What is YogaClub? Yoga Club is a monthly subscription box with workout apparel. But the Yoga Club membership is different than most subscription boxes today because there’s no style fee and you don’t send back anything. It’s all yours. Every month. Let me tell you why you might love this workout clothes subscription box. This […]

An Honest Review (and my recommendation) of YogaClub

Girls, listen up. What if I told you that Body Beast is NOT just for men? Don’t avoid lifting weights because you think you’ll get ‘thick’.  A good milkshake is thick.  Your body won’t get that way unless you’re lifting too many shakes (and not enough dumbbells). Here’s a reminder of what the Body Beast program […]

Is Body Beast for Women? (A Body Beast Workout Review)

Should you workout at home or the gym? There are people who believe you can’t get in shape at home the way you can at a gym. But there’s no magic in those machines at the gym. The fact is you can achieve the same results at home. Learn more about the pros and cons […]

Home Exercise vs. the Gym (Which one is better?)

Episodes, posts and information mentioned in this podcast episode… ✔What is Body Groove? (And is it right for you?) ✔Beachbody on Demand information ✔Sign up for a free trial of Beachbody on Demand* *The link above takes you to a page to sign up for a free trial of BOD but doesn’t include early access […]

Crunches & Cosmos BONUS Episode (Updates on Body Groove and The Work by Beachbody)

If you could go back in time what would you tell your younger (teenage) self about your body and fitness? Do you ever hear a group of teenage girls talking about pretty much anything and think…Wow, did I ever think like that? Overhearing the conversations of a younger generation of girls often makes me think […]

What would You tell your Younger Self (about Fitness)?

5 Fitness Articles that Might Change the Way You Workout Does a good fitness article motivate you to exercise? Educating yourself is as important to a healthy lifestyle as executing the things you learn. With that in mind, I thought I’d share 5 articles that inspired (and changed) my physical activity this week. Enjoy! CRUSH […]

5 Interesting Articles About Fitness that Just Might Change Your Exercise Routine

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