Cathe on Demand (Why it’s Better than Beachbody on Demand for Some People)

October 26, 2018

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Cathe on Demand and Beachbody on Demand are 2 amazing exercise on demand services for women. They’re both subscription-based services and you get access to their workout libraries with your paid membership. But the features of each program are different. I’m a member of both of them so I’m going to contrast/compare them so you can decide which one is for you.

This topic was featured on a podcast episode of Crunches and Cosmos. You can listen to the episode right here:

So, let’s talk about Cathe Friedrich…

Who is Cathe Friedrich?

Cathe Friedrich has been making incredible exercise videos for almost 30 years.

Her focus is on advanced home exercise routines for women.

Here’s a clip from the biography on her website:

Cathe is often credited with being the first to bring advanced fitness videos to the home exerciser and helped shatter the theory that only celebrities could star in fitness videos. As a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Cathe has taught thousands of classes at her New Jersey health club and has helped to train many of today’s top instructors.

As a leading innovator in the home exercise video industry, in 1988 she founded Step N Motion Videos and in 1989, created one of the first ‘step’ aerobic videos. Cathe continues to produce fun, intense, and challenging workouts for all body types and fitness levels.

Her award-winning workouts have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dallas News, Fox Business News, QVC and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Health and fitness writers have published articles about her in Shape, Oxygen, Self, Health, Fit, Consumer Digest and Fitness magazines. 

Cathe continues to stay cutting edge through her Cathe Live streaming channel, OnDemand offerings and mobile fitness app.  Cathe prides herself on staying true to three guiding principles: professionalism, passion, and quality. 

Her dedication to her craft and to the fitness industry led to her induction into the Fitness Hall of Fame in 2011.


If you’ve never heard of Cathe Friedrich before it’s probably because she doesn’t use infomercials to sell her videos. 

But believe me, she’s just as good as anything out there being sold on TV today.

What’s Cathe on Demand?

Cathe on Demand is a membership service that allows you to stream workouts by Cathe Friedrich to your device whenever and wherever you are.

She has a TON of workouts (over 300 videos with over 2,000 workouts and a library of over 200 live routines).

How much is Cathe on Demand?

Cathe on Demand + Live is $19.97/month

Cathe Live is $9.97/month

You can cancel anytime.

A tip about the Cathe on Demand app

There are 2 apps–one for Cathe on Demand and one for Cathe Live.

They’re easy to use.

To find the premix routines in the Cathe on Demand app you tap on the image of the main program first and then you’ll see a link to ‘View premixes’ in the top right corner.

Why I sometimes recommend Cathe on Demand OVER Beachbody on Demand

Cathe Friedrich raises the bar.  Her workouts will always challenge you.  Yes, she’s advanced.  But so are you.

She does every. single. workout.  She doesn’t walk around and point at people doing the workout.  She does every rep with you.

Variety. She’s got a routine for whatever style you’re looking for.

FEMALE!  Sometimes it’s nice to exercise with another woman (and a team of women just like me and you).

Same instructor! You’ll know exactly what to expect from her every time.

Quality.  Cathe Friedrich delivers a quality routine every single time.  It’s never about a fancy set or great marketing.  It’s about results.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

BIO for Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich’s website

Sign up for Cathe on Demand

How to Sign Up Cathe on Demand

Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast!  It costs zero dollars!

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