A Review of Insanity Asylum Game Day “Insanity The Asylum will take you from average to elite in just 30 days.” –Beachbody, Insanity the Asylum What’s your favorite sport?  Track/Field? Baseball? Wrestling? Basketball? Speed Skating?  Football? Surfing? Game day uses these sports (as well as Swimming, Soccer, and Tennis) as inspiration for tons of unique […]

Insanity Asylum–Tons of Incredible Cardio Workouts for Women

Do you workout at home these days? Are you bored with your home workouts? Or feel stuck when it comes to picking out a new program or workout? Do you ever struggle with how to plan your workouts to get total body results? I’m going to tell you one of the ways to make a […]

Program Stacking–The Simple Way to Get Fast Results in Your Home Workouts

Guess what?? You’re gonna burn enough calories doing this workout that you won’t feel an ounce of guilt about anything you put in your mouth for the rest of the day. This workout supercharges your metabolism for at least 24 hours. Who doesn’t want to burn over 500 calories in less than an hour? I […]

A Review of Intensity by Cathe Friedrich (The Name Says it All)

This is a Detailed Review of the Body Max 2 Premix called Scrambled Eggs (which you’ll find on the Body Max 2 video) Body Max 2 is HARD! If this is your first taste of Cathe Friedrich then you might need a medic before the workout is over. But hey, aren’t we all looking for […]

Review of Body Max 2 (What You Gotta Know Before You Try It)

Maximum Intensity is just ONE OF THE ROUTINES in the Intensity program by Cathe Friedrich.  This post is a detailed breakdown of that routine (Maximum Intensity). Maximum Intensity is an advanced workout, people. I love the Insanity Max:30 series with Shaun T because it’s so difficult—the first 30 minutes of Maximum Intensity is as hard as […]

A Review of Maximum Intensity by Cathe Friedrich

4-Day Split is another incredible Cathe Friedrich Program. This detailed review (that you’re reading right now) will give you a good idea of whether 4 Day Split is right for you. 4-Day Split Cardio + Weights by Cathe Friedrich is a 2-disc program with 27 different workouts. I’m going to tell you everything about one of the […]

A Review of 4 Day Split Kickbox & Upper Body with Cathe Friedrich

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