A Quick Guide & Review of Sweatstyle (A Premium Workout Clothes Subscription Box)

January 19, 2019

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Sadly, as of February 2020, Sweatstyle has put this announcement on their website:

Thank you for visiting Sweatstyle. We are currently not accepting new subscribers. Please check back again soon. If you have any questions please email us at

–>>Until Sweatstyle resumes their membership I recommend you check out this workout clothes subscription box instead.

Do you ever wish there was something out there that would make you want to exercise?

It’s a fact that 106.4% of women are more likely to exercise if they feel confident (yes, I totally made that up but you know it’s true).

Women take action based on emotions.  If a girl feels happy (and confident) when they do something then they’re more likely to keep doing it.

What if you could tie confidence to your exercise routine?

Listen up.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were going to a job interview?  You’d start looking for a new outfit.  Why?  Because putting on new clothes makes all the stars align perfectly and all your little neurons spit out happy juice, which makes the whole icky experience of a job interview not so bad.  (They didn’t hire me, but I looked amazing.)

Isn’t your fitness routine just as important as your job?  Of course it is!  It’s your health, after all.

So, we’re all on the same page now.  We can all agree that there’s just something about new clothes that makes a woman excited and confident.

Believe me.  I really didn’t think having a flashy pair of tights or a dri-fit top with cool cutouts in the back would have any bearing on my enthusiasm to exercise.

But I was wrong.

I’m betting you’ll feel the same way.

This post is a breakdown of the workout apparel subscription box program called Sweatstyle.

BEFORE YOU SIGN UP, please read over the rest of this article.

And when you’re done here, you might want to head over to this post, The Top Fitness Apparel Subscription Programs–Your Ultimate Guide.

Let me explain…

As of today I belong to 5 different fitness apparel subscription programs and two monthly subscriptions, Stitch Fix and Wantable, for every day wear. 

The point is that I’m kind of an expert about this.  I know which workout apparel subscription programs ring all my bells and which ones don’t even get me off the couch sometimes when the box hits the front porch.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sweatstyle…

a flatlay image of pink and black workout clothes

If you use one of my links to purchase something it helps support my business.  Thank you! (No hard feelings if you don’t.)  You can get more information about that here.

What is Sweatstyle?

Sweatstyle is a fitness apparel subscription box program (AKA-workout clothes subscription box).

Sweatstyle home page image

Here’s what Sweatstyle says about themselves:

“Your workout is hard enough.  Don’t sweat the shopping.  Fitness apparel hand picked just for you.”


“…a brand new personalized shopping service designed to change the way you buy premium active wear…”

How does the Sweatstyle program work?

STEP ONE-You answer questions (fill out a profile) about your workout routine, sizes and style preferences.

*My apologies about the images.  Screen shots have to be resized at the expense of quality.  Click on the picture to navigate to the original image.

Sweatstyle profile page

STEP TWO-Then a stylist at Sweatstyle will gather up items that match your profile and ship them to you.

STEP THREE-You’ll have five days to try everything on. You keep what you like and send back the rest in a prepaid envelope.

Update-Sweatstyle is recycling now! You’ll use the same nylon bag that your items are shipped in to return the stuff you don’t keep. I love that!!

You only pay for the items you keep.

How many items do you get in your Sweatstyle shipment?

Each shipment has 7 items.

What kinds of clothes do you get?

They try to follow your profile preferences when they pick out your apparel.  I usually get a mix of workout tights, tops and sports bras.

Does Sweatstyle ship shoes?


What are the brands Sweatstyle ships?

They ship brands like Alala, Nux, Varley and a ton of other brands (most of which I’ve never heard of, but I live in a small town and don’t get out much:-)).

The clothing is all high quality.

What are the size ranges for Sweatstyle?

XS-XL (0-12)

How much does Sweatstyle cost?

The only cost you’ll always incur is the monthly style fee of $25.

If you buy nothing you’ll still be charged $25.

If you keep even one item then your $25 will go towards the cost of that purchase.

*Personally, I easily spend way more than $25 a month on coffee.  This is a much better investment of my money.

There’s a huge range in the cost of the apparel in each shipment.  The lowest priced item in my last shipment was $44 and the most expensive item was $115.  I kept 2 items in that shipment (a top and a pair of tights) which meant I had one new workout outfit.

Bonus-If you spend $250, you’ll receive 20% off your entire purchase

UPDATE-As of January 2019 Sweatstyle is offering two different box options–a VALUE BOX and PREMIUM BOX. Here’s the part you need to know (taken directly from their website):

Beginning January 2019, we are very excited to announce the introduction of our all new VALUE Box, in addition, to continuing to enhance our original PREMIUM Box!
This VALUE Box option includes all the same high-end and luxurious brands as the original Premium Box, but at a discounted price as they are either an older season, style, or color. All items are still unworn, top quality, style, and fit, just not brand new to the market place and all prices are between 15% and 50% off original pricing!
Please note that the VALUE Box option is not eligible for the Spend $250 discount. Everything else remains the same about your SweatStyle experience.

CLICK HERE to see the full excerpt

When will your Sweatstyle shipment arrive?

At the same time once a month, every other month or every 3 months (you pick the frequency).

UpdateNow you can get Sweatstyle ON DEMAND.  That means if you’re not quite ready to commit to a subscription you can sign up to receive ONE box!

Now you can get Sweatstyle on Demand

You’ll receive email notices letting you know when to expect your shipment.

email notices from Sweatstyle

Some programs (like Wantable) will let you skip a month.  Sweatstyle is different.

If you don’t want your shipment for the month then you login to your account (at least 2 weeks before it ships) and change the frequency of your shipments.

Can you cancel at any time?

Yep.  Just login to your account and cancel the service.

Or you can email them at and tell them you’d like to cancel.

What do I love about Sweatstyle (compared to the other workout clothes subscription programs)?

Sweatstyle has the market on quality.  I pay a little more for the items I keep but the clothing is just worth it.

The Sweatstyle website is easy to navigate.

The Sweatstyle Dashboard is simple and makes finding what you’re looking for really easy.

the Sweatstyle account Dashboard
Sweatstyle Dashboard

I’ve had good luck with the Sweatstyle customer service.  I emailed them about an order and received a response within hours that was clear and professional.

Compared to the other programs, Sweatstyle has the best packing.  I love that each item is packed in a separate plastic bag.  It’s just a nice touch.

That being said, Wantable has a better looking invoice than all the other programs (including Sweatstyle).

They put images of the clothing on their packing slip which makes matching the cost of each item to the invoice SO EASY.

Helpful extras about the Sweatstyle program

Here’s a quick link to the Sweatstyle blog.

And here’s a link to the Sweatstyle FAQ page, if you still have a few questions.

And I’d encourage you to read about the founder of Sweatstyle.  When I find a good product I like to read more about the mind(s) behind it.

If you’re curious about other fitness apparel subscription programs you can read more about the Wantable Fitness Edit.

And I’ve also written a post about the Fabletics VIP Program.

Will a new outfit make you exercise?  Ummm…no.  But we all need a little motivation to do crap that’s hard.

Treat yourself to a Sweatstyle membership (if only for a couple of months) and see if you don’t feel more excited about your next workout.

If you sign up please come back and tell me your thoughts about this service!  I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!


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