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Tough Mudder Training Template (Week Two)

February 28, 2016

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Feeling Overwhelmed after week one? 

Deep breath. 

You got this, I promise. 

You’re not allowed to give up.

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Welcome to Week Two of your Tough Mudder 12-Week Training Plan!

A little housekeeping:

In case you missed last week’s training:

Tough Mudder Training Week One

Check out the Step One, Two, and Three on About my Tough Mudder Template before you start training.  You need that information to use my training plan.

Do the week two workouts in whatever order works for you.  For example, you don’t have to do the Week 1 Workout 1, on your first day of training.  Just get in all 7 every week. (And you aren’t allowed to do more than one workout a day to skip 2 days).

Tip:  Remember Option 1 workouts are all Cathe Friedrich programs (plus the run that day, where applicable), and the Option 2 workouts are from various Beachbody programs.

Unless you already own these programs the best way to get access to all of these workouts while you’re training is via a membership to Cathe On Demand + Live (you can sign up here) or Beachbody on Demand.  (You can always cancel your membership after your Tough Mudder.)

You can read, Stop Going to the Gym!  Workout at Home–Beachbody on Demand vs Cathe on Demand, for a comparison of these two programs.  I have a subscription to both of them.

A Few Helpful Links:

Tough Mudder FAQ’s Part One

Tough Mudder FAQ’s Part Two

Find and register for your TM

Remember my notes below each week refer to the Option One workouts.  I list Option Two as a (perfectly acceptable) alternative, but I used Option One (plus the run where applicable) when I was training.

For ‘How long did it take me?’ and ‘Total calories’, these numbers are the run (where applicable) and Option One workout COMBINED.


Now we’re ready for WEEK TWO…

If you aren’t challenged don’t expect change.

the details of the first workout option in week 2 of my Tough Mudder training plan

*Remember you can run before OR AFTER the circuits

*You hate Circuit 5?  Circuit 4 makes you want to cry?  Don’t do those. 

Pick whichever 3 circuits ring your bell and do them.  Don’t make sad excuses to avoid training.

Here’s a link to the circuits: Tough Mudder training circuits.

If you’ve never run more than 3 miles in your life then this is a big day for you.  Have someone hug you.  You’re a badass.

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Online LIVE Workout*: High Intensity Cardio Step

Option 2 WorkoutTurboFire 45 EZ

Reminder-In your Cathe on Demand subscription, all of the Cathe Friedrich Live workouts are listed alphabetically under the ‘My Videos’ tab and chronologically under the ‘Cathe Live’ tab.

Reminder-Every single Beachbody workout can be found in a Beachbody on Demand membership

*The Cathe on Demand subscription is $19.97/month and gives you access to every single Cathe video PLUS all of Cathe Friedrich’s Live workouts.  You can always sign up and try it out to follow my program exactly.  Then you can cancel the subscription after the race.  You know you spend way more than that every month on fast food.  This is more important.

Cathe’s Live streaming routines (like the one above) are taped in her home gym.  It’s fun to see her local groupies working out with her. 

They’re real life people with curves, raggedy gym clothes, and bad hair, unlike the crew she uses on her videos, who, let’s face it, are intimidating as hell.  I hate them (*love them*).

it's a Rest Day option for week 2 workout 3 option in my tough mudder training plan

Look at you.  You’ve stuck to a program for 10 whole days.  Smile.  You’re on your way to Badassville.

Some housekeeping I haven’t mentioned, always stretch after a workout (2 a.m. Charlie horse, need I say more?).

But seriously, it’s important.  It’ll make you a better athlete.  You may even avoid an injury. 

You burn calories when you’re stretching. 

Go slow.  No bouncing.  You shouldn’t hear tearing, ripping, grunting, or clicking when you stretch.  Those sounds have no place in your exercise program, save them for your next round of rearranging all the furniture.

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, High Step Training*

Reminder-The main Cathe Friedrich workouts can be found alphabetically under the ‘My Videos’ tab in your Cathe on Demand subscription.  The Cathe Friedrich premix workouts (like the one tomorrow) can be found under the ‘Workout Blender’ tab in your Cathe On Demand subscription.

Option 2 WorkoutInsanity Max Cardio Conditioning

*As per the title of this video, Cathe uses a high step (different than your regular step).  What? More equipment?  The injustice!  Do I think you’re made of money?  No, of course I don’t.  You can always do Option 2, instead (or use whatever exercise step you already own).

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1Premix Timesaver #4

Option 2 Workout-Insanity Asylum, Game Day

Please, for the love of monkeys, don’t email me and tell me that you don’t have time for this kind of workout.  Make time.  Watch less TV.  Buy a planner and figure it out.  You’re worth it.

And hey, look at these workouts a week in advance and put them on your calendar according to what day you have time for each workout.  Try to get in the total amount of miles (run) by the end of every week to stay on track but mix it up to fit your schedule.

We’re a team.  I want you to do this.  Figure it out.  Stop making excuses.

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Intensity

Option 2 Workout-Insanity Max Interval Plyo

If you haven’t figured it out already, look at the equipment you’ll need before you start each workout

I could have told you myself but you’re an adult.  You can look something up. (*Hint-Use the links I’ve given you for each workout to find out what you’ll need).

Now go ahead and close your email and get off Facebook for five minutes and look up this workout online. Hell, look up all the workouts for this week (and next), and write down the equipment you’ll need every time.  Look at you all organized.  Feels good, don’t it?  You’re awesome.

run 3 miles and do the option 1 or 2 workout for the week 2 workout 7 option

Option 1 Workout-Circuit 1*

Option 2 Workout-Any other circuit

*As before, I did Circuit 1.  If Circuit 1 makes you want to punch yourself in the face then do a different circuit.  Just pick one and do it. 

By the way, I use a kitchen timer when I do the circuits.  The timer on your cell phone will be fine, though.

you'll be running 14 miles in week 2 of my Tough Mudder Training Plan

Another week under your belt!  WooHoo!  You’re amazing.  Go buy something pretty.

Two weeks down!  10 more to go!

Go ahead and prepare for Week 3!

And here are handy links to a pdf of my Tough Mudder Training Plan in 3 different forms:

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Cathe Friedrich

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Beachbody

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Cathe Friedrich and Beachbody Options

*Insanity Max:30 (as well as every single Beachbody program) is now part of a regular Beachbody on Demand membership (Yay! *fist bump*)


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