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Taryn Toomey with hand on heart

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Taryn Toomy’s, The Class Digital Studio, is an on-demand exercise option in the ever-growing list of paid streaming workout library memberships for home exercisers. The Class style of exercise is kind of like Tracy Anderson’s Method combined with Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove–a taste of yoga, Pilates and free style dance all rolled up into one […]

A Detailed Review of The Class (Digital Studio) by Taryn Toomey

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9-Week Control Freak is a 9-week home workout and nutrition program by Beachbody. All of the workouts are lead by Beachbody ‘Supertrainer’ Autumn Calabrese (of 90-Day Obsession and 21-Day Fix and all of their spin-offs). The workout calendar includes 5 days of workouts a week (2 rest days) with 3 phases that increase in difficulty […]

9-Week Control Freak: A Review (the stuff you need to know before you try it)

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Today’s podcast interview is another installment in my goal here at One Strong Southern Girl to share with the world the women who are doing incredible things in their lives & businesses that inspire & help others to be physically healthy so that every day you can serve and grow in the world in the […]

All of Your Yoga Questions Answered by Yoga Expert Andrea Claassen

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Over the last 12 months the list of streaming on-demand workout options has grown exponentially–Beachbody on Demand, Daily Burn, Alo Moves, MOSSA on Demand, Obé, Body Groove, Body FX (and so many more)–how do you choose? After reviewing hundreds of home workout programs and on-demand libraries we’ve discovered the features that matter the most when […]

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