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Beachbody on Demand (BOD) vs Les Mills Plus vs MOSSA on Demand

December 8, 2022

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Beachbody on Demand, Les Mills Plus and MOSSA on Demand are 3 of the most robust (have the most variety) on-demand workout libraries on the market right now. So, how do you choose?

These libraries have a LOT in common so I’m going to point out the awesome features that you’ll find in each of them (I made a chart), then point out what makes each membership unique (besides their prices), the pros and cons of each one (refer to the chart), and then tell you how to choose one.

Let’s start with that chart that compares the features…

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A Comparison of the Features in BOD, Les Mills+ and MOSSA on Demand

NAME OF ON-DEMAND SERVICEBOD (Beachbody on Demand)Les Mills+MOSSA on Demand
Instructors many different 'supertrainers'a large variety of athletic body types and ages represented in their pro instructors (all-inclusive team of exercisers)a large variety of ages represented in their pro instructors
Workout stylesstrength, cardio, yoga, kickboxing, dance, barre, step, spinstrength, cardio, yoga, kickboxing, dance, barre, step, spinstrength, cardio, yoga, kickboxing, dance, barre, step, spin
Ideal for who?beginner to advanced optionsint to advanced optionsbeginner to advanced options
Equipment useddumbbells, mat, workout bench (aerobic step), stationary bikedumbbells, mat, workout bench (aerobic step), barbell, stationary bikedumbbells, mat, workout bench (aerobic step), barbell, stationary bike
How often new workoutsnew programs are released regularly (you can pay for early access or wait until they open up to members of BOD)new routines are put into each workout category on a regular schedulenew routines are put into each workout category on a regular schedule
How many workouts are in the on-demand library100's100's100's
How long are the workoutsall lengths are available (from 10 min to 60+ min)all lengths are available (from 10 min to 60+ min)all lengths are available (from 10 min to 60+ min)
Are there live workouts?Yes, if you get the BODi add-onnono
Workout plans/calendars available?yesyesyes
How are they different?classes are released within an entire program of varying lengths; each program has a different theme/focus/goal/instructor/audience; nutrition support; team beachbody community; Shakeologyevery group workout is an immersive experience with the athletes; category of workouts for kids; research based classes designed to help you fall in love with fitnessfocus on functional fitness and mobility; group fitness; unique 'work-ins' category of routines for people who are at a desk all day; percussive therapy classes w Nimbl; focus on music; workout trailers; M4 programming foundation; science based programs
Pros of this serviceworkout programs with one goal/theme that you can follow with one instructor for 4-6 weeksevery workout is like a concert; the fun factor is a huge pro hereevery move in every class feels incredibly intentional/purposeful
Cons of this servicethe BOD app and website can feel a little overwhelming to navigate at firstinstructors might feel intimidating for a beginnerthe workout trailers muddy up the app for me (although I appreciate their purpose)
Cost to join?BOD 3 mos-$74.97; BOD 6 mos-$89.94; BOD 12 mos-$119.88; BOD + BODi 12 mos-$179; BODi add-on to other BOD memberships is $19.95/mo$14.99/mo after free trial; $11.99/3 mos; $89.88/ year$9.99/month after free trial; $99.99/year

Here are a few of the nuances to pay attention to…


All 3 on-demand libraries have a variety of pro instructors.

This is a good thing.

You’ll never get bored with an instructor.

As a member of all 3 libraries, I think you’ll find the widest diversity in body type represented among the instructors in the Les Mills library.

Workout styles

You’ll find programs for all of the most popular workouts styles in all 3 of these memberships.

Specifically you’ll find workouts for cardio, strength training, dance, barre, martial arts, yoga, step classes and spin inside all 3 of these libraries.

Ideal for who…

A brand new exerciser won’t find a ton of workout options in any of these libraries but BOD and MOSSA on Demand have the most to choose from in the beginner category.

All 3 on-demand memberships have a ton of classes for the intermediate to advanced home exerciser.

Equipment they use

All 3 of these libraries have workouts you can do with no equipment.

However, to do every workout (and get the most out of your membership) you’ll need to invest in (at minimum) a set of dumbbells and a full size workout bench.

How often are there new classes uploaded?

New classes and/or programs are introduced on a regular schedule into all 3 of these on-demand libraries.

How many workouts are there inside each library?

Beachbody on Demand, Les Mills Plus and MOSSA on Demand all have 100’s of classes in their libraries.

How long are the classes?

All 3 on-demand memberships have classes in varying lengths for whatever you’re looking for (10 min up to over an hour).

Are there live workouts with each membership?

Beachbody on Demand is the only one of these 3 on-demand memberships that has a way to stream a live class. But you have to upgrade your membership to get access to the live classes (it’s an ‘add-on’ to the base membership).

After talking with the VP of Programming and Training of MOSSA, Cathy Spencer Browning, I believe that MOSSA is working on adding this feature to their membership.

Are there workout calendars/plans available if you want one to follow?

Yes, all 3 libraries have workout calendars you can download.

So, now let’s get into what makes each plan a little bit different…

How is BOD unique? (what sets it apart from the other 2 memberships)?

Beachbody on Demand is different from many on-demand libraries in the way that it adds classes to their collection.

All of their classes (with the exception of the live classes) are added within an entire program (rather than uploaded as individual classes). For example, one of the latest Beachbody programs added to the BOD library is Fire and Flow. It’s made up of 33 individual classes that are inside the Fire and Flow program.

Each program that’s added has their own set of workout calendars and ‘theme’ (goal), workout style, instructor, etc.

Another unique aspect of the BOD membership are the nutrition plans, 2B Mindset and Portion Fix. There are additional resources for these nutrition plans if you sign up for the BODi add-on to your membership.

How is Les Mills+ unique? (what sets it apart?)

The Les Mills experience is unlike anything else on the market.

The way they pair music with the routines is unmatched and adds to the overall experience in a very unique way.

I love that the team of athletes is all-inclusive. You’ll see every age, body type and gender doing the most advanced routines.

Les Mills (and MOSSA) pride themselves on creating research-based classesdesigned to help you fall in love with fitness‘.

And Les Mills has an entire category of routines dedicated to youth of all ages.

How is MOSSA on Demand unique? (what sets is apart?)

MOSSA sets itself apart in the on-demand industry with their focus on group classes that are packed full of functional fitness and mobility exercises.

As a user, it’s obvious to me that every move in every class has been designed with intention. No move feels forced or like ‘fluff’.

They created the M4 programming method (movement, music, motivation and metrics) on which they build every science-based class.

Price comparison*

Beachbody on Demand Membership

BOD 3 mos-$74.97
BOD 6 mos-$89.94
BOD 12 mos-$119.88
BOD + BODi 12 mos-$179
BODi add-on to other BOD memberships is $19.95/mo

Les Mills On Demand Membership

$14.99/mo after free trial
$11.99/3 mos

MOSSA on Demand Membership

$9.99/month after free trial

*These are the current published prices of each membership. Check for any changes or current promotions before you sign up.

How to choose

  • If music is the number one thing you care about then sign up for…Les Mills Plus
  • If you sit at a desk all day and would love some classes for your neck and posture then sign up for MOSSA on Demand and check out those De-desk workouts
  • If you have (or plan to invest in) a percussive tool then sign up for…MOSSA on Demand
  • If you’re a solid beginner then sign up for…BOD or MOSSA on Demand
  • If you love routines using a workout bench (aerobic step) then sign up for…Les Mills Plus or MOSSA on Demand
  • If having a nutrition plan is very important to you (along with the workouts) then sign up for…BOD
  • If you want to have access to live workouts as well as on-demand classes then sign up for…BOD (plus BODi)
  • If you love the energy of a group fitness class then sign up for…Les Mills Plus or MOSSA on Demand
  • And if you love athletic performance style training (HiiT and plyometrics) then sign up for…Les Mills Plus

There are 2 more on-demand libraries that are comparable (in the variety of workouts they have) to BOD, Les Mills+ and MOSSA on Demand that you might want to consider…

Obe Fitness

Daily Burn

And if you’re looking for a workout library that’s more focused on a specific style of workout then there are a ton of options for you as well…

Looking for a library of low-impact barre-style routines?

Check these out:

Tracy Anderson’s Online Studio

Lia Bartha

The Class by Taryn Toomey

The Dailey Method on Demand

Alo Moves

Looking for a library of toning and strength training for advanced home exercisers?

Great! Try these:

Cathe on Demand

Kira Stokes

Want to dance every day?

Then try these libraries:

Body Groove on Demand

Body FX

And if you’ve been wanting to try workouts that use a mini trampoline then try:

The Ness Digital

As you can see you have a lot of amazing options to get started.

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