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Dailey Method workout studio

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I’ve posted 100’s of unbiased reviews of online workout memberships here at One Strong Southern Girl. We were really excited to give The Dailey Method a test drive and add it to our list. There’s a lot you need to know about The Dailey Method before you sign up so we’ll tell you exactly what […]

My Review of The Dailey Method Online Membership for Home Exercisers

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Body FX is a complete home workout program with nutritional guidance and coaching. This review includes everything you need to know that makes the program unique. The Body FX workouts are different (and probably more fun) than anything you’ve tried before (and the reason I love this program). Let me tell you everything you need […]

An Honest Review of the NEW Body FX (an all-in-one at-home workout program)

Home Workout Program Reviews

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I love exercise on demand (aka streaming workout services). Having access to a huge library of workouts without having to store any physical videos is a smart and effective way to workout at home. I’ve tried almost every exercise on demand service out there and signed up for Les Mills on Demand (the streaming workout […]

A Review of Les Mills Plus (What you need to know before you sign up)


If you’re a woman who exercises at home this is a must-read article. I’ve curated our top 10 on-demand streaming workout service recommendations for the year (aka-exercise on demand programs). This is a list of the 10 best exercise programs you can stream into your house that I think are well worth the investment. My […]

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