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A Review of Insanity Max Interval Plyo (A Total Body Workout)

February 25, 2016

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This workout is SO MUCH MORE than a cardio blast workout! If you want to feel like a total badass (and who doesn’t want that?) then do this workout from Insanity.

Max Interval Plyo will take every last drop of endurance and willpower you can find.

Here’s a reminder of what the Insanity program looks like:

Heads Up!-There are a bunch of push-ups and squats in Max Interval Plyo.

Let me tell me everything you’re going to see…

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Instructor-Shaun T


+There are a LOT of push-ups and exercises done in the squat position.  Your chest and butt will let you know that this workout is definitely a little more than just cardio.


Length-55 minutes

HRM-495 calories


Remember my choreography rating refers to the complexity of the choreography in the workout–not the intensity.  This is an advanced program but the actual moves are simple.  Read more about my choreography ratings.

My rating– A

The Important Information about Max Interval Plyo from Insanity

This workout is no joke.  It will build up stamina in your muscles and improve your cardio endurance.  It’s perfect to put in your training schedule for an obstacle race like The Tough Mudder.

Shaun T doesn’t do a whole lot of the workout.  He’s busy walking around his crew and using them as models for proper form.  I’m all about proper form but I’m not a big fan of the instructor not doing the workout with me.

Make sure you read to the end for tips on every section in Max Interval Plyo as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for the Insanity series.


You’ll recognize this warm-up from all the Insanity warm-ups.  You dive right into cardio and then you get to stretch when your muscles are all toasty.  I love this concept.

There are 8 exercises in the warm-up.  He goes through all 8 of them three times, increasing the speed on each cycle. 

On the first time through you’ll be like, “This Insanity shit is easy.  I’m in better shape than I thought.”

The second time through you’ll be thinking, “I (think) I got this…”. 

By the third cycle you’ll be humbled by how out-of-breath and tired you are.  It’s ok.  Everyone is.

Water Break


Do NOT lay down on the floor to catch your breath.  Focus.  This is the best time to stretch—when your muscles are warm.  Don’t waste this opportunity to work on your flexibility.  We all need to work on that.

The Main Workout (The Exercises in Max Interval Plyo)

There are four moves done in sequence and then repeated.  You do each exercise for 45 seconds.

Cycle One

Switch Jumps

You jump in the air and do a half turn and land in a squat.

Stick your butt out and land squatted.  Don’t cheat.  Shaun T does this one at a slow pace with the whole class together.  Keep up.  You got this.  You survived the warm-up.  Don’t wimp out on me now.

Squat Push-Ups

You get to do these at your own pace.  Try to copy his form.  It’s weird but it’ll work your legs, too.

Wide In-And-Out Abs

Just do as many as you can.  This move is simple.

Power Jumps

You’ll be sad when you see this move.  They suck. 

I usually do 20 on the first and second set and 18 on the third.  Shaun T gives you permission to stop when you need to.

Water Break

Now you repeat the last four exercises two more times with a water break in between.

Then you get a cool down move (one leg shoulder/V push-ups) to lower your heart rate before you actually get to rest.  These are kind of weird because your head is pointed down to the floor.

My husband gets mad because he doesn’t like being upside down when he’s trying to catch his breath.  Meanwhile, that water break is just dangling out there in front of you.

Water Break

You’re amazing!  You Got This.  You are drenched in sweat at this point.  Don’t complain and don’t look at how much time is left because you’ll be sad.

Cycle Two

One Leg Pogo

This move requires some balance.  I’m usually wobbling all over the place.  Just keep going.  If you have bad knees you might want to omit the jump and keep it low-impact.

Listen to the form pointers on each set.

Power Push-Ups

You read that right.  More push-ups.  I really hate push-ups but I can’t deny what a great exercise they are so I never skip them.

I usually do 12 on the first set and then 10 on set two.  On the third set I usually squeeze out 8 but not always.

Globe Twists

Make sure you’re landing with both feet at the same time.  This isn’t a side shuffle or skip.  Don’t cheat.  I know, you hate me so bad right now.

Level II Drill

This is 16 push-ups done at the speed of light followed by 16 runs in the plank position.

He does it twice in each set.  Shaun T jumps down and shows off his skills at this point but remember, he’s been walking around most of the video, not doing what you’ve been doing.  Don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up with him.  Most humans can’t.

I can usually stay with him the very first time but it’s all downhill from there.  They’re just too fast.  Just try to stay off your knees and crank out as many as you can.  You’re getting stronger.  Keep up the good work.

Water Break

Repeat the last four exercises two more times.  You’re a Rock Star.  The cool down move is a power lunge hop squat.

This is done as a group so you have to keep up or you’ll be mad at yourself.  You get to go at a slow pace but my legs are so rubbery at this point that these are always a challenge.

Water Break

Cycle Three

The last group of exercises is not repeated.  Thank you!  AND they are all done as a group so you can’t wimp out. Keep up with the team.

Side Push-Ups

Watch Shaun T’s form.  This exercise will screw with you.  He gives a speech about which way to point your hands and feet so you’ll immediately start freaking out over how to do it.

Just do your best.  You’ll be too tired to care about form but it’s still important.  He does 15 on each side.

Kickstand Touch the Floor

You have to do 15 on each side.  These are harder than you think.  They’re like the pogo move on one foot—balance and coordination, my friend. 

Again, if you have bad knees stay low-impact (don’t jump).

Power Knee with Diamond Jumps

Remember when you saw the girl on the cover of this DVD (the image at the top of this post) and you said, “I could totally do that”.  Guess what?  Now’s your chance.  Show everybody what you’ve got.

There’s only about 7 minutes left!

Balance Push-Ups (of course the last move is a push-up)

These are hard.  He does 12.  Try to stay off your knees and do as many as you can.  If you go to your knees then do all 12.

Cool Down/Stretch

You made it!  Flexibility is SO important to your overall fitness.  Do not skip the stretch.

Now What?

You are an official Badass for completing this workout.  Get out your label maker and type in the word ‘Badass’ and stick it on your shirt.  You earned it.  

Check out Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning, and Insanity Max Interval Circuit, too.

You can find Max Interval Plyo by Beachbody as part of the Insanity series on Amazon.

And in the library of workouts of a Beachbody on Demand membership.  

Read more about Beachbody on Demand (BOD) in this post, Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try.

Thanks for reading!


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