Where to buy workout leggings that actually fit

June 26, 2019

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Guess What? Not all workout tights are the same! (I’ll going to tell you how to figure out which ones to invest your money in.)

I’m excited to have you here today to tell you about 5 places you can buy workout tights (that you might not have checked out before).  Plus, I’m sharing a few things you need to know BEFORE you buy one more pair of workout pants.

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This topic was covered on a podcast episode of Crunches and Cosmos. You can listen below:

Today I’m talking cool designs, prints and fits that you might not have tried.

I love finding new places to find workout clothes.

I’m the girl who buys a lot of workout apparel from Target and Walmart, etc.

But I love discovering new places with unique athletic clothes that no one else is wearing.

And maybe you have a friend that’s about to need a gift for some occasion—a new pair of tights is the perfect gift to surprise them!

Fact–>>New workout clothes will keep you motivated to exercise!

Let’s get started…

gray sneakers with the text overlay that says How and where to buy the best workout leggings

Before I get to the first company I want to point out a few things that I’ve noticed that really matters when it comes to workout leggings.

After buying hundreds of exercise leggings I’ve discovered some important things you need to consider before you buy (or keep) a pair:

The seams!

*Before I go on, please remember I don’t know anything about sewing. So, if I use the wrong terms I apologize.  But I hope you can follow what I’m saying about the seams because it’s very important to how the pants feel on your body.

I’m talking about the seam that goes between your legs.

I’ve found 3 different seam styles when it comes to workouts pants.

Straight up the middle between your legs (what I’d call a vertical seam).

A diamond patch—where there’s no seam between your legs.

A horizontal seam— one ankle all the way to the other—running thigh to thigh between your legs (vs. the vertical seam I mentioned first that runs belly button to back).

The seam that runs vertically between your legs can be really uncomfortable.  Not always. But sometimes it bothers me.

So, if you see a crotch seam that runs vertically then make sure you try them on so you can decide if it’s going to bother you when you’re moving around (working out).

I prefer the diamond patch crotch seam, if it’s available.

The material

It’s easy to overlook the material when you’re shopping online.  We all get distracted by the print.

BUT once you get them in your hands you need to pay attention to the material.

A really thick material that’s not very stretchy can be hot and not comfy when you’re trying to workout.

You want a material that’s breathable and fits like a glove.  No baggy crotch or thick, stiff material.


Are you looking for mid-calf, below the knee or all the way to the ankle?

They make all the 3 lengths.

Your preference will be unique.

I have several pair in all 3 lengths and the mid calf length can sometimes cut off circulation if I wear them for a long time.

But, I have biggish calves so it might not bother you.

I prefer the full ankle length tights.

The Waist

The new style is a high waist.

At first I was excited about the high waist tights.

It seemed like a great idea for keeping everything tucked in place during a workout but I’ve quickly discovered that sometimes the high waist is too tight and super uncomfortable.

Your workout tights should NOT feel like Spanx.

Also, the really high waist can feel like it’s constricting my breathing sometimes.  (But I have a short torso so it might not bother you.)

At this point I think the high waist is just a fashion statement.

Don’t keep a pair of tights for the fashion statement they make.  Make sure they’re comfy for what you’ll be using them for.  Buy street clothes for fashion.

You need to make sure the waistband doesn’t roll down when you move, too.

Now, let’s talk about where you can buy some workout leggings that are the perfect fit and function…

*All of these companies sell leggings for $65-$110 and I’ve found they all fit true to size.


Here’s a link to the site:

Their specialty is graphic prints.

tattoo print leggings from Gearbunch

They have a huge inventory of tons of different prints.

I love the sugar skull print leggings I have.

I’ve got several pair of Gearbunch leggings and have been happy with most of them.

*I did have one pair that I got rid of because they put together their tights with a vertical seam that runs right between your legs and this one pair was too uncomfortable when I went to workout in them.

The Gearbunch material is a slick spandex material.

A pair of Gearbunch workout tights would be a great gift for any girl with a big personality.  They’re just fun to wear.

Here’s a good article with more gift ideas for leggings:

Workout Leggings Gift Guide!


Here’s a link for the Alala site:

They sell those tights that look like liquid leather.

navy liquid leggings from Alala

Alala has a decent sized inventory on the site with some block prints, but mostly solid colors.

Bombshell Sportwear

Here’s your link to check out the tights at Bombshell Sportswear:

This company uses sex appeal to sell their products.

They specialize in the sock leggings.

red and black sock leggings from Bombshell Sportswear

They don’t have a huge inventory but the ones they have are nice.

Look at the ‘classic sock legging’ if you don’t want a high waist.

Violate the Dresscode

Here’s your link:

I discovered this company when Cathe Friedrich gave them a shout out on Instagram.

I just bought my 3rd pair so I think I officially love them.

white leopard leggings from Violate the Dress Code

The fit is incredibly comfortable and perfect for a workout.

Iab Mfb

Here’s your link:

This company specializes in booty shorts. (But they also sell leggings so check them out.)

Katerina grey 5 inch booty shorts from IAB MFG

So, I’m veering slightly off topic because these aren’t traditional tights.

But they’re still workout apparel for your lower body. So, I wanted to include them here.

This company sells booty shorts that won’t roll up your legs when you exercise.

They have a big inventory of colors and prints.

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