Tough Mudder Training Template (for Women)-Week One

July 5, 2019

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Tough Mudder 12-Week Training Template

This post may contain Amazon (or other) affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. You can get more information about that here.

YOU CAN’T DO A TOUGH MUDDER,” said a bunch of people who you’re about to prove wrong.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a superstar athlete, pro obstacle racer or even all that coordinated to do a Tough Mudder.

All you have to be is DETERMINED.

We’re going to laugh and cry together.  

You’ll hate me and love me over the next 12 weeks but we’re gonna conquer this challenge together (*group hug and butt slaps all around*).

Most people underestimate what they’re really capable of doing.  It’s absolutely incredible what you can accomplish with consistent training.

Stick with me for 12 weeks and you’ll be ready on race day.

And if you’re female I recommend you read this>>> 8 Surprising Reasons Women Should Sign Up for a Tough Mudder Right Now


Check out the Step One, Two, and Three on About my Tough Mudder Template before you start training.  You need that information to use my training plan.

Do the daily workouts in whatever order works for you.  You don’t have to do the Week 1 Workout 1, on your first day.  Just get in all 7 every week. (And you aren’t allowed to do more than one workout a day to skip 2 days).

*If you’re reading this post you should have already looked at this post: Read this BEFORE you start Training!

Tip:  Remember Option 1 workouts are all Cathe Friedrich programs (plus the run that day, where applicable), and the Option 2 workouts are from various Beachbody programs.

Unless you already own these programs the best way to get access to all of these workouts while you’re training is via a membership to Cathe On Demand + Live (you can sign up here) or Beachbody on Demand.  (You can always cancel your membership after your Tough Mudder.)

✔You can read, Stop Going to the Gym!  Workout at Home–Beachbody on Demand vs Cathe on Demand, for a comparison of these two programs.  I have a subscription to both of them.

Two Helpful Links:

For answers to your Tough Mudder questions read my Tough Mudder FAQ’s PART ONE & TWO.

Let’s get started…

Week One

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

Tough Mudder Training Template W1W1

*Sometimes I run the whole distance.  Sometimes I walk part of it.  It depends how I feel that day.  You can run 3 miles without stopping?  Good for you.  

I always run on a treadmill but you can run wherever you want.  

**Tough Mudder Circuits (training circuits I refer to)  Print this out, people.  All 5 circuits.  You’re gonna need it.

***I wore a heart rate monitor with a chest strap for every workout so that I could track my calories and time for you.

Tough Mudder Training Template Week One Workout 2

*I used the Option One workouts to calculate my time throughout this template.

✔Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Party Rockin’Step Workout #1

Tip-The main Cathe Friedrich workouts can be found alphabetically under the ‘My Videos’ tab in your Cathe on Demand subscription.  The Cathe Friedrich premix workouts can be found under the ‘Workout Blender’ tab in your Cathe On Demand subscription.

✔Option 2 Workout-Insanity Max Interval Circuit

Reminder-Every single Beachbody workout I use in my training template can be found in a Beachbody on Demand membership.

Party Rockin’ Step requires an aerobic step.  This routine has advanced choreography.  You will get frustrated.  Don’t email me about it.  Learn something new.  If you hate it, replace it with a cardio workout of your choice, the Option 2 workout, go do a spin class or pull out those Tough Mudder Circuits I told you to print out.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  But do something for about 55 minutes AFTER you run 3 miles.

IMPORTANT-You may do the EXACT same workout and spend more/less calories than me and/or take slightly more/less time to do it. #fact

Sometimes I go to the bathroom, go get a drink, or lay down on the floor and think about chocolate and forget to pause my HRM (heart rate monitor).   Sue me. Wait.  Don’t sue me.

We’re all different. My husband burns roughly DOUBLE the amount of calories I do.  It sucks.  It’s sad.  I want to punch him for it.  I give you the information as reference.  Block off about that much time to do your workout on this day.


Tough Mudder Training Template W1W3

Put down the potato chips.  Don’t use your free time to fill your face with more calories.  You’re on a roll!  Don’t screw it up.  You have some extra time today.  Go hug one of your kids or clean something that needs it.

Tough Mudder Training Template W1W4

 ✔Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Flex Train

✔Option 2 Workout-P90X Shoulders & Arms

You need to take your muscles out of hibernation to do a Tough Mudder.  This Cathe Friedrich workout (Flex Train) is all strength training.  You’ll need a variety of free weights (dumbbells).

Try to use the same weights Cathe does but don’t be dumb.  If the heaviest thing you’ve lifted in 6 months is a gallon of ice cream then go lighter than she does.  Yes, she is coordinated (and much stronger than most women). Go slow.  You don’t want an injury on day 4.

*Yes, this is a long time out of your day to exercise.  It is for me, too.  The Tough Mudder will take you several hours to complete.  You need to build up your endurance.  Face it, you were just going to watch TV anyway.  Stop whining so much.

Tough Mudder Training Template W1W5

✔Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, The Terminator, Imax Extreme

✔Option 2-Turbo Fire 55 EZ

You will need a step and some free weights to do this Cathe Friedrich workout (The Terminator).  It’s hard.  Guess what?  More advanced choreography.  (I know, you hate me right now).  Try something new.  It’s fun.

*Yes, this (The Terminator, Imax Extreme) is an old school workout.  Shut up.  It’s good.  It’s hard.  It will kick your ass into shape.

Over the years I’ve purchased all the videos I reference in this training template.  Guess what?  Don’t be afraid (I would encourage you, in fact) to sign up for that Cathe on Demand + Live membership while you’re training (you can cancel after your Tough Mudder if you want to).  It’s worth it.

You’ll need the On Demand + Live Streaming membership ($19.97/month) to access all of her programs.  (Attention-I do not get any money if you sign up for this but it’s a great service and will make your life easier if you’re using my template to train).  After you sign up you use the ‘Workout Blender’ tab at the top menu to access the premix workouts I use.  As with anything, please read all the information before you sign up.  (Take note of these tips now because I won’t mention them every week.)

Cathe on Demand + Live is a great option if you want to do the exact same workouts that I do in this training plan. Yes, I personally pay for a full membership to Cathe OnDemand + Live.

–>>>I recommend you read How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live for help.

Remember you can use the Option Two (Beachbody) workouts for your training instead (or alternate workouts to really make things fun).  If you’re contemplating a membership to Beachbody on Demand you can read, Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try, to find out more about the program.

Tough Mudder Training Template W1W6

✔Option 1 Workout*-Cathe Friedrich, Low Impact Series: Afterburn

✔Option 2-Insanity-Asylum Strength with Bands

*You’ll need your free weights for this workout. Sometimes you need equipment to exercise.  It’s a fact.

Girls, you’re gonna need some upper body strength to conquer the Tough Mudder. Muscles are sexy.  Get some.

Tough Mudder Training Template W1W7

✔Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Body Max 2*, PREMIX: Scrambled Eggs 

✔Option 2-Insanity Max Interval Circuit

*I love the Body Max 2 program.  There are a slew of premixes so you get a bunch of workouts in one video.  You need weights and an aerobic step.  As usual, there’s choreography.  You may get tripped up.  It’s ok.  Don’t cry.  We aren’t all Paula Abdul.  It gets easier.

Total Distance in Week One

ATTENTION: You’ve trained a whole week for one of the hardest fitness challenges you’ll ever do!

Go you!

You’re awesome! Seriously.

Reward yourself with a sugar-free oatmeal cookie.  Or a tub of cheese. Don’t judge.

Don’t give up. Week Two is next!

Here’s a handy dandy link to a pdf of my template in 3 different forms.

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Cathe Friedrich

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Beachbody

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Cathe Friedrich and Beachbody Options

PRO TIPPlease don’t print these out and never come back and visit my online weekly templates.  I provide a ton of Tough Mudder tips and obstacle information online (not included in the printouts) that will help you get completely prepared to conquer your Tough Mudder.

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