velcro strap and the individual pockets of sand keep everything from shifting into a ball.  I’d start with 2 or 5 lbs.  (But they also come in 8 lbs.)

black ankle weights
a black number 10


I’m kind of obsessed with my medicine ball.  I love using it for core work and it’s also a great tool to intensify a cardio routine.

a medicine ball is a fun fitness gift for a woman

I use my 8 lb. med ball the most so I recommend that size if you’re not sure where to start. 

a black number 11


I add push ups to most workouts (even though I don’t like them) because they’re a great exercise that fires up so many different muscle groups.

But push ups on the floor hurts my wrists.  The solution for that are push up stands.  These are the best design because the grip is comfy and they don’t swivel.

Sadly, these exact push up stands are ‘currently unavailable’ on Amazon a lot of the time. If you can’t find them then look for something similar (with a big cushy grip that doesn’t swivel).

push up stands are a good gift for active women


She’s gonna love you for giving the gift of fitness!

Happy Shopping!


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