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A Detailed Review of Boot Camp by Cathe Friedrich

February 12, 2019

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Boot Camp by Cathe Friedrich is a perfect example of why you should NEVER judge a workout based on what year it was produced.  You’ll be missing out on an incredible routine if you skip over Boot Camp because it’s not a shiny new program.

I burn over 400 calories in this total body workout.

Here’s what Boot camp looks like:

Boot Camp is one of the best examples of how to create the perfect mix of cardio and weight training in one fun routine.

Cathe Friedrich is a chiseled rockstar in this program.  You’ll be jealous and inspired.  I love it.

Let me explain what you’ll be doing in Boot Camp and why you’re going to love it…

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the cover image of Boot Camp by Cathe Friedrich

Instructor-Cathe Friedrich

Category-Cardio + Strength


High step

1 medicine ball (8 lbs.)

barbell* with up to 35 lbs. (this is what Cathe uses)

mat (if you’re not on carpet)

*Sometimes I use dumbbells (8, 12, 15 & 20 lbs.) instead of a barbell (the link will take you right to my favorite dumbbells).  

Length-60 minutes

HRM-434 calories


My rating– A+

If you’d like some recommendations about dumbbells then I suggest you read A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.  

The Important Stuff about Boot Camp with Cathe Friedrich

If you purchase the video for Boot Camp, you’ll find two main workouts, Boot Camp and Muscle Endurance.  This post is a review of Boot Camp. There are also 8 shorter premix workouts on Boot Camp.

The main workout on Boot Camp has 8 fitness cycles.  Each cycle has 4 parts that are 1 minute in length—cardio, upper body sculpting, lower body sculpting, and core.

Boot Camp is an older workout program but it’s one of my favorites.  I love programs that have a true cardio and strength training combination.  And this program has some kickboxing which is always fun.

Remember to read to the end of this post for tips one each section of this routine plus links to a few places you can compare prices on this video 🙂

Main Workout (The Exercises in Boot Camp with Cathe Friedrich)


There’s a short warm-up (about 5 minutes) with low-impact aerobics, some kickboxing, and a bunch of squats and lunges.

Cycle One

Equipment for Cycle One-Cathe uses a 35 lb. barbell (Sometimes I use two 15’s and two 20 lb. dumbbells instead)

Cardio Exercise

Jumping jacks and air jacks.  Be ready for 12 air jacks thrown in at the end of the minute.

Lower Body

Squats, 16 singles and then a bunch of low-end squats (I use my 15’s for this)

Upper Body

16 rows with an overhand grip, then 16 rows with underhand grip; I use my 20’s for the rows


15 side rotational planks per side

Cycle Two

Equipment for Cycle Two-35 lb. barbell (or two 15 lb. dumbbells), one medicine ball (an 8 lb. ball)

Cardio Exercise

Sumo squats—these start out easy peasy and then suddenly you’ll realize you’re gasping for breath

Lower Body

Static lunges, 15 per leg

Upper Body

Push-ups—the pattern is 4 singles followed by a pair of 2 slow push-ups, she does 4 sets of that pattern and then there’s a 4-count static hold at the end of the minute


Leg-up sit-ups with the med ball. I love this exercise.  Try to stay with the team.

Cycle Three

Equipment for Cycle Three-35 lb. barbell or 15 lb. dumbbells, high step, medicine ball

Cardio Exercise

Jumping jack/jabs with plyo jacks

Lower Body

Plié squat, there are 16 singles followed by several low-end squats

Upper Body

Tricep dips on the high step—this is a really long set.  Sometimes I have to take a mini break.  Cathe is a beast. Love her.


Reverse crunches with the med ball between your knees

Cycle Four

Equipment for Cycle Four-high step, medicine ball, 25 lb. barbell (or two 12 lb. dumbbells)

Cardio Exercise

Lateral speed skaters

Lower Body

Leg press on the step holding the med ball—there are 14 reps per side

Upper Body

Bicep Curls

Cathe uses her 25 lb. barbell and I use my 12’s.  There are 16 reps done at changing speed patterns.


High plank hold followed by pyramid push-ups

Cycle Five

Equipment for Cycle Five-two 8 lb. dumbbells, high step

Cardio Exercise

Cathe calls these Squat Thrust Climbers.  It’s a burpee with a run in plank position topped off with a vertical jump at the end.  Your shoulders will be on fire after a few sets.  For me, it’s a contest between this Cycle Five cardio exercise and the one in Cycle One (with air jacks) for which cycle is the hardest.

Lower Body

Squat roundhouse kicks.  Love these!

Upper Body

One-arm rows with both 8’s in one hand.  You can grab one 15 lb. dumbbell if you have a hard time positioning two dumbbells in one palm.  There are 15 per side.


Side plank lifts holding the med ball on your side.  There are 14 per side. Another great move. Cathe’s abs are incredible in the video.

Cycle Six

Equipment for Cycle Six-8 lb. dumbbells

Cardio Exercise

Sequential power kicks, 28 per side

Lower Body

Alternating front kicks, 32 per side

Upper Body

Military presses with the 8’s.  You’ll be tempted to pick up heavier weights when she tells you the exercise but I wouldn’t do it.  There are a bunch of reps and you’ll regret anything heavier if you want to get in all the reps.


Oblique crunches, 24 per side—did I mention how beautiful Cathe’s abs are in this video?

Cycle Seven

Equipment for Cycle Seven-8 lb. dumbbells

Cardio Exercise

This cardio section is a variety of kickbox/cheer moves.  It’s fun.  She finishes the minute with a crap ton of vertical jumps.

Lower Body

Alternating front and back lunges holding your 8’s.  There are 16 each.

Upper Body

Get on the floor in a supine position for tricep extensions using your 8’s.  There are 4 sets of 8.  If your arms start to shake then for the love of monkeys, stop.  You do NOT want to drop a weight on your face.


Low plank hold with hip dips

Cycle Eight

Equipment for Cycle Eight-med ball, 8 lb. dumbbells

Cardio Exercise

Ice breakers

Lower Body

Alternating side lunges holding the med ball at your chest.  There are 32.

Upper Body

Hammer curls with the 8’s.  Like military presses, you may normally go much higher in weight for hammer curls, but I’ll warn you that there are a bunch of reps and she varies the pattern in the sets so you’ll get a good burn with the 8’s, I promise.


Twist with the med ball.

Cool Down/Stretch

Make sure you do the stretch.  Everyone needs to spend time on their flexibility.  No one has permission to skip a stretch after a workout.

Now What?

Buy this one (if you have the equipment to do the workout).  Boot Camp is a great total body workout. 

You can find Boot Camp at:

Cathe’s site

Collage Video


And you can access all of Cathe Friedrich’s workouts with a subscription to her Cathe On Demand service.*

*Just one of her individual videos is almost the same price as a one-month subscription (this is a bargain, people) and you can cancel at any time.  (I subscribe to Cathe’s Live and On Demand workouts).

For more details about Cathe Friedrich’s on demand program read, Everything You Need to Know About Cathe Live and Cathe on Demand + Live.

Thank you!


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