Workout Leggings Gift Guide for Women

October 19, 2018

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Here are the best 8 places to shop for workout pants today! You’ll find something for every taste, body shape and budget.

Any woman who loves exercise will be thrilled to find a new pair of workout tights inside a gift box with her name on it.

Since I own more workout clothes than everyday clothes I’m happy to share my recommendations.

This post may contain Amazon (or other) affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. You can get more information about that here.

Let’s get started…

a black number one


Gearbunch creates workout pants with fun graphic prints.

They have a perfect fit and material and the prints stay bright no matter how many times you wash them.  Click on the image to shop this print (or search for your favorite).

graphic workout leggings are a great fitness gift idea for women
a black number 2


If you’re looking for soft, comfy leggings that are also sexy and fun then look no further than these sock leggings by Bombshell Sportwear.

I love how lightweight these tights are.  They’re perfect for yoga and pilates.

pink sock leggings
a black number 3


Athleta makes a ton of different athleisure wear clothing but I really love their tights.

My workout leggings by Athleta are all thick and comfy and I love the pockets (perfect for a small tech device, key fob or cash).  I also love that their sizes run from XXS to XL.

workout pants with a gray camo print
a black number 4 with a red box around it


I’m kind of obsessed with the MPG clothing store.  They make all kinds of sportswear but I’m in love with their workout tights.

I love the way this block style has a reflective pattern for running at night as well as a zip pocket and a drawstring! Score!

a pair of leggings with a teal and orange block print
a black number 5 in a red box


I love my Under Armour tights because they keep everything where it’s supposed to be.  They have incredible compression that still manages to allow you to breath.

This style is a winner for anyone and comes in a few different colors.

a pair of wine colored leggings by under armour
a black number six in a red box


Adidas makes my favorite pair of 3/4 length classic workout pants.  They fit awesome and are affordable.  Every woman needs a pair of these.

black 3/4 length adidas pants
a black number 7 in a red box


I know these aren’t technically leggings but they’re still what you cover your lower half with when you workout.  And they’re awesome!!

This brand is the best because they offer just the right amount of compression and stay in place during any workout.  And they come in a ton of different prints!! (And you can get TWO of these for the price of one pair of leggings!)

booty shorts are one fitness gift idea for women
a black number 8


Most people forget that Reebok sells more than just shoes!

They have well-made sportswear and I love their tights.  I love this print and the material wicks sweat away from your skin.  These tights are perfect for the gym or crossfit.

a girl doing a quad stretch wearing a pair of gray Reebok leggings

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