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Ah, the good ol’ aerobic step – a legendary fitness tool that’s been around for decades and is making a serious comeback these days. Back in the 80s and 90s, step aerobics classes were all the rage at gyms. Imagine a room full of spandex-clad exercisers, stepping in sync to thumping beats with arms waving. […]

The Ultimate Comeback: How Aerobic Steps Are Revolutionizing Home Workouts!

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As we age, the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle becomes increasingly evident. For seniors, engaging in regular exercise isn’t just about physical health; it’s about preserving independence, enhancing mood, and promoting overall well-being. With the convenience and safety of home exercise routines, seniors can embark on a journey towards aging gracefully, enjoying life to […]

Home Exercise for Seniors: A Comprehensive Guide to Aging Gracefully

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We’re here to answer your biggest questions about the Tracy Anderson Online Studio for home exercisers including, why is this on-demand membership $90 a month (compared to other popular streaming services like Beachbody on Demand which is around $180 for the year)? This streaming service has been on our list of important home workout programs […]

A Review of Tracy Anderson Online Studio (read this before you sign up)


Ready to transform your living room into a dynamic fitness studio? Look no further than your trusty aerobic step! This simple yet versatile piece of equipment can take your home workouts to the next level, offering a wide range of exercises to target every aspect of fitness. From heart-pounding cardio to strength-building circuits and graceful […]

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